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Spotted fever claims 16 lives in Cameroon

APA – Douala (Cameroon) At least 16 people, mostly children under the age of five have died in Far North Cameroon of a mysterious disease that affected a total of 54 people, sources said.

The Disease Control and Epidemics Director (DLMEP) at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Etoundi Mballa said “We are dealing with a curious disease the symptoms of which suggest that it is atypical eruptive fever”.

He added: “Investigations are ongoing”.

He added that officials of the Ministry of Public Health were of the view that the important was to know whether it is an infectious disease “and so far we know that is not something that contaminates.”

The fever which appeared in six health districts of Mayo-Tsanaga, in the Far North continues to claim victims.

Its frequent clinical manifestations are persistent fever, skin rashes, anaemia, hepatosplenomegaly and lymphadenopathy.


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  1. Short of evacuating the sick to Europe where the heavyweights go, the next best bet is to collect and despatch under sterile conditions, pathologic body fluids (blood, phlegm, urine, feces) and exfoliated tissue or biopsied material for analysis in reputed centers out there. That’s how to spend taxpayers’ money meaningfully and gainfully.

    Those singing kumbaya for children to be sent to school should stand up and be counted in this cause as well. Survival comes first, followed by going to school.

  2. I just returned from dear O Cameroon, about a month ago and since then, my health
    is very troubling. When a bendskin/ sand or biya`s timber trucks pass by, you can imagine the
    air humans will be breathing. In the markets, tomato/ okra / pepper etc, are displayed on a plastic
    surface and you would imagine again, how dust / flies etc,coat what my people go to buy, cook and eat.
    In Muyuka, i had to ask aloud, if this is what their mayor, has copied from the US.
    In a society wherein leaders and the elites have the people at heart,even those who have not gone to school,
    can practice a good habit.