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Un gendarme tué dans le nord-ouest anglophone

africanews | Un gendarme a été tué jeudi dans une attaque attribuée à des séparatistes présumés dans la région du nord-ouest du Cameroun, l’une des deux régions anglophones où la situation sécuritaire s’est dégradée depuis l’arrestation de leaders séparatistes au Nigeria début janvier, a-t-on appris de sources concordantes.

“Un gendarme a été abattu cette matinée (de jeudi) à Kumbo lors d’une attaque de sécessionnistes”, a affirmé à l’AFP une source proche des services de sécurité camerounais. “La victime est un adjudant-chef déployé dans cette région dans le cadre des opérations de sécurisation des zones anglophones”.

L’information a été confirmée à l’AFP par une autre source sécuritaire de la région. L’armée a déployé des forces dans les deux régions anglophones depuis quelques mois, pour contrecarrer des attaques de séparatistes présumés.

Nombre d’hommes politiques anglophones dénoncent des “actes arbitraires (tueries, destructions de maison)” de l’armée camerounaise en zones anglophones.

Mercredi, de nombreux tracts ont circulé dans la ville de Kumbo, annonçant la création dans cette zone d’une bande armée dénommée Banso Resistance Army (BRA), une nouveau groupe qui dit vouloir se battre, comme le font déjà d’autres, pour l’indépendance du Cameroun anglophone, a-t-on appris de sources concordantes.

“Depuis l’arrestation des leaders séparatistes au Nigeria, il y a une dégradation sécuritaire et une multiplication des fronts entre séparatistes et l’armée camerounaise”, explique Hans De Marie Heungoup, chercheur au centre d’analyses International Crisis Group (ICG).

Début janvier, le leader des indépendantistes camerounais, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, et neuf de ses partisans avaient été arrêtés au Nigeria où ils sont “détenus au secret”, selon leur avocat et l’ONG Amnesty International.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe milite pour que les deux régions anglophones du Cameroun se séparent de la partie francophone du pays. Le 1er octobre 2017, le mouvement avait publié un déclaration symbolique d’indépendance de l’Ambazonie, nom donné par les séparatistes à leur projet de pays.

A mesure que le président Paul Biya et les autorités camerounaises ont accru la pression sécuritaire et la répression des manifestations séparatistes, les rangs des sécessionnistes se sont étoffés ces derniers mois, en même temps que se sont multipliés les actions violentes, faisant craindre l‘émergence d’une “insurrection armée” dans la région.

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  1. Mop mop and mop

  2. Just an eye opener. The inept biya who declared war on Ambazonia though it will be an easy ride but so far LRC is liking its wounds. Manyu Tigers have so far demonstrated an overwhelming strength and other counties in Ambaland are also on the offensive. They must leave our land either peacefully are we take the war to their side notably yaounde , Douala and baffousam where their civilians will also feel the pain of Arson. The war continues


    I will never comprehend someone dying for that SH***$THOLE COUNTRY !!!!!! Never ! They Should be an international law to make it illegal to die for a such Sh$thole COUNTRY!


    “It took America, despite all its might and fire power 19 years 5 months, and with the loss of 58,220 (yes you read me right; fifty eight thousands two hundred and twenty) US service men, before coming to the realisation that the Vietnam war was not a war to win” Eric Acha

    The USSR, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, etc., have once all tried to use the military to keep their respective countries „one and indivisible.

    You know what ???

    All of them failed woefully

    Hate me or not, Biya*s Island of Peace is simply wasting precious souls, time, energy and scarce resources fighting an UNWINNABLE WAR in SC.
    Biya’s so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can and will NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC

  5. Rain onto others

    Now is fire to fire. No dialogue no peace. Fund the restoration forces my fellow Ambazonians

  6. They really want to become a failed zone for their own peril. Sad to see what is ahead.

    • They still don’t get it! How stupid can people be?

      • French not your forte, English Nyet! You shot your leg and exposed how inept you are from your latest posts. Didn’t know we were dealing with a thick wood abandoned in Sweden. You have no right, ability or sagacity to tell us how to get it. You and your people are French slaves. Programmed over the years to take orders, fear your leaders and demonstrate zero responsibility. You all consume what Biya feeds you as he’s programmed your thick skulls to believe it’s ok to trample on the constitution, rig elections, change the form of the state and declare it a non grata. His children have been fraudulently admitted into Enam are a victim of their circumstances and will be moulded to rule over you. We Ambazonians have had enough and I tell you again; homeland or dead. The war struggle continues

        • Ils ne jurent plus qu’en Francais et en Anglais ces Noirs Africains! Bravo le colon!
          Au fait , qu’est ce qui fait de vous des Africains finalement? Votre esprit barbare ou votre mélanine? Etre Africain est plus que ca.
          Btw, si mon language est trop sofistiqué pour certains, ne vous sentez surtout pas genés de demander des explications ou un traduction.
          Un peu d’humilité vous agrandirait du status de petits garçons à celui d’homme.
          Comme on le remarque tres bien dans ce forum, le mot veillesse ne rime pas nécessairement avec sagesse!
          On peut etre vieux (en âge) et bien con.
          Celui qui n’a rien compris peut toujours demander à @ Zam Zam de traduire mon message en pidgin.

  7. Pride is blinding them, French slaves.

  8. Time to go for the big guys also ie. DO, SDO, Mayor, Gov`nor, party leaders and a host
    of others, who are also killing us with their words, deeds and intrigues. We know them,
    they live with us, are neighbors, from same villages /towns etc. etc. And we know the
    various ways this can be carried out. It is justified because Mr. Biya declared it on national
    TV and the world saw and heard it.
    Although Ngole Ngole is trying hard to claim his boss and mentor Mr. Biya didn`t mean war,
    Manyu, Kwakwa etc are there for even the blind to see.
    Gov`t has finally muscled the press and all are now franchises of CRTV, singing the same
    dimabola choruses, without shame or regret.
    Worst more, it has become another episode of business as usual – people far and near, lining
    their pockets with ill gotten money.

  9. Ayuk Tabe and his mignons are now in government of Cameroon hands and should respond to justice for all these murders.

    • If and when the government wants a replacement for Issa Tchiroma Bakary as spokesperson, you will be notified. Until then it seems prudent to consume his despatches as they are made public.

      • Get lost australopithèque bamendamus
        If you have to wait for Tchiroma for news you are a real dotard

        • Actually the correct Latinized name is Australopithecus and denotes an early Hominid from which Homo sapiens(like you or me) evolved centuries ago. I quite understand your frustration with being associated with Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), It is most unfortunate because all you do is share ecological niche with them but differ in the possession of the opposable thumb. Did you know so? While you can turn your thumb to face the four other fingers, the chimpanzee cannot. So you are different from a chimpanzee even if you share the same environment.

          Incidentally, by a similar accident, human beings were at some point classified (wrongly!) with pigs, an error due to the possession of an almost similar(look-alike) gastrointestinal worms, Ascaris suis in pigs, Ascaris lumbricoides in humans.

        • That may surprise you.
          I do that.
          But unlike you I will not come here with a book in an attempt to impress someone.
          I do not care about typos. You know exactly what I meant.
          My language of expression unfortunately is French. Kappish?

        • @john dinga.
          My last message was to you.
          To rephrase:
          All you charabia: I do know all that.

        • @JD

          Do not correct a fool; he will hate you. Correct a wiseman and he’ll appreciate you.

        • @ AG
          Thanks. I invite you also to go to YouTube and check out Patrice Nouma’s CCT. It is so consoling that in spite of the gloomy picture presented by fake influence peddlers with huge egos and ignorance camouflaged as arrogance, there is hope for a people. When a man claims to know only after being corrected, you immediately know where he belongs. Fortunately for the world, there is a world larger than Cameroon where castles are erected in the air.

      • Btw your pseudo high road will take to nowhere.
        We know your affiliation

  10. I very happy for the government not giving out the number of cockroaches they grind. This is to make them fell superior. “No dialogue” Tchiroma said & I support. So far you don’t occupy an inch of Kamerun,you are just a noise maker. Dr Ojong Akwanga has no business in Kmer but encourage burning of others’ ones. He has a son who cares for his hotel in Calabar but send other people children to die. He has two children schooling in Yaounde but he stops other children from going to school. He has a Nigerian passport but he encourages others to be refugees. WAR IS WAR NO MAN RUN, NO MAN CRY OUT if you feel you are men. Do not complain of MASS GRAVES LATER.

    • @Mbamois & Innobu!

      The only anglophone blood you ugly big nose primordial gorilla can spill are those of your brother’s children as their mum is from the NW. You weak animals stand no chance with the brave Amba people one on one. I personally will snap off your monkey head in one uppercut KO. Amba oriole have proven to you all that the overhyped BIR is actually the weakest military in Africa. More dropped than Boko Haram did and continuing. Dorty smelling Bafia man.

      • @AG You are just a noise maker. You do not control an inch of Kamerun & you celebrate. Bafia people are not Yambassa. We the Yambassa do not have as ancestors the Bamoun like the Bafia. I am not a lost soul like you. I know my lineage unlike you who can neither go back to Nigeria nor Britain but only remain confused thinking you can benefit from a territory that hosted your father running from being eaten raw.

        • Is that what you tell your brother’s NW wife before setting to hack her and her children to dead for carrying a stained blood? You preach nonsense of Nigeria and English being a whiteman creation yet carve out LRC, Governors, DOs and your tribal warlord president as your Yambassa heritage. Confused hypocrite. If your EG, Gabon and Congo cousins can come in to help you odontol villageoise kill our people, the cross border tribes in Nigeria sharing the same ancestry with Ambazonians have every right to step in. Brace your self for the unthinkable. None of you have the monopoly of taking lives.

        • how do you think the sawa from Sw will leave their Sawa brothers to follow Biafrans? And the graffi from Nw & their brothers from West? I’ m sure you are a biafra seed. You can never say with PRIDE which tribe you belong to. I could identify all of you during de so called “capsized of the Mundemba” & “97 Nigerian fishermen killed by gendarmes”. You are a scum. crasseux biafrais plein de puces. I’ll pray my gods to keep you alive in other to witness one Kamerun for the next 200 years.

        • Confirmation for all the nay sayers:

          Ayuk andbhis mignons are in Yaoundé under arrest and should answer for their crimes.

          They were playing on a higher league.

  11. Confirmation for all the nay sayers:

    Ayuk andbhis mignons are in Yaoundé under arrest and should answer for their crimes.

    They were playing on a higher league.

    • In the same vein, the nagging naysayers of negativity like your lying self must grapple with the understanding that we’re not in the habit of deferring to them for news bulletin.
      Stinking Beti buffoon.

  12. Let it be known we shall never surrender.
    We will never accept second class status .
    We are a free people and will willingly die to protect our identity.
    Referendum or war. Your choice.

    • If you are a free people, how then can you be a 2nd class citizen?

      • This lump of excrement @ Mbappe. Go and look for a job. Just anything airhead gorilla. Your irritating presence makes me puke.

        • Hey fagot,
          Stop sniffling my behind.
          You should contribute instead of making insults.
          Elevate yourself

        • @Mbappe.
          In the absence of odontol, a
          woman can equally be a lot of comfort, enough to relief you from the stress of loneliness and the bitterness of frustration.
          Polish up your frayed self-esteem and go find one or die trying before the harshness of the Canadian winter further compounds your misery.

        • @Manyaka76

          No wonder trump is going to deport your sorry ass.

          The merit system would not have allowed you in that country.

        • @Mbappe,
          To engage you further on this matter would be to grant you a levity which you lack by any stretch of the imagination.
          A soldier enrolling in the army does so for values not for some lame territorial integrity.
          To demonstrate my point, what purpose does territorial integrity serve when the people and citizens do not have physical integrity and may be brought into harm’s way by the very uniformed forces who are paid to protect them?
          Your thesis of territorial integrity therefore does not wash particularly when the country we voted to join had two stars in its flag.
          The current lone star flag is a fraud and the term “Biya” refers to a system and all its trappings.
          I entreat you however to find for your own education, the meaning of the word rhetorical as I shall not feed you.

      • A rhetorical question which you and your one and indivisible ilk must answer.
        For us we have felt your disdain for our ancestors and their sweat for half a century. Enough.
        Every passing hour is an opportunity for us to militarise.
        I doubt that the nations cup will be held in that country. Too risky.
        A national dialogue would have avoided all of this.
        A battalion of gendarmes must be placed at each stadium permanently.
        Buea, my beloved, here I come!

        • You could not answer my simple question.

          You sound so desoriented and désillusionned.

          Is funny how your ilks are panicking on the net with ambazombian women calling you guys cowards and good to nothing.
          They want to come back to “La république”. Just the beginning….

        • Ambazonian women are calling those who have routinely sent the gendarmes you are wailing about six feet deep, cowards? Do you even listen to yourself gorilla thug? You love asking questions? If La Republique is a free country and you are not French slaves, how come your sovereign funds are in France, your anthem is in French, you are using French helicopter gunships and drones to fight war? When your drunk self answers these questions, then will you be able to question anyone about their freedom or lack there of!

        • @Mbappe, surely with your Bilingual Background in la Republique, you do know the meaning of rhetorical?
          In any case if you need me to answer your questions please get in line like everyone else and Enrol for the relevant courses.
          The bottom line is any soldier who dies for Biya is an idiot.

        • @Épée Dipanda
          You just exposed your level of education:
          You say and I quote you: “every soldier that gets killed fighting for biya is an idiot”
          Here you are the idiot/moron. Really do you believe when those young lads enroll to a military academia, they do it to serve biya.
          They are there to serve to preserve the security and the territorial integrity of the country.
          For you courses, thanks I will pass. You just demonstrated your level.