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U.S.: Md. man from Cameroon pleads guilty to child sex trafficking

BALTIMORE (AP) — A former Maryland resident faces at least 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to child sex trafficking charges.

Twenty-five-year-old Roland Chick Akum, formerly of Silver Spring, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of sex trafficking of a minor.

Prosecutors say Akum took two girls, ages 15 and 17, to a College Park motel last year and sold them for sex.

The 15-year-old left Akum in July 2017 and contacted authorities. Akum continued trafficking the 17-year-old girl until he was arrested a month later as part of an undercover operation targeting the website Backpage.

After being released on bond Akum, who is a citizen of Cameroon, purchased a one-way ticket to Cameroon. He was taken into custody before he could leave.

Akum is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 18.

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  1. Wow! Cameroonians in the US are surely making headline news in a big way. A Houston Texas couple, sentenced to ,75 years ,(wife) and 80 years (husband), is at large and on the FBI’s most wanted list. Speculations are that the couple has escaped to Cameroon after pilfering the government of huge sums of money operating a facility called Fiango Healthcare

    • If the 75 and 80 years were pronounced by a court in Cameroon that would have been condemned by disputatious hypocrites as lamentable… and the judge would be vilified as a villainous and uncivilized African monster. Aaaahhh, Blackman story!

      • @Ras Thug,
        At least US has a fair system and the judicial procedure is being followed. Not your mushroom banana republic system in LRC where civil cases are trialed in military courts and all other haphazard pseudo processes. You should vacate your host country Sweden and return to your land of milk and honey in Cameroon then. Ahole…

        • the US has a fair judicial procedure?a country where some one can be sentenced 20 years without the least prove.only for the judge to say 15 years after the person has been in prison it was a mistake.

        • Ras Tuge is trying to compare the Kangaro courts in Cameroon with the well established courts in the US. The courts in Cameroon are highly politicized and the judiciary is controlled by the head of the executive. The all knowing Ras Tuge tries to give relevance and credibilty to the regime he supports from his hideout in Europe. Loud sounding ,unproductive, irrational Ras Tuge.

  2. Child trafficking to sponsor ambazombians.
    Anglo Saxon heritage at its finest.
    In real African culture, this is inconceivable.
    You get what you sow.
    I will call you ambazombian, not Cameroonian

    • @Mbape,
      You need help. You are so so sick.

      • @Achu the odontol drunk from the south is beyond help. He is having one of his moments after having intercourse with monkeys.

    • Some restraint on your hasty conclusion could be of some help. Nothing says the criminals are Ambazonians, let alone using their ill-gotten wealth to sponsor the cause Ambazonians are toying to put straight.
      Whichever side you support in the current debacle, it helps to cut down your nastiness; do not forget that after every conflict there is still coexistence and interaction of some kind.

      A good citizen does not only direct slurs at opponents but helpful suggestions for the government to implement.

    • Finely depicts the typical Francophonised ‘French Cameroonian’s’ mind at work. Devious, unsympathetic.

      When Anglophones are engaging important concerns to bring down nepotism, tribalism, corruption and neocolonialism in Cameroon, their brained washed Francophone brothers remain drunk in the stupor of French imperialism. Too short-sighted to see how longsighted they have been blinded, how this blindness has led the entire Cameroonian nation to regress into the doldrums of underdevelopment, how the natural instinct of the French man to be corrupt, as exemplified by the devilish policies enacted by Charles Degaulle, underpins the doctrine that has fostered corruption with impunity in Cameroon. And you can do is to make humour of a horrible situation that jeopardises the lives of children!!

      • brainwashed…and all you can do is to make humour of a horrible situation that jeopardises the lives of children!!

  3. chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ambasonia member very very disgusting.”kongosa , mvomeka , firefighter and other clans”kikikikikikikik .

    Bushes man will remain bushes man ” now we all know how they are sponsor the war in southern cameroon ” sex traffic . now who is the rapist hahahahahhahahahaahh.

  4. dogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and ratttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    last week was healthcare fraud in Houston ” Texas”, now its silver sprint ” Maryland” .

  5. Lrcs government officials are killing girls in their country and harvesting their organs for their devilish rituals so as to stay in power,and nothing is done or said about that.yet most of the supporters of those ritualists here are the first to bring Ambazonia into something that’s unconnected to our struggle.

    Ambazonia is a terrible nightmare to all of them,but they will have to wake-up and realise that it is for real.

  6. These are the types of activities many of these irresponsible drinkers of red soup are involved in out there in the US. Then you see them bloviating frivolously in the illicit basement nightclubs across Maryland while gulping mimbo.

    • Your banga eyes di see na red or yellow soup? Suck your whiteman tits dem, than di pretend for tok about Africa.

    • @ Ras Tuge , You know only because you meet them in such basements, otherwise how would you know? You wont get relevance by making childish and irresponsible utterances. When an individual commits an offence, an idiot attacks a community, just like the regime you support. Old and unproductive fellow

  7. The color of money.

  8. Ambashitnian culture at its finest , should have purchased a ticket to ambashitnia ,I heard they were independent. I’m telling you these people can’t govern themselves and have a functional society . It’s all about money at all cost . Criminals scammers gangsters fraudsters are being celebrated

    • Yes,
      We don’t want your “better” francophone culture to be spoiled.
      Which is why Ambazonia must be free.

  9. Fair system? give me a joke!! shooting of unarmed bl*cks kids and womens and young mens? mass incarceration of young bl*ck and Hispanic kids all law passed by Bill Clinton to create cheap labors for manufacturing industry? jaysus give us a break with your US or the west do you know what is going on here? have you being involved with injustice in the west? the only pbs in africa is that we want to show yes always want to show to the world that we follow the book…in the west they have all theses rules but in applications very selective!

    • So why are you not in CAMEROUN were he judicial system is better than the west?
      Whatever it takes, Ambazonia must be free.
      Biya can decide how he wants it, negotiated, or street by street guerilla.
      A piece of advice though, settling now would be better than facing our kids for they would have a more fearsome vengeance.
      It is in the interest of the west to support freedom in Ambazonia….if they do at least one million Ambazonians will return home. Very good for their immigration policy.
      Besides a better managed territory would deliver better trade.
      A bin entendeur Salut!