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Un gendarme sauvagement assassiné dans une attaque attribuée aux sécessionnistes

Koaci.com- Mardi 7 novembre 2017- Un gendarme été sauvagement assassiné par des individus non identifiés à Jakiri, une localité située dans le Nord-Ouest en proie aux revendications sociopolitiques depuis bientôt un an.

L’acte crapuleux qui plonge le pays sous le choc est attribué aux activistes armés du Southern Cameroon National Council (Scnc), mouvement classé terroriste par Yaoundé qui prône la sécession de la partie anglophone.

D’après les sources sécuritaires qui confirment la mort de leur camarade, la mort du gendarme est survenue au moment où des éléments de la gendarmerie nationale en intervention après l’incendie d’un collège, ont été pris à partie par des individus cagoulés et armés se réclamant du Scnc.

Ces individus ont incendié un collège. Ils se sont ensuite rendus dans un autre établissement scolaire de la localité, pour forcer les élèves à quitter les lieux. C’est à ce moment que les gendarmes appelés en renfort ont été pris à partie par les activistes du Scnc dont les mots d’ordre de désobéissance civile et d’appel à la grève ne sont plus suivis par les populations.

Des violents affrontements ont ensuite opposé gendarmes et activistes du Scnc.

La mort du gendarme a plongé le pays sous le choc.

Les unités spécialisées des forces de sécurité et de l’ordre ont lancé une chasse à l’homme en vue de rattraper les meurtriers du gendarme qui ont pris la fuite après leur forfait.


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  2. Ummmmmmm so peaceful these folks !!

  3. OK now, Jakirians strap ur belts lots of heads will roll, it’s probably gonna be worst than what happened in Gaza.

  4. You have the freedom to report that a gendarme who is a foreigner terrorising Ambazonians was killed in Ambazonia , did you have that same freedom to report that the military of Cameroun committed genocide in Ambazonia?

    If you want to prevents more deads of your military all over Ambazonia, just withdraw them out.

    • @ police
      Cameroon its one if you re not happy go to Nigeria.
      you need to go read your history, so you can educate yourself.
      you re the type of people who refer themselves to “1961” go get the fact right.

      • @ bamandaboy

        It is you who needs schooling on the history you refer to ass-hole. You’re just a puff of wind with no substance.

        • @vonjesco

          I feel sorry for you, you showed me your lack of education ” 1961″

  5. those who kill that gendarme are coward, conman, barbaric therefore when the government will trying to defend themselves, some people will blame the government @”[email protected]

    where its the UN, EU, USA ” ambasonia a terrorist organization ”

    where its the governor of river state ” Nigeria”

    • @Pharaoan, you think changing your name to what it is now will grant you special privileges to talk crap anyhow? Why condemn the killing of a brutal gendarmes and not the spraying of unarmed protesters with helicopter gun ship. When the pig you are will go back to Sudan, we will go back to Nigeria. This is not the first time our people are fighting the aggressors. More than 80 fell in Mamfe on Oct 1. Let the occupiers keep terrorizing, the people will rise as one and your thugs in uniform will not be able to stop them.

      • oyono nguini

        Maybe this gendarme was trying to steal a goat. That is what they are known for.

    • “bamendaboy”.. Look at what Bilingualism has done to you. You write and i quote “when the government will trying to defend themselves”, Which bilingual school did you graduate from? Sorry for the loss of lives in Southern Cameroons by the soldiers of LR of East Cameroon (LR)! “those who kill that gendarme are coward, conman, barbaric therefore…” are you serious this little nitwit!

  6. A citizen of la Republique is dead God rest his soul.
    Hundreds of Ambazonians have been killed by this blood thirsty regime in silence. No one spoke, may their gentle souls be received in the bosom of our Lord. For us the living, we remember them as matyrs and their names will populate the pages of our history books.
    Unfortunately la Republique and their handlers think they can do to Anglophones what they did to Bamileke under Ahidjo with Biya as his assistant. Times have changed and that will no longer be allowed.
    Every drop of Ambazonian blood spilled will be accounted for.

  7. ambazonian from LRC

    My country pipo. An international arrest warrant has been issued by LRC to catch 30 so called “zombizonian leaders” among them H.E Sissuku julius Ayuk Tabe. I call for your solidarity to bring to him eru dish when he will be in SED in advance.
    Thank you
    Le pistacheur d’ambazoniennes

    • E Pluribus ex Ante

      Dear Ambazonian from LRC
      Your international arrest warrant has been a while coming.
      Please draft a dozen others for as you can see the people choose their own leaders. Build bigger SEDs as you will need more space.
      We shall never surrender, not today, not tomorrow and be sure while you are at it to arrest our children and grand children.
      Our quest is righteous, our fight noble, our destination our homeland.
      Let the righteous come for us and forever be consigned to the dustbins of history.
      We shall never yield!
      We march forward ever.
      Onward to Buea, the promised land.

      • ambazonian from LRC

        Yes Ambaland is my homeland too as soon as I have some good business there to do with amba girls. They are so sweet you know. Especially when they are gnass in front of the pic of Sissiku, this wolowoss man.
        Let me tell you something seriously. Kid runs in the morning.
        Ambaland will only exist in your imagination

    • Have your very stupid government respected international request of addressing the root cause and initiating a dialogue? You think “international” is practiced only when it comes to the request of your airhead administrators? Who is this fool?