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Three soldiers dead after Cameroon separatist fighting

defenceWeb | Separatist fighters in Cameroon killed three soldiers and wounded four others during an attack in the English-speaking Southwest region, military sources and a separatist commander said.

The attack in Kembong came hours after President Paul Biya said in a televised address the situation in Anglophone Cameroon was stable, despite ongoing widespread fighting.

Separatists have killed 25 soldiers and policemen in a series of raids over the past year in a bid to gain independence for the Anglophone Southwest and Northwest regions.

“ADF forces carried out the attacks,” said Cho Ayaba, leader of the Ambazonian Defence Force, an armed separatist group.

The crisis began in 2016 when government cracked down on English-speaking lawyers and teachers protesting against working in French

Civilians were killed and subsequent violence against protesters helped boost support for a separatist movement, including armed groups looking to form a new state called Ambazonia, in a campaign to split Cameroon’s English-speaking minority from Yaounde.

An army crackdown on the insurgency forced more than 40,000 people to flee to Nigeria, according to the United Nations.

Residents in the Anglophone regions told Reuters the army burnt houses in Bole and shot residents on February 2
An army spokesman said claims houses were burnt and people shot in Bole were “totally false” and denied soldiers were mistreating residents in other villages.

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  1. Ambazonia Amba

    Just the beginning, we have not started yet. Ambazonia will be free

  2. Biya has slaughtered a few anglophone boys in uniform again because they are always the sacrificial lambs.now blame it on the separatist and let Issa Tchiroma go on air and say,how can they do this?they must be wiped out.


    Kill all the terrorists occupying your land! I spoke with my Mum in Cameroon this morning as she explains how they now sleep in the bushes! I told her u guys make sure u have enough food to sustain you for at least a month in those bushes. Someone has to pay the price and sacrifice in order for a better future..!! F…k Paul Biya and death to the dictator! The land is yours! Defend your land and kill and the terrorists! She said the military is confuse as they don’t know who to fight or where the attacks are coming from! “Say they go for Mbonge go beat swine them for fence because they couldn’t find anyone .. Hahahahaha ! Disrupts that Shithole Economy as long as possible and the fools in Yaounde will come begging ..!! Franco slaves indeed!

  4. Sooner than later, the “SECESSIONISTS” will start using RPGs, surface to air missiles, IEDs, etc. That is when the LIVING CORPSE of LRC will understand that “the situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is [NOT] stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus [NOT] be able to delve into the crux of the problem;”


    The Anglophone Question must now be resolved on the battlefield

  5. This story is in the past tense and much wonder, why bring it up now. This is part
    of why people are killed after following stories without checking. It is very dangerous
    journalism. Much of it should be coming in by way of grapevine. The offlicences might
    still be doing brisk business behind closed doors.
    Investigative journalism, is either absent or something, has happened to it in cameroon.
    Was Biya and wife on the field on saturday match past?

  6. I see France condemning the killing of forces what about the killing of innocent civilians and For how long are we going to keep killing each order ? when is the military going to understand that they are killing their own blood … we all share a common DNA .. we are just politically divided by whites … and we still carry weapons to kill our own for the whites … when are we going to tell the west that it is over ?

  7. Mimba: Only till this time period and stage Africa will be completely free as a continent made up of independent vibrant nations.

  8. Let us all kill each and drink mimbo.

    Kill, kill, kill, kill and let us keep on killing ourselves…