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Sud-ouest, arrestation de deux sécessionnistes armés

Koaci | Mardi 12 Décembre 2017- Deux jeunes hommes ont été interpellés ce lundi non loin du poste de pesage de Bombe-Bakundu, en possession d’armes de guerre et de munitions.

Les deux jeunes hommes sont tous les deux âgés de 22 ans. Ils ont été interpellés par une patrouille de forces de sécurité.

Interrogés les deux jeunes hommes ont dit avoir pris l’arme chez un chasseur.

D’après la gendarmerie nationale, les deux jeunes hommes ont avoué qu’ils préparaient l’attaque du poste de gendarmerie avancé de Bombe-Bakundu, sur l’axe Mamfé -Kumba, dans le département de la Manyu, région du Sud-ouest, épicentre de la lutte armée entre milices de la Scacuf -aile armée du Scnc-, et forces camerounaises de défense et de sécurité.

Les départements de la Mémé et de la Manyu dans la Sud-ouest, font face aux assauts repétées des sécessionnistes armés qualifiés de terroristes par le gouvernement.

Ces attaques qui ont déjà fait plus de dix morts et une vingtaine de blessés, dans les rangs des forces de sécurité, rentrent dans le prolongement de la crise dite anglophone, qui secoue les deux régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest depuis plus d’un an.

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  1. Those two have the total support of all Ambazonians.all for one,one for all.
    We will circle lrc forces in Manyu from all directions and that’s where the battle for our total liberation shall be fought.biya and lrc is no threat to us.

  2. this is a fabricated story ot thry were forced to say thos against ambaland

  3. Squiz and arrest all those &[email protected]$)(?.
    That area should be pacified by all means necessary.

  4. @Firefigther,

    a market was burnt down last night in Manyu—I wonder what common market traders have done to merit such a treatment. And those traders are no Bamis/Francos, just for your records.

    This is how Boko started. They were propped up by Muslims in NGR and CMR cos they all believed in the Boko hoax about foreign education—as if Arabic is not foreign. But, once Boko started inflicting real havoc even to Muslims, only then did Muslims discover their true intents.

    Na tam wey Sisi Ayuk go start fo burn down all houses especially for Abakwa witi Kumba weh mbutuku dem liké some of wuna go start for understand the game weh dat bad beep di play witi wuna—Boh Herbert witi Ball-a dong hint wuna enough—mek wuna so-so close wuna eyes dem.

    Na wish kana ndon dis so norr…

    • @Nyamfuka!

      Don’t fritter your time away on FF.
      He knows just quite too well that his main doc is always around on standby with his medication—he just wants to create some distraction at times, so he may abscond from his weekly dose—well ad-ministered with my metallic syringe of course…

    • Zz

      Y u d compare Amba struggle to Boko Haram? Abi you don take over from Tchiroma Bakary? Manyu is not like the Sahel North wey Birs them go chase Boko with helicopter in the open. LRC is fighting a lost war inside that forest and they may have to cut down all the trees and level the forest mountains to make any improvements. With the genocide this soldiers have perpetrated so far, too much anger in the air seeking revenge. It will get uglier when the rainy season come make I tell u. Wuna don touch hot pepper. With patriots like Nangang, Sangong and Sobboth entering the battle with their pen, media and political clout, CPDM days are numbered. Btw tori sweet sotey tif man laugh for mbanda. Them say Achidi Achu and Dan Pullo are on the run after Ivo Yenwo disappeared months ago! Kikiki.

      • Kikikiki, Attorney !

        you dan surely forget today seh Nganang na Ntongtou.

        Da wuna style for di chuk-chuk knife for all man yi belé weh yi di supporté the Anglo palava but witi a different approach from wuna SCNC approach dong di change smol-smol.

        Ma main fight na for the total liberation of wa race for dis grong. Dis wuna tribe-based kana wahala di just mek me laf.

        Wuna di hurry no nating—Anglo palava cannot remain under the carpet.

        We no need for chakara wa kontri for understand—unless we get a different agenda for back head…

        • —Wuna di hurry for no nating—

        • Est ce que for be Ntongtouh Na bad thing Zz? Some time you think say that Ngraffi wey your kombi b d halla up and down so d shake biabia for ma skin. Tanap u dey! Achidi Achu witi all the other big tif pa them too no na Ngraffi? Na the political sick wey the head carry be it ngraffi or ntongtouh na yi we d fight tam even though the one them wey them no fit hide d quickly show loyalty na for palace shrine. At least Nganang and Oumbe Sangong don gree say courage d comot na for ara side for Mungo and if Biya no want fix the palava make yi leave we make we go. You u still get for gree and just like the SDF and other detractors them, na the thing d make we lost faith for wuna all. That Ndomo must continue..

        • Ma kombi bin dong lefam for you ana you Sunday school teacher kombi for Chinko….me ah be sans l’heure. I no care who go be wa president apta Mbiya, bot we no get for chakara kontri.

          How many pipo dem die b4 Tah Mugabe sign yi resignation letter? You di mimba seh Popol ova get po-po ngum pass Tah Mugabe?

          We already be BLACK enough, massa. Ma own blackness correct so…

  5. LRC is so desperate that they can arrest even a baby now and use false evidence just to show the frogs compatriots that they are doing a good job. These guys were local hunters and nothing more. When the hard way prevails, all you have is a soft target.Cowardly!Hiding their casualties suffered between 7 and 8 December is another issue… ADF will root the hell out of LRC thugs and their parasites installations.

  6. Manyu & meme have already demonstrated how determined Ambazonians are. Make no mistake… It’s just the beginning . HE sesekou Ayuk Tabe will give your so called head of state who is always in a rush to declare a war what he should understand . This is not the 90,s. The fight belong to a complete different person now from a different background

  7. Another PR stunt by LRC. Nothing more nothing less.

    When the ADF inflicted a fatal blow in Manyu on the forces of LRC, five inmates were murdered in cold blood by Gendarmes and presented to the world as secessionists and terrorists.

    Now they are presenting two artists as secessionists and terrorists.

    LRC is always in search of a success story to present to the world.

    The truth of the matter is that the ADF fighters are professionals and would NEVER make careless mistakes to fall into the dragnet of LRC:.


  8. Another false propaganda by La Republic.
    “Chang Shoes Forces” of Ambazonia will continue to inflict heavy losses on terrorists La Republic army. Withdraw Immediately or guaranteed return in body bags.

  9. Richard Nixon,the US president who won the white house in 1968 campaigned on de-vienamisation(Bring our boys back from vienam). The next potential president of LRC will campaign on de-Ambazonisation .Becos we are ready tol masacre all of their soldiers in our territory. @Ras Tuge,don’t u think u should tell Biya to bring your boys back?….

  10. Zam Zam, alias Sangang Nana nyamfuka, It seems some terrorists are better than others! Please what was the cause of the arson that consumed one of the most guarded buildings in your colonial capital Yaoundé? What did you do when one French slave of an MP unleashed her terroristic instincts and ended up hunting her own Cpdm MP? As a Bamileke refugee who owes her s salvation to us valiant Anglophones , you are well aware that before there was Boko Haram, late Emah Basile was already brandishing machetes against your people and us in Yaoundé. You are aware that the late former government delegate of Yaoundé destroyed and destroyed Bamileke business premises. You are aware that a woman’s home was destroyed in Bastos because she built it close to that of

    • your supreme leader. Do I even need to remind you of this primitive desire to hurt from French slaves like you? Why not keep jumping up and down that the war Anglophones were waiting for has arrived? Shouldn’t you be cocking champagne and drinking away your victories rather than worry are burnt markets? How would someone succeed to burn a market in a region where you announced the coming of soldiers? We thought you had some dignity , having been a sheepish refugee amongst us, but you cannot cure the strong desire to cheat from French slaves. See how you are mimicking your young master Mbappe with a thousand screen names. Are we not still knocking the shit out of you? You are the offspring of cowards, who ran to us, learn to deal with that and stop pretending to be another thing else!

      • @FF,

        it was always very clear to me from day one that such a daily consumption of canine flesh, especially the head, cannot end up just like that without leaving some irreversible scares on you. I don’t think other parts like the tail, legs, and so on, can cause that much damage.

        Now, were you from SW I’ll have perhaps had a little clue on your phobia for your own kinds. I wouldn’t be surprised that you are even a Pinyin/Babadjou man, vomiting on ur own bros. Those are some of the side effects of smoked dog head, any way.

        You were advised here on several occasions to go vegetable so some steam may puff out through your ears a bit. But es ke ova trong head go gree?

        I am sure you’re already seeing yourself occupying a ministerial post in Amba.

        Chinco ko shu you some ting, man no run…

    • The Nana you’re mentioning there was even more for secession than you. Just a little clue as part of ur therapy: you can change screen names but ideas, NEVER. Anyway, your amnesia would soon be under control—those pupils in ur Sunday school in China must be very intelligent…

      • Zam Zam, alias Nana Sangang nyamfuka, Indulge yourself in childish verbal gymnastics and distractions about China all you want, but you are being served. You have been out since the 90s, which implies you enjoy being an economic and political refugee. You are a natural coward, that is why you only rejoice the coming of soldiers in the anglophone zone thousands of kilometers away in Germany. Anglophones are your benefactors, prove me wrong if i’m lying! “ The war you were asking for has arrived”. We will always remember these your words bad heart man!

        • You hide in China and pray for war in your country. Villageois like you!

          What I have noticed here is that the bulk of those praying for war have got some connections to SiSSi Ayuk, direct or indirect. But you’ll all be shocked when all masks are going to be unveiled.

          You spend ur time here chirruping Franco this Franco that, I am giving u just 2 weeks. U’ll see how many sell outs are going to be registered in the ranks of ur Sissi, now that ur war is on. How did BIR know abt the attack that took pl this morning in Manyu? Fake fighter!

          You’re not fighting for Anglophones, simply exploiting innocent folks for your own selfish gratification. But rest assured, Etoudi will use the money u’re all after to destroy you, only then would the populace begin to comprehend the traps u’ve set…

        • Bamileke refugee, son of cowards, where are you hiding? Out on self exile for more than 20 years and being ecstatic because soldiers arrived to kill your benefactors. Thanks for making yourself clear, that I am wishing for war. Wishing us different from rejoicing that the killing machine has arrived. Since you are not in my head, only you have been roundly exposed. If you are too mad against Anglophones go home and pick up a gun. Son of maquisards, you are an off shoot of terrorism!

  11. Herbs4nationHealing.

    Any African supporting the Anglo or Franco divide is a brainwashed mentally enslaved person and yes, there are too many of them. Restore your original mind and know that before the Europeans came, we were..