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South West – Elite Mobilised for Dialogue Crusade

They held a closed-door conclave at the Regional Governor’s Office yesterday morning

The political elite of the South West met in the Regional Governor’s office in Buea yesterday from 10.30 am. The selective delegation was led by former Cameroon’s Premier and now Chair of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, Peter Mafany Musonge, who is a son of the soil.

In attendance were South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai and his “etat major” amidst high ranking natives who are Ministers, political leaders, and other influential personalities of Lebialem, Manyu, Kupe Muanenguba, Meme, Ndian and Fako Divisions.

Although they held their meeting behind closed doors with nothing filtering from their discussions, political pundits believe that the personalities seemingly charted ways for a full-scale peace drive in the area following last September 22, 2017 and October 1, 2017, events in both Anglophone Regions of Cameroon.

Approached on coming out of the meeting by this reporter Mafany Musonge who is a political leader of the Region refused to make any declaration. However, the magnitude of the personalities coming out of the Governor’s hall indicated that the days ahead were promising to be very busy in the region with intensified socio-political action and dialogue with the grassroots on the field.

Yesterday’s high-level meeting in Buea, comes just a few days after the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, dispatched by the Head of State, chaired a meet in Buea last October 12, 2017, with top State Security Officials to evaluate the upheavals staged in both Anglophone Regions of Cameroon recently. In recent times, the Governor of the South West Region has been multiplying messages of peace and harmony to the inhabitants of the Region.

In his calls, the Governor has been underscoring the need for all children to go back to classrooms and the entire population to desist from ghost calls for agitations.

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  1. “Garri don pass water”

  2. LRC will never cease to amaze me. After committing genocide in SC you send so-called elites with blood morning to bribe and dialogue with the victims of the genocide. A sheer waste of precious time and taxpayers money. The right thing to do is to hold a GENUINE dialogue with the leadership of SC based on the “ROOT CAUSES” of the problem. That is the only path to a sustainable resolution of the Anglophone Question. THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION.

  3. i beg na beg, make some man defone me witch craft… i mean nyongo

  4. @Firefighter,

    these are some of the people you’ve got to go after, not Francos. They sold Anglos, but, surprisingly, I have never read any forumite going after them bastards.

    I can’t count how many times I was hunted here like a witch for going after them, this was many months before this crisis.

    Of course, how can people who have, directly/indirectly, benefited from the largesse of CPDM due to fact that Anglo Elites hail from their village and/or division bite the fingers that feed them. When the Musonges were sending numerous lists to enrol all sons and daughters of Fako into major concours/army, were you not proud of him? When the Achidis were pumping sons and daughters of his division and/or region into the public service, were you not proud of him?

    • When the Ngutis, Atanga, Inoni, Ngolle, Ebong-N, Agbor T, Mbiayor, Shang and so on, were sending signatures for the recruitment mediocre students into Police, ENS, Gendarmerie, Army, cos they all hail form the same region. Were you not proud of them?

      Now, you come here every day taking s*** about Bami/Beti/Franco as if it is cos of Beti/Bami/Francos that CPDM has been scoring high in Anglo regions, without rigging.

      Keep on shifting the blame elsewhere and forget to check your own A.

      I have gone past that your tribe sh**, my fight is for all children of CMR/Africa. Not some selective fight of liars and con men…

      • Zam Zam,
        Why are you wailing incessantly? I know you are mad because I exposed you to be a French slave. You used to put on your chameleon suit and projected yourself as anglophone, chanting ngiah this ngiah that. Since I squarely forced you back to where you belong , you are inconsolable. As small cunning Bami, you are a hardened French slave. Any doubt why you know the machinations of your other fellow French slaves. All your life you were trained to play the victim card. You mock us for going to the Queen, yet we shouldn’t mention the fact that you are a French slave. You line up the names of your anglophone party members, and paint them black, yet you would not mention the names of Bamileke long hands like Yves Michel Fotso.

        • Thank you for trying too hard to expose the same issues you used to refuse never existed. You are the same man who called your La Republique compatriots cowards because they stood up to Biya abroad. Recently you started calling the same people patriots for marching up to Biya’s hotel. Any stale singsong about your party members sending slow learners to professional schools has nothing to do with Ambaland, those are La Republique’s internal affairs. You are free to open friendly fire on your party comrades! Your fight is for your country La Republique, please stop seeking from Ambalanders. You have been crowing in Germany for too long, please stop slaving away in the whiteman’s land and for once go back home! The order to kill Anglophones is coming from French toadies, stay with that!

        • Firefighter,

          I can see you are so obsessed about Fotso Jr. And we all know the roots of your bitterness toward him—not necessarily cos he stole money or so tho. All left to me, he can rot in jail—he’s there cos of his Cpdm friends of yesteryear.

          You seem to be claiming that Anglo status as if somebody is fighting to steal it from you. As if you’re the only Anglo is the whole universe.

          Now, the highest I have ever read from you about those leeches called elites, is that they are sell outs. That’s all you can say! Isn’t it? Apply the same vehemence with which you hunt Beti/Bami/Franco toward such thieves, and you’ll be entitled to a real Firefighter title.

          Lie-lie fighter…

        • Zam Zam,
          All those charlatans called members of the elite are House slaves coopted by France and it’s toadies in Yaoundé to facilitate the stealing of anglophone resources and dumbing down of their children. Spies like you have been living in our midst for an eternity and you have not disappointed when it comes to showing your cunning nature! The word ngiah dried up in your mouth and you started calling Anglophones cowards, terrorists and demeaning them for going to the Queen. I Nono is not different from Yves Michel, they are all criminals, but why are you bent on forcing me to talk about anglophone elite, something you don’t do about Yves Michel? This is how you expose your slippery antics! You are a French slave, nothing to argue about , French slaves no good, no good!

      • Firefighter,

        I told you the last time that I, some of us, somehow, also share a kinda of collective blame, directly/indirectly.

        In 1992 we’re so close to finally laying the current system to rest, without a river of blood, as a matter of known facts. But what happened? We all let that momentum fade away in favour of our tribes and stomachs.

        All our opposition leaders went in disarray cos of bribe, each carrying his village pple along. Bello took his followers along with him, Ni did same. So did Koddock, Njoya, Dakolé, Ekindi, Tchiroma, Eboa….

        This is how Biya got the power we’re now all wishing him death cos of, as if he were a superman—we all made him.

        Now, when we put all puzzles together. Does it make sense to shift the blame, ransack CMR and go back to the stone age?

        • Until we all face the truth, mbrr….no way. We’ll keep on shifting the blame and misleading the masses into believing that some con men, who we are not even sure they can handle their own little wives at home, would just pop-up from some nirvana and rescue us—as if angels still fly nowadays.

          That messiah is no longer going to come from Jerusalem, cos we’re all messiahs—and the messiah I am, knows that this Anglo problem can never be resolved through violence, neither can it be resolved through secession tho…

        • Zam Zam,
          Your revisionism is a laughable piece of nonesense. Bello Bouba, Kodock, Dakole, did not take their fellow tribespeople to their bedrooms. They took them directly to the presidential majority at the behest of France and it’s toadies in Yaoundé. Issa Tchiroma, Bello, Ahmadou Moustapha are still moonlighting from within it. Of course they left the “ Anglophone party” out in the air to chaff and prepare it to be swallowed up through sabotage and soya. Biya seized power with the help of francophone political leaders, who like him all pay allegiance to France. Before 1992, Biya was gracefully handed power by Ahidjo. Don’t forget he killed people in Bamenda to make sure that the SDF never came into existence. Blaming the opposition for his scorched earth tactics is risible!

        • Which Anglophone party are you talking about, Firefighter? To the best of my knowledge all those who joined did so cos they all had a common goal, kick the dictator out? But what happened? It is perhaps better to leave that for history to judge. However, Ben Muna or other founding fathers, who also left, I guess they’re Francos, and/or Bami/Beti.

          You see, our main problem, MALE AFRICANS, is that we’re full of some empty ego, and we let that empty ego guide us to the point of being ready to sacrifice a whole nation/continent cos of such retarded and wicked ego—no matter the cost. And we hand it over from generation to generation. And we think, so long as we don’t feel the direct heat, “who cares”.
          Unfortunately, tho, there is no way we, Zam and Firefigther, can run past our shadows…

        • Zam Zam,
          As a French slave your understanding of issues pertaining to anglophone body politic is shallow. Ben Muna was a tool of destabilization the French and their toadies used to break up the SDF, but he failed woefully. Is he not the man who was holding parallel SDF convention in Y’de? You complaining about an SDF that had already been sabotaged and prepared to be swallow up. The fact remains that Biya killed to prevent its launching, and in its heydays the party beat him in elections. From there he knew the threat and did everything to break it up. All the walking outs and in was political drama and posturing by bought tools. When the SDF win elections in a city but the gov’t imposes gov’t delegate on the party, that is not politics. Same with seats in parliament.

        • You and your party have run the country for 57 years with nothing to show, now you are parroting cheap talking points about African males. You are noted for veiled threats and digging where people live, but remember we owe you nothing! Can you call your Bamileke kin and kith who stood up for the same French neocolonialism and were badly butchered, cowards and terrorists? If not, why are you doing so to Anglophones? Some of the nationalists lived abroad, would you call them con men? Ask yourself why your kith and kin ran to the N and SW! Were they terrorists because they stood up against oppression? Why is it you their offspring making threat and taunting Anglophones now that they are in a similar situation? Why are you flashing Bami/ Betis//francos endlessly? Your baiting is fruitless!

        • Firefighter,

          you have always been understanding me, your forte.

          You’re the one hating your own people. You think I am ignorant of the sufferings that all of CMR is going through?

          What you are doing with that your tribe s*** is the very more reason why you can never be different from what you spend your whole life fighting against.

          Let us even agree I am Bami. Is that the way you are going to handle Bamis in Amba? Tell me how you’re going to cleanse all Bamis/Bassas/Betis that long have settled in SC.

          Anyway, I know CMR can never come that low as you are wishing. The current system is going to change, it is already on its kneels, and the new system already knows how hot the potato is should one continue to centralise everything in Y’dé…

        • —misunderstanding—

        • Zam Zam,
          Thanks, i’m The one hating my people, that’s why I sent out thugs to go and murder them in Dschang. That’s why I routinely call them cowards, terrorists and con men! When Cameroon came so low to butchering your Bamileke people, i’m Not the one who wished it. When Cameroon when raping girls in Buea, i’m Not the one who wished for it. Now that Cameroon is murderingAnglophones and burying in mass graves, you carry your cunning self to come and distract people here. My simple question to you was whether you can call the Bamilekes who were slaughtered like chicken “ terrorists”? Were Bamilekes terrorists for standing up against French neocolonialism? Over to you Cpdm apologist!-

    • As an Anglo, I kinda agree with you though.

  5. Do we really have anything like alead in Africa?or we are talking about the culturally modified docile Christians and Muslims called anglofools and francofools?

  6. I excep my pipo from Bamenda will stone the vehicles of this so called elites.
    You finish to killam pipo and you come to “dialogue”.
    Dialogue for your lass

  7. My fellow Ambazonians,there is no dialogue with these Biyas errand boys.they have as much blood on their hands as the soldiers who did the killings, because for once we have never heard any of them condemn the genocide carried out on the Ambazonians by the lrc army.
    Now, i think we shouldn’t fight them, but schedule the burials of our fallen heroes on same days that they are supposed to go out and dialogue with our people.we should make them take a tour of the hospitals with us,and later take them to the burial grounds and hand them a spade to help in the burials.
    Last but not the least,we should send them back to their master with the message that,the water will all evaporate but the two cubes of sugar will not dissolve.we are a republic.long live Ambazonia.

  8. Busy over nothing. Let the colonial governor continue to threaten people. Why using peaceful words now???

  9. Ayah Paul is right.The second Foumban seemingly to be headed by Musonge,this time,a politician from SW might be worst than the first ”Foncha” from NW…SC is in trouble.Musonge,playing the role of the second ”foncha” in Foumban 11…..

  10. This government still doesn’t want to do the right thing to help to move this country ahead.With this government in power we are doomed as a nation.This problem is not going to die down except there is a deep,genuine and meaningful dialogue that looks at the root cause.This is and idea that have already been entrenched deep in peoples mind,This problem would pop up again in the near future and this time it would be more deadlier because the “seccessionist” Would be prepared militarily and this might just plunge this country into a civil war.Now all this evil government cares about is staying in power to continue mismanaging this country.My Biya!Those your so call elites have been completely rejected by the people.They don”t represent us but rather thier stomachs.

  11. There is virtue in patience. Patient planning before execution can do a better job. The recurrent dispatch of people to the field consumes a lot of resources with very little to show for. First of all, the recently released detainees (ret. Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho, Dr. Fontem Neba) should be essential components of any talks. But they need time to recuperate their mental and physical health after months of incarceration.

    Some times very complex problems have ridiculously simple answers. Has anyone considered resigning as a way of sending a message? Persons enlisted by presidential decree have shown their limitations in reaching out to those affected either at home or abroad. Why insist of pursuing that option?

    And Cameroon’s good friends???

    • Épée Dipanda

      These people are not interested in negotiations.
      They want to wait out the Ambazonians.
      Destroy the resistance à Petit Feu as they put it.
      They are wrong.
      We are marching to Buea.
      As you see me here so I nodey see anything, only Buea!

      • Pal, if we are going to be part and parcel of this world, we need to play by its rules. The nation is very much like the human body and its many parts. The amputation/loss of a part may still leave a human being but at a much reduced capacity. Blind people do get round; so do the deaf, those on wheelchairs, etc. So crippling two out of ten provinces does exactly the same even if hubris does not allow us to admit this fact.
        It makes no sense having a prime minister only in name, court judges only in name and so on. We were once a competitive nation, playing by the rules and going places. How times have changed! Who would believe that Cameroon once beat Maradona’s Argentina? But look at Cameroon today! How can a prime minister be turned into an errand boy, a court judge wait for instructions

        • from above on what to do with litigants?
          These expensive missions to the provinces could be obviated simply by empowering the press to take opinion polls and show popular feelings in a given direction. It is done elsewhere. Why not in Cameroon? Opinion surveys provide the leadership with a simple useful tool that can guide policy formulation but when the press is gagged,…….

        • I cannot agree more Ni Dinga on the issue of opinion polls.

  12. The fact of the matter, is that even the men of God, as they address themselves
    and cause us to believe so without thinking, have also blatantly, refused to call a
    spade by it`s name. Here lies the problem and politicians, enjoy a free ride.
    Whatever is done today, without the will of SC taken into consideration after the popular
    peaceful uprising, is a postponement of the problems – killings, rapings, disappearances
    etc etc, as prelude to Statehood for the Republic of Southern Cameroons.
    The government of lrc, UN, AU, EU etc, are very aware of this important fact. Truth,
    is that corruption is at it`s very core. Events of 57 years of subjugation are history enough,
    to let a people enjoy their ordained will.
    SC are a different people with distinct and unique features.

  13. “Loud sounding nothing” There is never a day I go through the news without reading how the black race is being humiliated . These guys seem justified because we seem to do even more mean babaric and shameful things to our own breed out of maybe stupid greed. We remain the least developed race in the world and sunject to redicule where ever we go.We are the ones fleeing our country and continent more than any other race.Greedy chunks of people bradished as elites? poor population reduced to plantation workers or beggers by admistrative psychological and physical brutality , country with pigsty infrastructure. Why were CDC camps better in the colonial days than today? Im afraid there is a mentality crises around watching people dancing around bags of rice? GOD, WE DERSERVE BETTER.

    • @ FOREST

      “We remain the least developed race in the world and subject to ridicule wherever we go.We are the ones fleeing our country and continent more than any other race”

      Permit me differ from you and please, enjoy your stay in belgium without making preposterous, outrageous and risible comments about OUR AFRICA.
      Stick to your point in context sir, about your Cameroon or whatsoever and leave OUR AFRICA ALONE. Because you have a computer and internet connection doesn’t warrant your making blatant, denigrating and derailing statements about OUR AFRICA.
      Don’t call GOD because people like you are closer to churches than you are to GOD!

      • I find it difficult to comprehend your bone of contention with respect to the write up of @Forest. In my opinion, @Forest spoke the truth. OUR AFRICA is cursed.

        A simple example: Catalonians and Southern Cameroonians went out on the 1st of October asking for their statehoods from Spain and LRC respectively. The Spanish Government used the police to brutalise the protesters. NO PERSON WAS KILLED because the police were not authorized to use lethal force. The Spanish Government APOLOGISED for brutalising citizens.
        In the case of LRC a GENOCIDE, was committed in SC. LRC has not apologised. She is rather struggling to conceal all traces of GENOCIDE by burying those killed in mass graves.
        The leadership of LRC has now been dragged before the ICC with credible and compelling evidence.

        • Like Baschir of Sudan, Biya will one day receive a court order to appear before the ICC to defend himself against allegations of genocide and crimes against humanity. If he does not oblige, an international warrant of arrest will be issued against him. He will no longer be free to go to his Etoudi annex in Geneva or to gallivant in beautiful cities around the world. He will become a hunted President like Bashir of Sudan.

        • DALI DALI,
          Talk straight and stop making empty statements.What point are you trying to raise?

        • @Sakergirl,

          What do you really refer to as “empty statements”, if I may ask?.

      • Refusing to face the reality on the ground stay on the same spot while others are advancing in life.
        Who are those dieing in high seas trying to cross to Europe in makeshift boats?
        Who are those crying of slavery house maids in Arab countries.? Who are those trecking to cross the desert on foot to Europe. Who are those crowded infront of embassies desperately looking for visas. Who are the asylum seekers? which continent has a political class that seeks tratment abroad? 20 , 30 years in power?
        The list is long. Why are they fleeing away? PRIDE OR HUMILIATION?
        You live in a country where a senior administrator calls his citizen dogs and treat them as such. What would a foreigner call you?. Wake up from your meaningless African pride and build some dignity in the mind of the society

        • @ Korup Forest

          You are the one who needs a reawakening from lack of global socioeconomics and brainwashing.Migration is a general global trend with economic reasons being capital,educate yourself.
          Your boat analogy is Human Trafficking brother not greener pastures seeking.Open your eyes,80% of the maids in middle east are SE Asians esp Filipinos, vietnamese, laotians, thais,bangladeshis while eastern europeans,latinos & africans make up 20%.
          Longevity in power?Tyranny?please school yourself again before educating me about global socioeconomics,social justice or politics,my job has taken me around the world except australia/canada.But i have flown from Jakarta to Darwin on my way to Port Moresby.
          India alone is more populated that all Africa combined & you talk of Visa seekers?

      • @Sakergirl

        I challenge you to tell me how the spot comment left by @Forest above differs from the one you posted to @Kotto a few weeks ago. Have we not been denigrated in Scandinavia where you have graduate students panting can bottles for a living? A condition that has mashed up the brain cells of @Ras Tuge to now assume he is in cloud 9 because a granny bailed him out. I was categorically told in France the laws of a civilized society does not apply to Africa because all she experience is lawlessness. Is Ndian not a risible to be recognized as a major oil pumping division? When the truth huts you hard, find a place in your heart to acknowledge it instead of picking up an unnecessary fisticuff with a brother that has used few words to dissect the problem of the mother continent.

        • @ Attorney General or aGee or AG
          I am not disappointed in your support of Africa being the last continent on earth, you lived in western europe & scandinavia & now in Canada.Brother,move around Asia, middle east,eastern europe, latin america, caribbean and pacific islands.Also stop watching nbc,cnn,bbc or reading yahoo news.Then we can make a comparative analysis!
          May i ask you, during your stay in Sweden/Denmark were Africans the only ones picking bottles?How many Africans did you find picking bottles and why drag Ras Tuge into an unnecessary rancour?
          The person you met in France is an isolated case and doesn’t represent the popular French, European and global opinion about OUR AFRICA.
          What truth?am simply amazed by his little or no knowledge of global socioeconomics.

  14. You said it all brother Forest.Thank you!

  15. A very humiliated race.We have categorically refused to help ourselves.

  16. With people like Pinguis,Mbabbe,My brother Ras, Paul biya, etc.We still have a very long time to .com.

  17. long way to go.

  18. If the Anglofools are really serious about this their fight they should capture and smoke all theses so called “Elites” coming to their country ah ah ah and buried them alive!

    • Épée Dipanda

      You Beti Bat,
      In Ambazonia there will be rule of law. Anglophones are civilized people, we don’t jump and harass people because we disagree with them.
      It is the reason why in 1954 when Larepublique was a jungle (and still is politically) we walked out of Enugu Parliament and changed governments democratically. Joining la Republique has been like putting a college student with a kindergarten child.
      Francophones are slow to catch up with Ambazonia so we must leave you behind on our way to Buea.
      The Kenya election commissioner just resigned in protest against alleged unfair elections…can this happen in la Republique or Congo?

  19. Waste of time, fake solutions coming from these corrupt old men with colonial slavery mentality, they have never in the history of SCs speak for the good of the people, they are all Anglophone elite slum puppet, this struggle is not their case, the governing council is the leaders not these anglofools traitors, greedy old fools, they will solve nothing in their outdated secret bribery den, shameful slave theives, voiceless nonentities serving their old clown wimp, butcher biya

    • I agree with you 200% and for you information it is the same for the Francofools “Elites” so we should joint forces and fight the invaders instead of trying to divide ourselves and be ruled by the invaders another way….the Council you cite will only be another failed leadership see south soudan etc….so no divide and rule which is what the invaders used against us forever!

  20. When adventurers take up the battleground and fill up space, the consequence is plenty of collateral damage – instead of the sworn enemy, comrades-in-arm fall on the battle field!!!!!
    Too many persons opting to correct others only to make matters worse! While it is undeniable that this forum provides ample opportunity for learning and teaching, more persons are obsessed with teaching than with learning, yet their lessons end up showing manifest deficiencies. Half-baked ideas are not good teaching materials.

    Stopping at the entrance of a forest and condemning the entire forest based on the finding of one rotten tree is inexcusable frivolity and childishness that should be left behind as maturity takes over from adolescence. There is too much at stake for trivialities.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Johnny, you believe in mending the fences with la Republique. We do not. 60 years is enough time to know when something will work.
      If it’s not working Massa let us leave. How is this an unintelligent approach?
      Forgive me if I misunder you but to me it is clear that the sense of society which anglophones have is different from what francophones understand a society to be. We cannot continue together.

      • Actually my posting is directed at the previous cantankerous persons expending energies trading their miscommunications.