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UN condemns as racist Donald Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ remark

Guardian News | Human rights office steps into row as residents of nations maligned by president respond angrily and demand an apology

Remarks by Donald Trump describing immigrants from Africa and Haiti as coming from “shithole countries” were racist, the United Nations human rights office has said, as it led global condemnation of the US president.

On Thursday, Trump questioned why the US would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, instead suggesting the US should bring more immigrants from Norway, whose prime minister he had met on Wednesday.

“There is no other word one can use but racist,” the UN human rights spokesman, Rupert Colville, told a Geneva news briefing. “You cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as ‘shitholes’, whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome.”

The African Union said it was “frankly alarmed” by Trump’s language. “Given the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the United States as slaves, this statement flies in the face of all accepted behaviour and practice,” AU spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo told the Associated Press. “This is particularly surprising as the United States of America remains a global example of how migration gave birth to a nation built on strong values of diversity and opportunity.”

The former Haitian president Laurent Lamothe also expressed his dismay, saying the US president’s remark “shows a lack of respect and ignorance”. The Haitian ambassador to the US, Paul Altidor, said Trump’s views were “based on stereotypes”.

Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, who has been an outspoken critic of Trump, said in a colourful tweet that “America’s greatness was built on diversity”.

According to a report in the Washington Post, Trump said “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” after he had been presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and certain African nations as part of a bipartisan immigration deal. In a statement, the White House did not deny the account, instead highlighting Trump’s hardline immigration stance.

Cedric Richmond, Democratic representative and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said Trump’s comments were “yet another confirmation of his racially insensitive and ignorant views” that reinforce “the concerns that we hear every day, that the president’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is really code for ‘Make America White Again’.”

Mia Love, a Utah Republican whose family came from Haiti, condemned Trump’s remark as “unkind, divisive, elitist” and demanded an apology for the American people and the nations he “wantonly maligned”.

James Comey, who was fired as director of the FBI by Trump, quoted the inscription on the Statue of Liberty:

David Miliband, the president of the International Rescue Committee, said Trump’s comments were leading a “race to the bottom on refugees”.

Trump has made few references to Africa since his election, and many senior Africa-focussed posts in his administration remain unfilled.

In September he amused some by appearing to invent a new country called Nambia while address African leaders in Washington. Trump also told them: “I have so many friends going to your countries, trying to get rich. It has a tremendous business potential.”

Boniface Mwangi, a well-known social activist in Kenya tweeted that Africa “isn’t a shithole.”

“It’s the most beautiful continent in the world. Beautiful,hardworking people. We have diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum, cocoa, coffee, tea etc. Sadly we have #shithole leaders like Trump shitting on us everyday,” Mwangi said.

Standing at a coffee stall outside an office block in Rosebank , a commercial and business neighbourhood in central Johannesburg, Blessing Dlamini, a 45-year-old administrative assistant, said Trump’s words came as “no surprise”.

“He has shown the world he is a racist. We should just block him from our thoughts,” Dlamini said.

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  1. “shithole Island of Peace”

    • Shame to our Africa lealers , therefore soon they will leave the shithole countries for vacation biya .

      I am agree with you mr President Donald Trump

      Some Africans coutries leaders need to stand and do the right thing .

    • Of course, Donald John Trump is 900%.
      How can any person in his right senses remain indifferent when a Highly Indebted Poor Country( HIPC) borrows money to:

      1. buy 500.000 election computers from china ?
      2, host a white elephant project called AFCON ?
      3. to organize phoney elections ?
      4. fight an UNWINNABLE civil war ?

      It’s funny that the Dictator of the same HIPC spends all his time gallivanting in the most beautiful cities on the globe yet his own country leaves much to be deserved: Child malnutrition,BCG stock outs, insecurity, poor infrastructure, frequent power outages scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals,refuse-infested beaches,etc.It is self-evident that this Dictator is completely out of touch with his own people.

      • Of course, Donald John Trump is 900% CORRECT

      • Buying computers without electricity… how will the students charge these computers??? The money should have been used to improve on the electricity situation of the country. Misplace priorities!!!!!! Our leaders or should i say our rulers.

        • Of course Mr. Trump is correct, no doubt about it.
          I should also add that here in the US diversity is a strength, not a weakness. They face the same challenges we face ( Black/Latino/Native American marginalization; unequal development among States) . But they know that sticking together to solve these issues will makes them stronger.
          I always say that secession is the easy way out, because we don’t have the guts to face our challenges.
          The United States that we all admire today went through a civil war, through degradation, Jim Crow, but they are still together and STRONGER.
          Discriminate and marginalization exist everywhere. I am a Francophone from the EAST region, and I am telling you that my people still get discriminated against with name calling such as pygmy.

        • [email protected] it depends on what you value .I wouldnt suvive more than 3days in dense forest ,unlike a pygmy person of my age ……so im missing out on the most beautiful and very private sights,sounds,tastes and smells of natural beauty in the world ,delicious non chemicalised foods ,natural health and spiritual solutions ,sort of same stuff the red indians used to have until ‘ progress ‘arrived in America .
          As someone here once said do resturants in their area really have to exist …People eat at home nearly always with other people .Now how unlonely is that ? Could you apply that as posative reasoning in developed countries ?No they want you to believe its better to be a consumer in a resturant .

  2. This fourth grader wanted to say Africa is led by shitty leaders like Biya, who would take children’s puff puff money and hand it over to Nigerian 419 because he’s too blood- thirsty!

    • Take what Trump is saying as a challenge, and prove to him that you are no “shihol”.

      The earlier you grasp the dynamics of this world the better. Amba is just a micro in the macro—hope when Trump and his troop of oyibo supremacists would land in Amba to drill THEIR oil you wouldn’t be running to Buhari for cover, and accuse soyabik….she’s mentor enough tho…

      • Show me a country where the advocate general of the Supreme Court is arrested without warrant and retired while in prison, where lawyers who are supposed to uphold the constitution are dragged in mud, beaten like rabid dogs about to be put down by first school leavers in police gears, where a dictator ruins the economy for over 35 years as he converts national treasury into his private fund account, where the president’s nephew uses CNPS funds to sponsor private soccer trips to Barcelona with a group of friends, where the cousin of the dictator’s wife becomes the director of budget without merit and builds a marble villa in the heart of the jungle, where 32G $80 notebooks are redesigned and brandished as 500G laptops by a science professor Etoundi Atsa and I’ll show u a sh!thole country.

  3. Normally this kind of information should be treated like the diversion that it is.america is an Aryan nation build to uphold Aryan value’s contrary to our interest.where it is interesting is when you tell some Africans in the diaspora to concentrate on sacreficing to build an imposing africa.they begin saying they are American blacks, British Black’s, French blacks.they are everything but what they are because they do not want to sacrefice to build what is theirs.prefering to live with constant insults in the house of others.if they are not married to gross rejected Aryan women to aryanise Thier defendants out of self hate.they give birth to children with after morphology and give them Aryan names like Michael,John,peter.making the children African in phisic and but Aryan in mind.

  4. No surprise here.
    When a government spends $ $4million a year in a Swiss hotel running away from filth, no portable water, no electricity, no internet, no reliable healthcare, poor roads why wouldn’t the American President who traffics in racism call them shithole countries.
    When government policies are designed in European hotels with the interests of Europeans making sure that some sections of Cameroon particularly West Cameroon can never have a deep seaport or international airport to grow the economy locally why wouldn’t he call us shithole.
    The government wasting time and money forcing citizens to become Francophones, Haiti is Francophone so what!
    Leaders with only a vision for corruption and dictatorship.
    Who will build Cameroon? Not the Portuguese, not Germans, not France!

    • Nya LUM, no imperialist power would build, as you conclude… and you are totally right. However, you, the AFRICAN WOMAN wants to destroy Cameroon; and you are running off to the White devil to be roughed up when there’s much work for you in the African kitchen! You say you have pledged allegiance to the self-destructive sect that has somehow managed to condition your mind that their struggle is ordained by god. Well, yea, it is ordained by some type of god: the WHITE DEVIL. What an absurdity!

      I know that you pray for Cameroon to rise up tall. I can tell from the very passionate way in which you express yourself… just like you worry about that man who used to be there to guide and satisfy you… but whom you woke up one fateful morning and chased away; and then you weep when he is gone.

      • Now this impostor @Arata Tuge wants to confine a medical doctor to an African kitchen! Wandas shall never end.

        • The AFRICAN KITCHEN IS A RIGHTEOUS SPACE… the HOLY SHRINE for the AFRICAN CHILD. I-Man rather have this queen busy in the AFRICAN KITCHEN than let her mingle with an unclean brigade of sectarian impostors like you who will neither satisfy her deepest desire nor fulfil her hunger for the truth.

          That said, I see why you can’t get a girl, little man! You’re trying to put this woman on a rasclaaat pedestal and you even rush to provide unsolicited support on her behalf. But hey fellow, I-Man doesn’t operate that way. As far as I am concerned, Nya Lum knows her place, and that’s the principle. She will go in the KITCHEN and stay away from you, period. Once I get hold of her, it’s done… and your sect will never be able to recruit her.

      • Épée Dipanda

        She doesn’t need to destroy it, la Republique already did. They started when the violated the 1961 constitution, they kept at it in 1972 and continued when Biya came to power. The African woman, Lum is only taking note of what we all observe…that Biya and Ahidjo are the secessionist who destroyed our federation.
        We want our country back.

  5. I often feel sorry for the children our people give birth to in America, France, England,etc.without a solid economic base to enable them make a good living without going to look for work in companies owned by others.it is certain they will end up selling drugs killing each other and ending in prison for those who are not killed.what wealth can Africans with children in this countries show as a heritage that will be passed onto posterity?with no accumulated capital,no connection to the continent to build one,no language to unite around for common interest this children have no chance in competition against their Aryan oppennents.their ignorant parents think they made a favour to the children giving birth to them in Aryan land contrary to Africa presented as nothing.crule deception

    • Épée Dipanda

      You are mistaken as usual, Bah Acho. These children will return and kill most of your leadership in Africa you watch it and remember I told you so when it begins to happen.
      These Children will take political office in these western countries and help overthrow the governments in their home countries.
      A silly dictator in la Republique obviously did not study history.
      Tic TOC tic toc

  6. This is a clear message to those countries to stop corruption and embezzlement and work to better the lifes of their citizens so that less of them will be looking for America as paradise.

    Shithole President…

  7. Trump, is 100 % right. Go and die in the Atlantic if you care.

  8. I am an African from Cameroon and I support what president Trump just said.Go to Cameroon a country of less than 25 million people blessed with all natural and Human Resources.But ironically Cameroon is a shit hole country.The capital Yaounde is a smelly heap of garbage infested with mosquitoes and snakes.Yaounde and Douala the main cities are full of ghettoes.No water ,no lights.My question to all African presidents is this,Where is the money that is supposed to pull Africa out of this shithole and make Africa as beautiful as Europe ,America and some Asian countries going to?Where is Africa”s money Mr Presidents?On a visit to Asia precisely in South Korea I and my friend were told by a South Korean in our face to go back to our jungle Africa.Develop your countries Trump is right.

  9. Africans should stop reacting to this kind of stupidity.
    The thing is , the futur of this world is a very hot potato right now all over the world and everyone knows that Africa is the futur. The question is, do Africans even realise that they have all the power to be the masters 10/20 years from now?
    The west understand the game and are making plans to take and continue to have control over Africa and her resources. They se that there is a new generation of Africans that is rising and they are doing every thing to brake that force. That will never happen.
    We are a generation that have understood, and we have becom the masters of their game.
    Trump the duck, Macron the “con ” H&M etc…can continue to play with thier old tools to brake the African spirit, but they will never succed!

    • Soyakutsi,
      You French slaves are trained parrots, programmed to talk people to sleep. Your dexterity in talking from both ends of your mouth is unmatched. When Africans fight for autonomy, you proudly frighten them here, reminding them that Biya is France and France is the UN. If the three entities are so untouchable and unbeatable, how can Africa mysteriously become the place to be? When you are caught each time in your weak knee hypocrisy, you start rambling about how we don’t understand you or need a pays ngo. Pays ngo like you who give birth to all those thugs at Kondengui?

      • “When Africans fight for autonomy…..” you say,
        Autonomy from WHO?
        Try to uppgrade your thinking if you want to have the privilege to interact with Moi.

        • Fight for autonomy from the Biya, France and UN which are your role models! You are confused! Telling Africans the West wants to take control of them and their resources, while frightening them at the same time not to raise their voices against the three powerful forces, Biya, France and UN.

  10. We shouldn’t be too quick to blame Trumpt for such comments but we should rather blame our shithole leaders. These shithole useless nonentities in the name of leaders are the reason why Trump would call Africans shithole. They have reduced us to nothing for rubbish so much so that Africans seem to have no place in the world. All the stupid old foolish presidents should go to hell.

  11. The best way to put President Donald Trump to shame is to avoid washing all those dirty linens in public, starting with the fire currently engulfing Douala University buildings with no sign of fire extinguishers, removing the foul-smelling mass of household garbage along Yaounde’s streets, paying Isidore Modjo and getting him off his sit-in demonstration in front of Issa Tchiroma’s ministry of info ……

  12. Money meant to develop Africa has now become the personal wealth of African presidents and their ministers.Africa is being ridiculed because of underdevelopment.Wake upAfrica and build your countries.

  13. CNN, is full of a group of frustrated individuals. Just look at them psycologically.
    They tried this nonsense in putting this same Trump down during the 2016
    presidential elections, but he beat them pants down. Ever since, they have
    continued to try to fight hard to discredit him and they are falling down on slippery
    land in the dry season.
    Can CNN, confirm that Africa and Haiti, are not shitholes?

  14. Watch the African country brave enough to come out and condemn Trump! At least out of 53, we have heard from Botswana…anyone else? Dare, if you don’t want the CIA to take you out of power with headlines such as this: ‘The president of Nigeria was shot in the head by a 23 year old high school graduate. The US is calling on peaceful transition to democracy!’ During the UN’s vote on making Jerusalem the Israeli capital, almost all african countries abstained, the rest of them voted in favor of america. Those idiots have put themselves in a position where Trump can come in their houses and screw their wives on the dining table while they stand and watch…I would really love that to happen to them really.

    • Épée Dipanda

      How can you lie in broad daylight ? Only la Republique abstained…Ghana, Senegal almost ALL African countries voted against the USA.
      You French thigs learn very well from your masters.
      It will not work here. in Ambaxzonia we check the facts

      • @ Epee Dipanda, It looks like the Ambazonia bullsh’t is driving you crazy to the point that you are calling your fellow Ambazonian (Senator) a French thug. With you separatists, anybody who says something you don’t support is either a Biya supporter or a French thug.
        Hahaha, I will not be surprised if you start killing yourselves very soon.

  15. It is tempting in anger at Donald Trump’s rantings against the black nations and people. The reason is simple. Sycophancy and praise-singing have been so elevated and promoted in governance that all else is frowned upon.

    And yet, commonsense dictates that our best friends should act as our mirrors in pointing out where we need to improve – comb our hair, knot our ties, polish our shoes, etc. When these things are not done at home, we allow the Donald Trumps and outsiders to take over. And it hurts!

  16. Put emotions on the side.
    What this moron is saying is actually good stuff.
    The truth should be told even if that hurts.
    This is a debate we should have about why the whole continent and by amalgam all “black” countries are sh&tholes.

    This has to elevate us instead of diminishing us.

    • My thoughts exactly! At least Trump is saying out loud what these asswholes ans hypocrites think of us. Salvation won’t come from Europe or etaz or even from one of their fake Gods. I hope his statements will awaken some type of african pride and hence strenghten our sens of solidariy, mostly within the diasporan communiy… The type that has helped the jewish community prosper, not the type that leads to tribal wars and ancestral confusion.

      • Yet some Africans will proudly say that they reside in that ###hole of a Country called AmeriKKKa! And speak perfect english.
        I met some back home last mounth and was amase by the way they were trying so hard to sound “Americans”..
        I could’nt stop thinking how on earth can people be so lost!

        • You are are eternally confused Kutsi! When the police in your country copy American police and brutalize, maim and kill unarmed people, you applaud them, but when some “ been tos” want to show off their mastery of Uncle Sam’s language , you find fault with that. This only goes to confirm your status of an incorrigible hypocrite!

        • What is your point, FF?

          From whom do Africans fight for their autonomy? Per ur claim above.

          Just a reminder to answer the question, so you don’t forget.

          With advanced amnesia, one can never be so sure you know…

  17. Thanks you Mr. Shithole President Trump. Yourself a shithole is truely calling these African leaders who they are. They have joined you in the shithole Presidency club. With so many Africans dying in the seas, it is true that African Leaders are shitholes. They are in your club of shithole Presidential club otherwise why could a country like America, the great have a shithole President like you. Only Idi Amin is better than you!

  18. The american football protest was a vote changing result on his understanding of equality .He does makes mistakes,but this particular leader trys to get things done and is taking pretty much full responsability for his actions ,so he is refering to countries where he personally considers things arnt being done well ,but he wasnt refering to the whole population, just their administration set up.
    .As he admitted his view in september was limited to other friends expecting to get absurdly rich out of Africa and looking at rich lists (original build up) in European countries he is not far off the mark .
    So until populations vote accountable people in at all levels of governence and have an easy system to replace them with someone better if they dont work or behave, he has a point.

  19. Lest we forget, Donald Trump’s most unfortunate racist slur against Haiti and Africa is met with justified ire right here in the US, where decent men and women, former ambassadors and persons who value African contribution to American progress are condemning his utterances.

    Africans need not lose sleep over a man who behaves like a bull inside a China shop wherever he goes. Donald Trump won’t be going to the UK to inaugurate the new US embassy ostensibly for reasons of his old animosity against his predecessor, President Barack Obama but in reality it is as a result of the bad blood created when British Prime Minister, Theresa May expressed reservations about Trump’s ill-conceived transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

  20. Big wise John,
    I’m afraid to burst your bubble by siding with the fourth grader to an extent. Shitty leaders preside over shithole countries. Can you imagine an American President renting out a floor in a foreign hotel for months unending? It’s not as if people like Trump do not game the system, but they can’t come to terms with the amount of abuse Africans put up with. Can Trump impose his two children in Harvard? Trump is saying exactly what we Africans say here every day and get abused for it. What names have apologists of the statusquo not called you on this forum because you said exactly what Trump is saying? The West even pities those Africans dying in The Mediterranean more than African leaders, who remain silent in the face of such misery.

    • @ Firefighter
      Please don’t get me wrong. Even in the darkest night there are some stars that shine. Of course America’s 45th president is an iconoclast who will be dealt with by the American system. That does not change the fact that he has acted like a mirror to project Africa as it is. Americans see him through a western prism, Africans see him through an African prism; I can lay claim to both.

      • Has anyone seen the primary school in Cavaye`s home town, and who is he
        in the position ranking in Cameroon? Has anyone taken the pains to see how
        dirty and shameful Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon is? And the
        show goes on and on.
        Instead of using Trumps platform to change and raise our livelihoods, undue
        critisms should carry the day.
        Now i see, why even those third worlders from other parts of the world, also
        see us as those `shitholes`. Small countries that had independence same time
        with african countries, even those that have struggled to breakaway, are looked upon as belonging to the second world grade. And africa, is still at it`s infancy
        stage with high levels of debts, diseases, illiteracy, internet shotdown etc etc.
        Ha ha, there must be a reason, why africa is black.

    • Actually, if peole do not respect you, it means you deserve it. And if people have to take you serious, let it not be out of sympathy, it should be out of fear or respect of hou

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