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Un chef de village pro-Biya égorgé à Lebialem

237online | Panique et consternation se sont emparées des populations de Lébialem dans la région du Sud-ouest ce mardi. D’après des sources contactées dans la localité, le chef du village d’Ekeh a été égorgé ce mardi matin par des individus non identifiés.

Quelques heures avant son assassinat, la victime avait regroupé la population du village dans son palais pour préparer le défilé du 20 mai, précise notre source.

Même si les auteurs de l’assassinat n’ont pas été formellement identifiés, plusieurs témoins évoquent la thèse d’une attaque sécessionniste.

Le week-end dernier, les groupes armés sécessionnistes avaient, en effet, menacé de s’en prendre à toute personne qui s’associerait à la célébration de la fête du 20 mai dans les régions anglophones.

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  1. Le pauvre chef n’avait -il pas aussi les droits de l’Homme à respecter ????

  2. RIP héro. Tu seras vengé même s’il faut détruire tout le village car ceux qui t’ont lâchement égorgé font partie de ta population. Ils disent ici tout le temps que tout le monde les supportent alors qu’ils forcent la majorité non séparatiste. Ici par exemple, le fait qu’ils sont majoritaires (dans ce forum) leur fait croire qu’ils sont majoritaires au Kamerun ( étant dans un forum Kamerunais). BIYA A DÉCLARÉ LA GUERRE AUX TERRORISTES DE BH, SW & NW, PAS AUX POPULATIONS. Atanga Ndi doit organiser les commités d’auto défence dans chaque village.

    • Gros parvenu de Bokito, le francais te depasse! Si Biya n’a pas declare’ la guerre, pourquoi doit-on punir toute la population en detruisant tout leur village? Forum Camerounais blah, blah, blah! Petit buyam sellam, les creuseur de trous comme toi nw peuvent fabriquer la roue d’une moto, n’en parlons pas de l’internet!

    • idiot,how does it concern you,fire answers fire,when u started the killings what were u thinking,and thats how it will continue untill the person who started it call for cease fire.and to your infos who told you restorationist are minority,if u think so try a referandum and u will be shocked,unionist are very stubborn minority,feeding from the system

  3. This is the handiwork LRC. They are known for these tricks.

    • @mhuy
      just shut up, with your fake propaganda so its the Republic of Cameroon who gives the weapon to fight the army to

  4. Mhuy ambazonia are people from God there never done anything everything is from the government okay only time will tell wait and see

  5. These muppets should cornered and just eliminated.
    No arrest anymore except for intelligence gathering.
    We should adopt the Chaka Zulu mantra and this $&& will be done.
    The GOC and military are too lenient.


  7. Look at frogs coming out here to shade crocodile tears. Sons if b*tches when our mother’s are executed by your so called army I don’t see this comment’s from douche bag’s like mbappe .Hypocrites talking about conered and be eliminated why don’t you ask your mom to go do the job. We will not tolerate any traitors in the house.

  8. The national media in Cameroon has not published any images of executed civilians by the army, the old people burnt alive in their homes, the villages burnt by the army, the thousands of Anglophones sleeping in the forest, the children who have died in the forest, the mass graves by the army,
    The reason these images are seen only on Facebook or other non Cameroonian media entities is simple, the media in Cameroon is controlled by the majority East of the Mungo and most of the majority East of the Mungo are in a way turning a blind eye to the atrocities and excesses of the army on the minority Anglophones.
    The German media did not show the killing of the Jews!
    The French Cameroon media will not show the killings of Anglophones because silence is indirect support.
    Who is fooling who?

    • @Lum

      give me a break with your fake propaganda, like the rest of your clans too.” terrorist”

      the national media in south Cameroon has not published any images and videos of law enforcement who have been beheaded, many principals have been killed, and teachers, No school for students, young kids with a gun ready to fight the army, young girl being raped by ambasonia member.

      Before you re coming here opened your dirty mouth, get the fact straight.

      who is fooling who too?

      • @bamendayBoy sees nothing with lrc foolish action. Its simply good for lrc to go and take back northern cameroons from Nigeria. Take back Eq Guinea and Gabon, arnt these lrc territories as you claim?.
        I will let you know that the union between the cameroons is history. CameroUn is fighting a lost war. They will soon go

        • @mhuy

          I wasn’t the one who divide Cameroon in two-part for your answer, you need to go asked the queen Elisabeth “UK”, therefore northern Cameroon could come back to his people

      • is your mouth clean,who started it,is the government not suppose to protect its people? lets wait and see the end

    • @lum, my sister why do you guys like complaining this much? Is it so hard for you to create your own media and report the atrocities? You talk of the images of the atrocities only being shwon by the foreign media, could you name which foreign media has shown the images? I would also like to see them. In as much as we don’t like what is happening in Cameroon today, i think it is not helpful to point fingers at a particular groups. You talk of all national media in Cameroon being owned by “east of the mungo people”, as if STV is also owned by those people? Why do you anglophones like pointing fingers at francophones gor no reason? Is it the government of Cameroon that you are fighting or it is the francophones that you are fighting? You guys always talk as if that givernment is all franco??

      • @Mbru
        The government is the people and the people make the government.
        Who is in control of;
        The Executive, Judiciary, Legislative and the Armed forces in Cameroon?
        Should justice Ayah create his own court to ask why he was wrongfully arrested?
        Should Wirba create his own parliament to discuss the Anglophone palava?
        Can the people of NW and SW choose their own governors and hold them accountable?
        Can the people of NW and SW choose their own military general who would not kill them like chickens?
        Did the whites in South Africa benefit from apartheid or only the white government?
        Does France benefit from the resources of la Francophonie in Africa or is only the government.
        Are you saying the majority in Cameroon are not quietly benefiting from the marginalization of Anglophones?

        • @Lum the former student of Yde University in early nineties the government of Cameroon granted scholarship to study in the US and to come back and help build a better Cameroon turn herself to a stray “ashao” criticizing without offering alternatives preaching hatred towards the people of YDe DLa Bfsm Bertwa etc… what ungratefulness !!

        • Epée Dipanda

          For starters @Colby please learn to spell your own Larepublique place names. It is Bertoua not Bertwa.
          Next who in their right mind would return to a place like Larepublique? Don’t you see your larepublicans brothers trying to stay in Australia….as far as possible from Larepublique?
          Shouldn’t that tell you that yours is a failed state?

    • @lum what have francophones done to you guys? Is your fight against francophones or against the government? Because francophones and the government are two different groups or entities. Government is made up of both francophones and anglophones. You complain about the coverage of the crisis as if there are no anglophone media houses in Cameroon? We are in a war situation where the government has made any coverage of the war very hard for both national and international media. Most people in the world are not even aware of what is happening in Cameroon because the government has made it very difficult and even impossible for any media house to independently operate in the areas that are experiencing the conflict. Yet you guys somehow still find ways to blame ordinary francophones.

      • @ Mbru

        You have to distinguish between real Cameroon anglophones and anglophones with tainted Biafra blood who call themselves Ambazonians. A real Cameroonian will never ever behead somebody. Real anglophones don’t hate their Francophone brothers and sisters. They are only against the marginalization by the Biya regime. These ambazonians are evil people as evil blood runs in their veins. Don’t worry God is going to teach them a lesson as he did with ISIS, Al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations that behead people. We have to look for a different job for our Nyangi women. They are the ones who gave birth to these evil children who now call themselves Ambazonians in Cameroon.

        • US of Africa,
          You can call yourself mugu or mbulu orwhatever but changes nothing! You are strenuously trying to tell us that the soldiers who beheaded Sam Soya were not real Cameroonians. Maybe they were the Chadians you brought in , but it attest to your cruelty. If you started the beheading game on Ambosonian land, then your idiotic rantings are of little consequence.
          If Anglophones and Francophones don’t hate each other, Sam Soya would never have been beheaded, old women would never be burnt in their homes. You have been looking for terrorists in anglophone residential areas, burning everything in your itinerary . This is how the children of God you are preach by example!

        • you see the real enemy of cameroon?calling somebody biafran?

    • @lum even the Cameroon army is made up of both anglophones and francophones, whi are all responsible for the atrocities committed, yet you surprisingly find only francophones to blame. Ome would have understood if all the anglophones in the army had resigned, but no, they are all still in the army, committing terrible crimes and atrocities against the innocent people of the areas in conflict. Somehow, you can’t see this, because it is only normal to blame francophone soldiers. People don’t know anything about the killings and burnings back home, because government restricted access to the war torn areas. In other parts of the world that are having conflicts, you see the famous international media houses like cnn, bbc and france24 covering, but in Cameroon government has not allowed this.

      • But you will somehow blame francophones. Fight your fight with the army(which is made up of both francophones and anglophones) and leave francophones alone. I think they ( francophones ) are not responsible for your current predicament, it is the government( made up of both francophones and anglohones ) that is responsible for this situation. Turn your anger to the government and not the ordinary francophone who knows nothing about what is happening. The mere fact that anglophone soldiers and ministers are still working with the government should be enough to make you understand that not all anglophones agree with this separatist ideology. I will only take this fight serious the day all anglophone civil servants, ministers and soldiers will resign from the government.

        • In other words, let sleeping dogs lie right? Lazy lazy ignorant slavish frogs having no problem whatsoever to be French slaves.

      • Whoever is US Africa. Can you please respond to this Ibiobio Biafra chop dog man who calls himself Firefighter? Too much dog meat has polluted his brain and keeps on responding to my write ups thinking I’m you. since he has a very very thin skin and can’t respond well to a challenge, he keeps on changing his screen names and thinks everybody does the same. I am a very proud anglophone from the Mezam division of the NW province. We the majority of pure anglophones will never ever separate from our Francophone brothers to form a country with this Ibiobio people who call themselves Ambazonians. You can behead as many people as you want we will never join you. You represent evil. Read my lips: Very soon you will be declared a terrorist organization by the U.N. and you know what that means.

        • If you are not US of Africa, you need not respond. You danced here after the arrest of Sisiku and declared everything was over. Now you idiotic thug want the UN to come and play the magic for you? You have been calling Anglophones terrorists and it seems you need some validation from the UN. When the same you UN will accuse you of war crimes, you will hit out against it!

      • @ Ambas only Biafrans can commit such atrocities. A real Cameroonian will never behead anybody. I am an anglophone Cameroonian from the NW province and only an anglophone with tainted Biafra blood can behead another human. The truth is bitter but must be said.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      The government is not killing anglophones. The government is killing Ambazombie terrorists!
      The ambazombies are chopping off the heads of anglophones/people in the North West and South West who do not support their terrorist movement!
      The government on the other hand is protecting anglophones from the ambazombie terrorists!
      That chief was an anglophone! He was killed by ambazombie terrorists!

  9. @Cavani

    we will eliminate all the resistance include you ” Cavani “bastard. if you don’t like it just opened your channel “TV youtube ” like the rest of your clans.

    like” mvomeka ” mentioned here, the war continued frogs head.

    • Cpdm troll @bamenda boy aka savage beti from the forest after having intercourse with monkeys and other creatures you have the courage to come here and voice your ignorance this is just the beginning .The land of the brave will never surrender

      • @Cavani

        calls me the vampire its better for me

        you can dream, nothing is wrong with that nymfuka, which beginning see me this rat.

        you are search a dullest person.

        I know right ” the land of the brave will never surrender “

        • Why are you rambling incoherently dimwit we will evicerate any occupiers from our land piece of sh*t .By the way change that name of yours imposter.

        • @Cavani

          who told you that was your lane, do you have any fact, wow I forget your 1961 as an excuse.hahahahah a dull person

          a dog Will remain a dog.

          you need to go and see your queen ” UK ” again for mercy

    • Can you write in English sir ? Better use a language you are most comfortable with than replying every comment albeit with much ignoranc .and limitations. My humble opinion though.

  10. I said earlier this is the handy work of lrc to make sure the 20th may take Place. No 20th may in Ambaland

  11. @mhuy

    you don’t have any fact at all, we will enforce law and order for all the resistances

  12. LRC is continuing with Active Genocide plans, they are to killing Mostly Southern Cameroon CPDM Militants and Francophones so as to use to justified the crimes they are perpetuating. But sorry to them, we are documenting every evidence.
    We shall fight them to pay reparation at the end of the Barbaric Genocide.

  13. **** TRAITORS BEWARE ****

    1. The ANC killed South Africans who collaborated with the Apartheid regime,
    2. Frelimo and Renamo killed Mozambicans who collaborated with the Portuguese,
    3. SWAPO killed Namibians who collaborated with the Apartheid regime of South Africa,
    4. MPLA and UNITA killed Angolans who collaborated with the Portuguese,
    5. The Mau Mau killed Kenyans who collaborated with the British.
    6. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) killed South Sudanese who collaborated with the Government in Khartoum
    7. The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) killed Eritreans who collaborated with Ethiopia
    8. The FALINTIL National Armed Forces for the Liberation of East Timor killed traitors
    9. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), killed Kosovars who betrayed the struggle

    • @MVOMEKA

      you forget to mention ” the war continued “

    • Our Restoration Forces have the right to kill Southern Cameroonian traitors and self-seekers

      It is wartime. Homeland must be defended against foreign terrorists from LRC.
      Southern Cameroonians are for homeland or against the homeland. They cannot have it both ways.



      • @MVOMEKA

        I like what you just mentioned “Our Restoration Forces have the right to kill Southern Cameroonian traitors and self-seekers”

        I will remember you that, the sentence you have just saying

        let’s fight someone need to be the boss or I am the boss or you re the boss.

      • You are not Cameroonian you have said it here over and over you claim to be a “speudo German citizen” why are you wasting your time and energy medling to our country matters @BMG aka @Dali Dali aka @Mvomeka ? You want to change citizenship again? I have told you that once you lost Cameroon citizenship you have lost your soul we are Cameroonians and proud to be camer… no matter challenges.

        • What is spuedo? A new word coined by you sir? Just drawing your attention to “in a haste to oppose” you fail to edit. Wonders shall never end.

  14. @BAWA

    please let’s go and fight like you mentioned, just closed your dirty mouth smelling like your mami Pima .

    when you re ready let me know I will personally show up

  15. any ambasonias members go and kiss your mama Pima swine.

    yes I am sickened tired to heard those Mr or Mrs opportunist ” mvomeka , . , firefighter , lum , kongosa , and other clans.

    the military, we have both sides.
    the government, we have both sides.
    law enforcement we have both sides.
    if some Raccoons on here believes the fight is the solution lets go, we are savage too, we can kidnapping too, and bring hell too. Someone will lose and win

    • Sound education is really beneficial. If you do not have the force of argument better stay in your kraal and observe seasoned “book people” make meaningful comments. Gone are those days when the likes of Sasse furnished the nation with eloquent speakers of the Queen’s language.Go back and read your comment and you will know what I mean.

  16. 37 stupid comments, but for that of LUM. A product of 57 years of bad francophone
    leadership of Ahidjo and Biya. So disappionting.

  17. fake news this chief is alive