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Troops swoop on ex-convict, pregnant wife in Buea drug hub

Journal du Cameroun | The dusts raised by a recent police raid in the students’ residential neighbourhood of Molyko (Dirty South), Buea, which is considered as one of the drug hubs in the South West Region, are yet to settled following the desertion of the area.

Three police trucks, filled to the brim with armed troops raided the area at about 9:00pm, after a tip-off from an anonymous source, alleging that an ex-convict, ‘Docteur’, who had just flown from Nigeria some 72 hours ago, had brought in a talisman with bullet impermeable charms popularly known as ‘odeshi’.

The anonymous informant had told the security forces that Docteur was about to recruit a good number of the University of Buea students into his armed group, which he intend to use in the restoration of the former West Cameroon Statehood.

Based on the tipoff, the troops raided the neighbour and arrested Docteur, his eight-months-old pregnant wife and four of his children who are less than 10 years old. The ex-convict was reportedly nabbed in possession of a gun, ammunitions and charms.

After arresting Docteur and his entire family, the troops opened a manhunt for a certain Besong, whom they said was his accomplice. Students’ doors were broken into, while 10 of them were arrested and taken into detention. But the Besong whom the troops were after was not where to be found.

Many students deserted their hostels, as the break-ins became incessant.

Again, the troops used the raid to clamp down on those selling hard drugs in the neighbourhood. Dirty South is notorious for the consumption of Tramadol and cannabis.

However, the population of the neighbourhood have been faulting the security forces for arresting a pregnant women and under-aged children. Even though a security officer told Journalducameroun.com that the pregnant woman and her children were taken in for due process, but were later released.

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  1. #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !

  2. LRC is really desperate and frantic to put such petty display. There are a million “docteurs” out there and LRC is panic-stricken to put up this small-minded gesture which seems more like “looking for a white cat in a snowstorm”. If arresting Ayuk Tabe, Balla and many other more important figures didn’t change the resolve and determination of S. Cameroonians, then how much more is arresting this docteur guy whose name doesn’t even ring a bell?

  3. good job ..kill all terrorists

  4. Well, apparently passing judgement on Mancho Bibixy became quite problematic last night, especially when deliberations started at 7:00 p.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. And so another adjournment to May 24th.
    It is an elegant way to have someone serve a period of imprisonment even without a formal sentencing. Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho did it. Justice Ayah Paul Abine did it. Dr. Ambe…now is Mancho Bibixy’s turn.
    Cameroon surely has a lot of novelties to teach the world, n’est-ce pas?

    • @JD,

      One of such novelties is the inhumane treatment of Ayuk Tabe et al.
      They were abducted in January and are still held incommunicado to date: Zero contact with family members, Zero access to lawyers, zero access to the courts.

  5. The desperation of LRC has since metamorphosed into paranoia.

    LRC ain’t seen nothin’ Yet


    • ” L’Union européenne n’enverra pas de mission d’observation des élections pour la présidentielle 2018″

      **** My take ****

      A junta perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity can NEVER manage a transparent, free and fair elections.
      The EU, therefore, does not want to legitimise a phoney election

  6. Amateurish !
    They want us to believe a man will fly in from Nigeria with his family to come and recruit students at UB to form an armed group to fight for West Cameroon.
    Why would he have to come to Buea in a militarized police state to recruit students?
    Why not just find refugees in the bushes or go to villages burnt by the army to recruit?
    The military wanted to rape, extort, brutalize the students at UB after their Juene Africa article so they fabricate amateurish charges to justify their harassment of Anglophones
    When their minister left Cameroon with stolen millions of dollars to Nigeria they were not able to find him with all their military intelligence!
    Who is fooling who?

    • thank you Lum right on it

    • you are exactly on point. The military was simply looking for means to rape and loot . Even if they arrest all Sn C’nians, they won’t arrest the mentality of freedom. The struggle continues.

  7. Ihstead of chasing shadows, a few of them, should should see reason to topple
    this goddam biya regime and the cpdm juncta. No other time than now, calls
    for it.

  8. When a prescription does not work the doctor tries something else. For so long our great physicians kept prescribing “peace”. How about trying “justice” for a change?