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Tunisian engineer killed by kidnappers in southwest Cameroon – govt

YAOUNDE, March 20 (Reuters ) – A Tunisian engineer was killed by his kidnappers in Anglophone Southwest Cameroon and his body was recovered in a rescue operation on Monday, Cameroon’s government said.

Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said in a statement that another Tunisian engineer and two Cameroonian technicians kidnapped last week while working for the Tunisian road construction company Soroubat were rescued during the operation.

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  1. We also need details on how many terrorists were smoked.

    • terrorists ya mami! they are not terrorists. They are retorationists . How did we confirm that they did it? the Biya’s BIRs are good at playing these games and putting it on “terrorists”

    • Are you interested to know the measure the so call corrupt, fake , terrorist government in yaounde is putting in place to stop blood shed in the country, or you are just so excited to read about deaths,…
      I think we should be very sad that such a dirty ,barbaric uprising is taking place in our country leading to deaths of many civilians and neutral people..Asa mature cameroonian, I will not even dare to call a cameroonian protesting against such Thieves and gangsters in yaounde terrorist..We should be really a shame that in 2018, weare not able, capable of solving small issues.Instead we take the RAMBO style, show of force as a solution and today innocent people are dying and civilians are being displaced and seeking refuge in Nigeria..
      I guess you dont care because your family is safe.

  2. Ambazonians do not kidnap people! Let it be known that the Cameroonian government is good at doing bogus operations so as to discredit our struggle! There’s been reports of capture/release, killings/rescue operations from the LRC regime! They used this same fake method against Boko Haram to coax the Americans for money!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      So ambazombies do not kidnap people but take credit for kidnapping people?

      Well unfortunately for you the ambazombie coward terrorists are extremely proud of their kidnapping actions and are happy to broadcast their successful kidnappings to the world. Check out the postings on bareta news.

    • Senator they do it , my uncles kids have been forced to join those mad guys. Criminals will rule soon, and for sure it will be worst than the l Biyas evil regime.

  3. wHO CARES?

  4. @Senator,

    Ambazonians are god’s chosen people hence cannot be held to the same standards as others. If their cause is divine, then arson, murder and kidnapping are only means by which their god has granted them to reach their goal.

    the delusion of some of these tropical anglo-saxon folks is reminiscent of their equatorial gaulist brothers.

    May the ancestors punish all those who want Africans to kill Africans over colonial identities.


  5. Liars! Why not say your rescue mission went haywire like the one in Batibo where the engineer and DO died from your own weapon shut by the trigger happy BIRs.

    Tell us about the bomb that you planted in Mamfe on which your idiotic soldiers stepped yesterday and the trigger went off resulting in 70 soldiers and expiring.

    Anyway we don’t care who dies. No Tunisian life is better that the hundreds you have butchered already. There’s nothing worst that what LRC has already done to us in burning our houses, raping our women and killing our children. A man on the ground cannot fall. Bring on the war Biya. Amazonia must be free.

  6. LRC terrorists killed the Tunisian during. the rescue

    The DF should concentrate on french nationals and military personnel from LRC

    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    • The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine.


      Significant successes have been achieved by Southern Cameroonians:

      1. SC is now ALMOST ungovernable: Southern Cameroonians do not listen to orders of Proconsuls from LRC
      2. Timber vehicles from LRC no longer enter SC. The few that attempt are burnt down
      3. The distortion by LRC of the history of SC has been reversed. Every child in SC now knows that SC and LRC are two different nations
      4. The forces of lawlessness and disorder no longer stand on the road to collect FCFA 500. They are afraid of the so-called “secessionists”
      5. Terrorist soldiers from LRC are returning in droves to their country in body bags

    • 6. The so-called ‘ministeres de souverainete’ is no longer a NO-GO-AREA for Anglophones
      7. Two LRC Proconsuls are now hostages of Restoration Forces
      8. The whole wide world is now aware of the Anglophone Question
      9. Proconsul Okalia Bilai sleeps in Douala and works in Buea. He even suffered a stroke because of the UNSTOPPABLE momentum
      10. Proconsul Lele Afrikaner sleeps in Mbouda and works in Abakwa for fear of the so-called “secessionists” ( the right word is SEPARATISTS) .
      11. LRC has started promising the tarring of the Ring Road and the construction of the Victoria Deep Seaport
      12. The words NATIONAL INTEGRATION have disappeared in the dictionary of LRC

    • Conclusion

      Now that Biya’s war has started, Southern Cameroonians should stop begging for dialogue. LRC will benefit more from a genuine dialogue than SC. Southern Cameroonians should concentrate on supporting our Restoration Forces FINANCIALLY. LRC can NEVER EVER defeat us in the land of our ancestors
      The war will decide the fate of that God-forsaken INFORMAL COHABITATION

      • @ Mvomeka. Massa you no di work?

        • @ bobjazz


          When man pikin analyse yi ting yi pass you, you ton for work palava.

        • lol..

        • @vonjesco,

          Apologists of the Junta will never cease to amaze me.

          They continue to beg me to stop posting on this forum because

          1. I promised that Ayuk Tabe will never be EXTRADITED

          My reply to them

          Ayuk Tabe was NOT extradited. He was abducted and ILLEGALLY handed over to LRC. No legal process was involved.
          Extradition ALWAYS involves a legal process.
          Simply put, the illegal abduction and handing over of Ayuk Tabe et al.. to LRC was NOT an extradition. In that respect I did not break my promise.

          2. I have to look for a job for myself

          My reply to them

          I have NEVER EVER embezzled LRC taxpayers money
          I have NEVER EVER asked for marginal or ephemeral favours from Biya or his apologists.
          I therefore owe no person any explanation about my private life.

        • Conclusion

          The decision to post or not to post on this forum remains the exclusive domain of the writer.
          Only haters of the truth want him gone.

      • @ Vonjesco. analyse what? All wuna don do na for kidnap anglophone them and destroy anglophone villages them near Nigeria while the rest of the country di enjoy themselves. Mbut people. Wuna think say Biya di los sleep because wuna don kidnap some Anglophone or because all people for some anglophone village near Nigeria don go hide for Nigeria as refugees? Mbut na sick. All you guys are doing is destroying the lives of the inhabitants of a few anglophone villages neighboring Nigeria. I don’t think Biya will lose any sleep over this foolishness.

    • @ Mvomeka
      You make an important point but failed to elaborate. The reporting by Reuters is quite vague.
      Two scenarios. #1) Government rescue forces shot the abductors and the Tunisian engineer. #2) The abductors shot the Tunisian engineer and some of their own. The first scenario seems the more likely by any logic as it precludes selective shooting of the aliens and erratic shooting of fellow abductors.

      • @Doc,

        This excerpt from AmbaNews might answer your question.

        “- La Republique accepted to this bargain and actually did pay the 50 million FCFA in cash but refused to release our abducted heroes; not even the wife of the said commander. Instead, they aimed towards the location of the camp where the arrested were held;
        – Exchange of gunfire ensued between ARA forces and La Republique’s terrorist forces. Bullets from La Republique’s camp killed the Tunisian and four ARA fighters while eight La Republique’s terrorist soldiers were killed with several sustaining life-threatening wounds.”

        • With sophisticated electronic devices monitoring the movements of money, cell phones and persons, was it not naive to choose this path of hostage taking and asking for ransom? Bravery, yes but with what amount of savvy? In the process of collecting the ransom money, they lost their lives, it would seem.

  7. il n’y a pas de mort VIP…Since the Ambasonian leaders were jointly kidnapped by Nigeria and LRC,The UN,AU,CEMAC,Ecowas..Non of this organisations have come infront of the media to condemn it.They are pretending as if they don’t know what is going on in Cameroon.More than 40.000 refugees registered in Nigeria,even AU have not made any media outing to say anything.Who cares about the Tunisians that just died? Let all this organisations i just mebntioned come out and say that Ambasonia is a terrorist organisation.If not,we have the right to kidnap and ask for ransom.The Tunisians were not even well killed.ADF should have remove their penis.Until all this organisations come out to declare Ambasonia a terrorist organisation,we will not stop.

    • Lmao few weeks ago you were telling us how they are supporting and backing you, rolling on the floor , what ever happened to that ? Lost steam or you have finally decided to stop with the bogus claims ?

  8. Are we the ones that are suppose to take care of the security of the Tunisians? ADF!kill them all…..abui agan…What are they doing in Ambasonia in the first place?

  9. Lying Tilapia, i don,t believe a word that Comes from his mouth.

  10. Keep on killing and kidnapping, Kongosa !

    This exactly the downfall of ur mov’t. It is now clear 2 the whole world, no doubts whatsoever, that ur mov’t is a terrorist organization.

    All sympathizers are gently distancing themselves away from u—you’ll soon feel this in coming weeks even within your own ranks—this forum incl. .

    We, Franco and Anglos, are no killers of own bros with reverence. You don’t just become a killer overnight—just wait and see how many secessionists are going 2 start tearing track away from ur diabolic mov’t simply cos they wouldn’t wish to have blood on their hands.

    This is the same blunder Boko committed cos they were so hungry for power—when they sensed, like ur mov’t, it wasn’t going their way, they started slaughtering innocent pple live on YT…

  11. LRC paying back Tunisia for confiscating unregistered armed shipment to LRC. A carefully calculated retribution.

  12. @ Mvomeka.
    13) Ambazombians Do Neither Control Nor Govern An Inch Of Their Virtual Country.
    14) LRC Is Still Sending Members For Commonwealth Games.
    15) FCFA Is Still Being Used In Ambazombia.
    16) No Sign Of Ambazombia Flag In Important Towns.
    17) No More Ghost Town.
    18) No Single External Recognition Of A Country Called Ambazombia.
    19) No Sign Of Ayuk Sisikaka Despite 24hrs Expired Warning.
    20) Still Sw & Nw Population Suffering & Many Former Students Will Soon Give You More Bas!Ards Tainted Biafra To Be Used As Live Target Practice.

    • Clear and simple. Back to you @Mvomeka.

      • “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

  13. Do they think they are in Holywood? You jeopardized the lives of hostages by making uncalculated rescue actions. How foolish and unprofessional! Bunch of idiots these BIR and Gendarmes from LRC. I hope this will teach you a lesson.

  14. Paul Biya is playing with Fire ?! Solve the Anglophone Problem Now or Have your Legacy of Peace and security wiped out Less time than what it took you to build it !

    • We are still a country of peace. Proof, we will host the afcon. You terrorists are just a small rock in the shoe. You will be dealt with.

      • This dummy fellow is now quoting Joey Zasa in Godfather 3. You think this is a movie? You really think so don’t you? Silly entity.

      • if we as that small,why crying everyday,just find your bed and est forget about your two small cubes of sugar. zero macabo

    • Solve which problem? You want secession… so the problems of Cameroon do not concern you.

      • Don’t mind them Ras. They are a bunch of confused idiots I call a basket of deplorables.

      • Where did you and I have a discussion where I stated that I want secession? Don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know. Retarded fool!

        • Ohoooo! Now you are trying to escape! You have told the universe about your delusion on this forum.

      • Yeah ! Go tell your father in Etudi!

  15. Thank for technology the people of West Cameroon don’t rely on crooked CRTV and propaganda minister for their news.
    The BIR have all the technology to collaborate with France to go to Nigeria and Abduct freedom fighters.
    They are able to go to Bona Lyonga( thanks @Manyaka76)) and Abduct Balla and Fontem
    They are able to go inside the plane and remove Nganang!
    They are experts at burning innocent villagers!
    They are able to go bring back the wife of Amadou Ali from Boko Haram.
    But the BIR are unable to find kidnappers of Tunisian workers, they are unable to find Minister Atangana Kouna as he escapes and we are to believe them
    Who is fooling who?
    52000 refugees in Nigeria!
    5000 missing!
    16000 internally displaced
    >3000 killed
    At least 100000 sleeping in bushes
    What is peace?

  16. The news should read ‘Cameroon army Kills Tunisian Engineer in South West Region’.

    • @ Real News Unfortunately for your wish that’s not what the Arabs think. You don’t mess with the Arabs. Ayaba Cho is a walking corpse.

  17. New clouth di sweet for wear , wuna continue di talk wuna mamipima , soon they go pick wuna one by one. Wuna di kidnap repe di show e kanass for internet, it shows wuna level. If they picked wuna boss , who be wuna. Wuna nova suffer. Where biafra they dey???? I no ever heard say catalan they di kidnap. Ashao pikin them.

  18. Issa Tchiroma,don’t go out there telling lies about our boys.you guys should be ashamed of yourselfs.
    You are so desperate to proof to the world that Ambazonians are terrorist that,you will do anything to prove it.

    Our boys didn’t do it,and i think Tunisia will be wise enough not to hand over that ship they have in their keeping to lrc.

    The old fool should have done it but to Chinese nationals instead of Tunisians, so as to help him look like a savior when he goes on his knees infront of Xi Jinping.
    Talk of a bunch of loosers

    • You chercha you trouva… you trouva you supporta- Lapiro de Mbanga

      Erreur for Mboutoukou na damme fo ndos- Lapiro de Mbanga

    • Biya is already winning the war without losing any sleep because of Ambazonia foolishness. Mbut people wey they no di use head.

  19. The plan is to get Ayaba Cho… and all the other criminals who have continued to claim the various atrocities that are all documented on Facebook and Youtube videos. Ayaba Cho will get more than what he bargained for… and he will not say that he wasn’t warned. These Ambazombi thugs have no idea about the forces that are moving up against them… At this point in time, anybody can commit a heinous crime and pin it on Ayaba Cho… and that’s it! Poor fellow… Ayaba Cho’s day’s in this world are numbered.

    • @ Ras, They don’t understand that the Arabs never forgive and never forget. Ayaba Cho don touch rattlesnake.. The Arabs will get him and his gang very very soon.

      • Bob, here’s the thing, man… those criminals talk too much when they know almost nothing! You can’t reason with such folks; so you must confront them and remove the madness from the heads. Remember Ambazombi celebrations whenever a military officer is slain… and in their abject delusion, they claim that their pitiful criminals are slaughtering thousands of Cameroonian soldiers! this is the story they use to mislead and send poor youngsters to their untimely deaths.

        The reality is that so many of these youngsters have been massacred… and entire villages are empty… In Nguti for example, you would hardly find a single soul ever since the ill-advised attack on soldiers.

        • Even if you take out Ayaba Cho, others will step in. Have you people destroyed Boko Haram? Empty noise!

        • Oh, so you are the new wing of Boko Haram… I see! Well, Boko Haram occupies no part of Cameroon, just so you know. Ayaba will be taken out and if others step in his shoes, they too will be crucified… and so on. So with all respect I’d say: please continue with your madness. Soon, even your refugee status will be revoked once your terrorist activities are established and you will have nowhere to run to. Wake up, android!

        • @ Ras Tuge

          Only lope-sided thinkers like you will equate my comment as “the new wing of Boko Haram.” You reason and write like the school child who sets his/her own exam questions and answers instead of responding appropriately to the teacher’s question.
          Declaring a war is easy, winning it is the hard nut. With the high level of indebtedness currently going on coupled with the skyrocketing rate of embezzlement, you can be sure of the ditch the government has dug for itself with the attendant ramifications.

      • 2 Weak black men happy to collaborate with their slave masters. When Albert Ebosse was murdered by the same Arabs, you never went around singing to avenge him. No doubt your types almost sold all their brothers as slaves.

        • I know the truth hurts but must be said. You don’t mess with the Arabs. Ayaba Cho and his gang of terrorists are dead men walking. You are the ones who want to maintain your slave masters fabrication with your slave mentality. Who created Southern Cameroon? Was it not a fabrication by your slave master for their national interest? The NW and SW provinces were Cameroon territories before the slave masters came and divided us and forced us to speak their languages. God being the almighty brought back the territories and now you guys with your slave mentality want to divide it again to maintain the colonial identities. Mbut people.

        • Frustrated Bamileke illetrate idiot. Your Mami yi big Pima so. With mouth like Pima for Jackass.

        • To Bobjazz. Your smelly Mami Pima

  20. Minister of Communications, Issa Tchiroma Bakary is back from Europe, looking/feeling like an old battery recharged, thanks to good health care out there. Hopefully he has brought back something good to rub on those at home.

    • I have cursed him.
      He will soon answer to his maker for all the trouble he has caused Ambaland.
      Do not worry. I saw him, he looked sick, he could hardly walk.
      Where is Konchou Komegni?