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Un fonctionnaire enlevé par des présumés sécessionnistes anglophones

Xinhua | Au Cameroun anglophone où une mouvance sécessionniste s’impose depuis octobre dernier, un fonctionnaire a été enlevé samedi par des présumés séparatistes, portant à deux le nombre des personnalités gouvernementales enlevées, a confirmé dimanche une source proche de l’otage.

Selon des témoins, le délégué régional des affaires sociales pour la région du Nord-Ouest, Nimbom Arong Yong, a été enlevé par des individus armés non-identifiés alors qu’il assistait aux funérailles dans le village Nyen, situé près du village d’Ambo de l’arrondissement de Batibo.

“Le délégué s’est rendu à Nyen samedi pour assister aux funérailles. Lui et son chauffeur ont été enlevés par une bande armée. Le chauffeur a été libéré plus tard. Quant au délégué régional, nous n’avons aucune nouvelle de lui depuis samedi”, a indiqué à Xinhua dimanche une source familiale.

Le 11 février, le sous-préfet de Batibo Marcel Namata Diteng, avait également été kidnappé dans des conditions presque similaires et mystérieuses, alors qu’il s’apprêtait à se rendre à la place des fêtes locale pour présider la cérémonie de la 52eme fête nationale de la jeunesse.

Même si pour l’heure, aucune revendication n’a été faite, de sérieux soupçons sont portés vers les sécessionnistes de l’Ambazonie, Etat proclamé depuis octobre dernier, qui ont multiplié ces derniers temps des menaces de mort contre les autorités locales.

Le Social Democratic Front (SDF), principal parti d’opposition camerounaise a dû changer le lieu de son congrès à Bamenda, capitale régionale du Nord-Ouest, le 21 février dernier, la veille de ses assises à la suite de menaces de représailles et violences proférées par les sécessionnistes.

Depuis plus d’un an, la minorité anglophone, représentant environ 20% de la population camerounaise, proteste contre ce qu’elle juge la marginalisation vis-à-vis du pouvoir centrale. Les plus radicaux ont pris la sécession pour la seule option, devenus désormais terroristes aux yeux de Yaoundé.

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  1. we will not negotiate with terrorist period, therefore nothing will change .

    • When a monkey is infested with lice, you have to tie it’s hands to shave off the fur. The monkey screams and wriggles because if does not possess the mental capacity to figure out why it’s being shaved. Later on the fur regrows and it realizes the itching has stopped but still it can’t thank its owner because it’s just mentally inferior. This is case between LRC and Ambazonia. The later should not be discouraged but continue their journey of liberation. In the end it’ll not only uplift them but their next door neighbors who will not even appreciate your sacrifice.

  2. instead to fight with the government now , they are kidnapping people ahahahahhahahahahahahahha.

    they are beheading school director .

    they are kidnapping chief village .

    they are raping women and childreen .

    they are killing our law enforcement .

    we will defeate you ” terrorist “

    • Just as the gov’t refused to fight in Cameroon and took the easy way to kidnap in Nigeria. You guys started all these Boko Haram tactics, now you are afraid to look at yourselves in the mirror. After killing all the terrorists you must negotiate! Looking forward to that!

    • young man:- who are the terrorist?..Do you know how this problem started?..Do you know where we are today?..Are you a patriotic cameroonian?..or just a cameroonian making noise as we see day in and day out?..Are you still suffering from French slavery?..be proud that we have people willing to fight for freedom in that country..Your words and your way of writing potrays alot of ignorance..You are proud of cameroonians killing cameroonians?..Have you thought of innocent people being killed and some are rfugees?..What do you think you will win?..This problem is over 2 years now and you still drink beer and make noise that you will win?..Please, stop this ignorance and be mature..We as cameroonians need to meet, seat and talk, honestly and openly , then look for a way forward..Stop hypocricy.

      • @Biko the real hypocrite is you from the left you praise terrorists actions from the right you play fake patriotic believe me all terrorists will be slaughtered before any debate will take place.

        • @colby:if you use a simple brain to reason, u will confirm that this problem is almost 2 years soon..Do you think and believe in our military to bring peace by killing its own citizens?..Do you believe these people revolting against a corrupt, fake and mafia government are terrorist?..Do you know that they want to make the country a better place for you and your future generation?.Do you know that lawyers were beaten and teachers beaten and humiliated for protesting?..Who are the terrorist?..Dont you think terrorism is when you steal from the people and dont give them their simple basic neccesities and rights?..Wake up, think twice , analyze the situation before making such comments..If u love cameroon, then help those innocent families running and hiding in Nigeria ..

      • @biko

        ?Young man your mami Pima .
        Yes I am a real patriotism?? such as I didn’t burn no flag.
        I didn’t make fake propaganda?.
        For now i don’t want to know how , when or where the problem had been started. You can talking shit and you don’t even live in Cameroon. ? even the entire world doesn’t support you ?

        I will not careless if they are killing all the ambazonia people <>

        • @BAMENDABOG or BAMENDABOY:- when you get up from your drugs and frustration, read your answer again, then you will understand why we are so backward..You might understanding why we dont progress in Africa..You might start to understand why in your culture you dont understand simple dialogue..U will understand why u remain barbaric and uncultured..You see how hard it is for u to take part in a simple debatte in a forum?..You see why smart and intelligent young cameroonians will not want to associate with people like you?..
          You need to learn to listen, ask questions, respect others and then make a proporsal..Its rather unfortunte that these people u call terrorist understand the country, and the dynamics in politics more than u, thats why u only think of brutality as the alternative..Poor u.

        • Ardminn

          Why you block me but leave this airhead talking his Mami Pima here? You and yi una Mami Pima all wuna. We will kill all colonial terrorists.

        • I am surprised how your foul language go posted here when the rest of us get censored for the use of liberation related words. Interesting how knowledge is mediated and coordinated on this platform.
          Anyway as someone said earlier, this trouble has been going on for 2 years and the anglophone struggle itself for 57.
          In 1972 the so-called Referendum which they transformed into youth day had only OUI and YES ballots. It was impossible to vote NO to the cancellation of the Federation.
          That referendum is therefore illegal in international law, no wonder they tried to mask it by covering it up as youth day.
          La Republique is really farcical.
          Ambazonia will be free.

    • @Firefighter

      Does Boko Haram live in Cameroon ?

      • Boko Haram mostly lives in Nigeria and moves between that country and Cameroon. Your dear supreme leader sent them bags of money to strengthen their will. And they thanked him by walking freely into your land and abducting the PM’s wife.

  3. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


    • LRC tricked Dr. Foncha et al. in 1961. The same LRC want to trick Southern Cameroonians again in 2018 with a so-called Commission on Bilingualism. Of course, the present generation will NEVER EVER allow that to happen.

      The dirty tricks of 1961 MUST be corrected this time around come rain come shine. The french army, chadian army and LRC combined can NEVER EVER prevent the FINAL resolution of the Anglophone Question this time around.

      Creating 999 military regions is a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources because the present momentum is UNSTOPPABLE.

      The war continues

      • @Mvomeka

        When those terrorist killing they own people did they care about dr foncha.

        You re so disillusioned ,why they can go fight the government instead to kidnap innocent people .
        Your ambazonia will win in your dream kept dreaming nothing wrong with that .

  4. I dont know if we are dealing with brainless young men in this forum..We are from a country that 60 years after independence is not able to produce basic fundamental needs to its people and you keep on praising such a failed govt?..The public will and public interest in the 21 century is that young, modern and energetic cameroonians with dignity want to liberate this death country from French slavery but most of you dont seem to understand..
    A normal average african brain should understand today that our problem is not bilingualism, we need to change our mind set, a mind set that has been stolen by the old half death gangs in ETOUDI.We want a strrong, capable and proud cameroon having dignity and not reliable on France..
    Go sleep with bilingualism and multiculturalism..

    • Biko,
      If you were to bring up an initiative say to rebuilt your family home, some of your very siblings will be against you. Eventually when the work is done they will be the first to praise you around and take photographs…and show to the world what they will now claim they have done.
      History also reminds us that when slave trade was abolished, many slaves chose to remain with their oppressors.
      Now, take my advice. Don’t spend any of your precious time responding to some people in this forum…especially those who are not out for any positive contribution etc. Someone may choose to remain federalist or status quote…but wishing people death or calling people terrorist is simply beyond comprehension..and need not be replied. Just my humble thought.

      • @Nosabi:- your comment and message gives me hope that there are normal people from cameroon out there.Thanks very much..When you go through the comments in this forum, you understand why we are so backward ..To get up one morning and start calling brave men and women who are fighting for the dignity and freedom of our country terrorist is unbelievable..Some comment here with so much hatred, so much ignorance, primitivity and barbarism that you think they are not normal. How on earth can a camewroonian celebrate the killing of a cameroonian in a failed state where the authorities are not capable of finding a long lasting peace to a problem that is facing the country for many years?..People are displaced, women raped by brutal forces from yaounde and yet we praise them?..We are really sick.

        • Biko
          The truth will come out sooner than later & some, and their generations will live to regret. Forgetting about countries and government etc, what they are doing is very damaging to humanity. Countries and government which are obviously man-made will come to pass but humanity & nature will remain.
          Before these primitive boundaries in Africa were drawn in Berlin in 1884 by interest seeking idiots, there were people living in these area…there will still be people living there when this man-made scandal called Cameroon will come to pass….but we must strive to preserve humanity irrespective of the situation and the madness of some. I will also like to believe that most of these guys are just keyboard worries who believe that they should also have an opinion.

      • [email protected] sorry sir but which history book are you quoting ? On many slaves choose to remain with their opressors .People got compensated ( royally ) for the amount of slaves they owned ,they could hardly keep the compensation and carry on as before and neither could the freed insist on being a slave the commercial value of ownership became non existent .However geographicaly if you couldnt get out of the low paying industries areas it would look like a choice to remain wheras it economic restraint that made people stay ,thats why trade unions are sooooo importent .

  5. This people are kidnapping their own anglo people ? is oroko man , this guy is also probably from Bamenda. This is crazy.

  6. Sous prefet

  7. Many public forums allow people to go in and check their weight, blood pressure, etc. And act on them. This forum is like that. Knowing a collection of words here and there without knowing how to put them together and convey an idea or win a debate is an exercise in futility. An overweight person, like a hypertensive one, embarks on remedial measures! Wasting words poorly put together is most certainly no remedy.

    Also, leaving the ball in a match to chase and injure a player can hardly be the way to score goals. Each rubric on this forum comes with a topic which is often put aside in preference to tangential issues and other irrelevances!

    In the final analysis we may not even have a kidnapping or a death at all as was the case with Biya or a DO of Ndop. What a waste of energy and time!

  8. Colby,
    I know you desert camel are infatuated with China, but you just fell on your own sword there. You have come down from your high moral pedestal of making hollow threats to join us in asking for dialogue. Now you claim all terrorists will be slaughtered before there’s debate. You have just blinked although you are pretending to tie a condition to it. After slaughtering all the terrorists, who do you want to debate with since your chairman has rejected any talk about federation and form of state. What do you want to debate about, sand sand head?

  9. Batibo is highly militarized since the day the DO was kidnapped. These armies have been terrorizing civilians block the roads from Batibo to Bamenda for two days. Were breaking into people’s houses and looting. Thank God for Minister Rose Mbah who even came and warned them to stop breaking into houses and stealing after they actually break into her own house and made away with valuables. My question is how did they kidnap in Batibo with the presence of all these people in uniform over there. Are they there simple to break and steal or they are there to look for the DO and prevent further kidnappings? Are they there to torture unarmed civilians or they are there to for the guys with weapons?

  10. @ John Dinga, Nosabi, country man, Biko, I hail u guys for ur objectivity and ides u share in this forum. I also salute those whose job is to fire insults. I di hot oo. But to our administration and CPDM thieves who have brought Cameroon on its Stomach, beware of war. It spares no body. The day one of yours is touched, u will know what I. I dearly cry on what reigns in the Two Anglophone regions today, the numerous destruction and deaths of both innocent civilians and the military, and this means absolutely nothing to our Parliamentarians and Senators. Its unfortunate that they earn money for just praise singing and hand clapping, instead of moving the country towards positive directions. doubt if they reasons and follow the daily developments. How can Biya hijack the country thus far.

  11. Biya and his Cronies have, with shame and mercy, hacked and brought Cameroon on its Stomach. I cry watching Cameroonians killing themselves, some villages now forced to live in the bushes, others have become refugees, houses burnt, agricultural activities disturbed etc. All these resulting from the Centralization policies, greed, refuseal to enact democratic and Constitutional changes to move the country forward. Cameroonians are miserable today. Young military men are suffering in the forests while the big thieves and gangsters spend our money in foreign countries. The Senate and Parliament has no voice. Why did the last grade of Setan chose to die in Cameroon . Greetings to John Dinga, Biko, Country Man and Nosabi for ur ideas and objectivity. Greetings to those who insult others..

    • It will be recalled that when Joshua Osih and others tried to raise this issue in parliament for debate Cavayie, that nation wrecker and his cronies refused.
      They favor blood in the hope that it will silence the desire for freedom.
      Our children’s children must be taught these lessons to never allow themselves to be enslaved this way

  12. Cameroon’s current problem is a reflection of what happens when an orchestra is not on the same page! Instead of a nice Melody, the audience is served meaningless cacophony of drumbeats, guitar, microphone, piano, etc, each doing its own thing.

    Originally, the idea of abducting/kidnapping Julius Ayuk Tabe and his team looked tantalizingly appealing for those whose theory of decapitating the movement would halt and then kill it. In hindsight, they could have learnt a thing or two from a similar formula applied to Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho’s team or earlier ones.
    Now a multi-headed Hydra is out there on the field doing damage that is probably small but not negligible to the national image. It is another orchestra in which each member does its own thing at a time when the cry is for

    • harmony, dialogue, level-headed and rational reflection. Hubris took the upper hand. And now this.
      Is there a way out? Of course there is almost always a way out if human beings eat humble pie, assume their normal human proportions and give up playing the role of providential rulers. Without Mugabe Zimbabwe is still kicking. So also is South Africa without Jacob Zuma or Gambia without Yahyah Jammeh.

      Are there other persons out there that can lead Cameroon? To answer this million dollar question, your chronicler would like to take you many steps down memory lane, to the day erstwhile president Ahmadou Ahidjo declared he was stepping down. The fear of the unknown drove people to abandon their identifiable service vehicles and run! Imagine running faster without one’s vehicle !!!!!

  13. I appreciate you this post. I much like your blog very much
    and i am a huge fan of it. This is my first time posting here.
    I like this so much that I even shared on Twit. Thanks again for the excellent