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Undocumented Nigerian immigrant pleads not-guilty in 2015 stabbing murder of fiancé from Cameroon

Chron.com | The murder trial for an undocumented Nigerian immigrant accused of stabbing his fiancé to death in 2015 opened in a Fort Bend County Courtroom on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Osa Alohaneke, 59, was living in an area of southwest Houston located in Fort Bend County with his fiancé, 52-year-old Cameroon-native Evelyne Ebane Epiepang, when he allegedly attacked her and her friend, Veronica Taku, with a kitchen knife. Taku survived. Epiepang was dead when investigators arrived.


On Thursday, Jan. 10, Taku testified how Alohaneke stalked his fiancé and threatened to kill her repeatedly in the hours leading up to the murder. In a musical Cameroon accent, Taku said Epiepang was afraid to go home. After calling police from her for help, Taku said she and Epiepang waited in a park for more than an hour before returning to the house to gather some clothing. Taku said Alohaneke ambushed them at the door and pushed his way inside the house.

“I turned to him and asked ‘What is happening between you and Evelyne?'” Taku testified. “Osa looked and me and said ‘Do you really want to know?’ and then he pulled out a knife.”

Taku said she was screaming for help as Alohaneke stabbed her twice in the face and once on her arm before he turned his attention to his fiancé.

Evelyne Epiepang (L) and Osa Alohaneke (R)
Taku testified she screamed for help through a bedroom window and watched in terror as Alohaneke chased his fiancé, tripped her and then pounced on her with the knife, stabbing her over and over until she was no longer moving.

“When Evelyne grew quiet, Osa laid down next to her. I thought he was dead too because he turned completely white, his clothes, his skin, white like a corpse, and then I passed out,” Taku testified.

Jurors listened to a recording of a 911 call about two hours before the murder wherein Epiepang told police Alohaneke had threatened to kill her over and over and she wanted him to leave her house. A second 911 recording was played and jurors listen as a 911 operator answers and loud screams echo repeatedly in the courtroom as Epiepang is fighting for her life. Several jurors appeared shaken by the recording and turn their eyes to Alohaneke, who quietly wipes away tears.

According to documents filed by prosecutors, Alohaneke has a prior arrest record. He was arrested on assault charges by police in Plainfield, N.J. on Jan. 18, 2004 and again in 2010 on assault charges by police in Morristown, N.J. Most recently, he was arrested by Houston Police on prostitution charges after he allegedly offered an undercover agent money for sex in December of 2014. Those charges were still pending when Alohaneke was arrested for his fiancé’s murder on April 8, 2015.

Alohaneke has been held at the Fort Bend County Jail for over two years awaiting trial under a detainer placed by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. In addition to first-degree felony murder charges, Alohaneke is also facing felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Then trial continues Tuesday, Jan. 16, in Fort Bend County 400th District Court.

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  1. Opposites really attract, don’t they? Her smile found his snarl. What a world!

  2. Although no motive has been put here, when the story first surfaced, it was reported that
    the lady got some money from this man, refused to acknowledge it and pay, then the attack.
    If this is in line with the reason for her death, then it adds to the worrying situation of our
    quest for quick and cheap money in the diaspora, to run home and pull big. Even here, such
    elements would not allow one `drink water`.
    If i were in that jury, i wouldn`t mind telling others our catalog of such stories.

  3. These are the people you secessionists prefer? No way. I prefer my Bamileke neighbors.

    • USA Africa, alias bobjazz,
      Your genocide against Bamilekes can never be whitewashed, however hard you try! You are a king without clothes, pretending to be something else.

      • This foolish firefighter always makes me laugh mistaking me for somebody or something I’m not when he has nothing to say. I am a proud Anglophone from Santa in the NW province. My neighbors are Babajou, Mbouda people who are all Francophones from the Bamileke tribe. They are more related to me than some of the Anglophones as we share the same border, values and culture. I have nothing to do with Anglophone secessionists. Santa people have never committed any genocide against the Bamileke peope for they are our brothers and sisters. You can use your lies to convince some of your dumb supporters but you can’t use lies to deceive the wise ones. That’s why you secessionists will never ever succeed.

        • You are Bamilike and we forbid you to claim our heritage. Even if it is the case that your procreation is as a result of an amorous affair by one of our unfortunate, unscrupulous sisters who compromised her superior gene line by engaging in a sexual ordeal with a filthy Mbouda swine, we denounce and disown whatever percentage of Southern Cameroonian blood that runs in your veins.

        • Of course there are persons who prize incestuous relationships above all else. How often have we been harangued with some Bakwerians shouting aloud their sawa links, yet when the chips are down – the very fraternal sawas put on their true garb as dictated from the Hexagone -they turn to seek solidarity where they had earlier spurned. One-sided love can only last so long. The same applies to playing ostrich over matters of substance. Rwanda came from far behind to overtake Cameroon in development, thanks to some degree of probity and less perfidy.

        • Fair enough. However, that is an intractable political conundrum created as an antic of colonial politics. Fast track to contemporary reality, how can anyone justify the oppressed relishing in the vanityof his servitude?

  4. For the love of money.

    • @ Manyaka 76. It looks like you separatists have genes that promote lies and hate. I repeat, I am from Santa. Santa is in the NW province of Cameroon and not in the western province (Study your geography) but my neighbors are the Mbouda people who are the Bamilikes and speak a different white man’s language. We share the same border, values and culture. We the NW people have nothing in common with your leader Ayuk Sisiku whose people share the same border, values and culture with the Biafra people of Nigeria. For your information our women are not nyangis for they respect their body. You are a very mean man. I won’t be surprised if you are a product of one of those nyangis in Bonaberi or New Bell. The Bamilekes are by far more wise and prosperous than you people. Love trumps hate.

      • You are the one with an innate inclination for hatred and falsehood and your claim of Santa origins bears out this fact. Once again, I deny you the right to profess Anglophone heritage. In the event that through some unfortunate conspiracy of nature, a drop of Anglophone blood might have found its way through your blood stream, I renounce and proclaim it invalid.
        Got it?
        Following your rational about the cultural similarities between the Santa and Mbouda people; wouldn’t you also be intimating for example that those tribes in the Donga Mantung division who share a common cultural heritage with the Tiv people of Benue state Nigeria, or those in Menchum division, and the outskirts of Momo division with close cultural proximity to tribes in Nigeria, should” have nothing in common?”

        • Should “have nothing in common” with Cameroon?
          A deep study of history and anthropology will equip you with the knowledge that the Bamilikes are kin to the Ibos in Nigeria. So in effect, you are the one who “share the same border, values and culture with the Biafra people of Nigeria.”

        • @ Manyaka76, You don’t get my point you mother f’cker. You are the ones who want to separate from Cameroon because you speak the Queen of England’s language and the other Cameroonians speak the French man’s language. As an Anglophone Cameroonian from Santa where your former Anglophone prime minister Achidi Achu comes from, it is a way to show you that I will never ever separate from my Cameroon brothers and sisters because they speak a different language as we have more in common than a white man’s language. You can go to hell with your secession nonsense. You will never ever succeed and your leaders are going to rot in jail if they are not already dead considering the brutality of the Biya regime. I know the truth hurts that’s why you keep on ranting non stop.

        • @bobjazz
          You filthy miserable baboon of Bamilike extraction, isn’t it obvious that your deficiency in your self described “Queen of England’s language” precludes you from understanding me? For sure, the truth hurts. Wouldn’t that be a reason why you are strenuosly arguing to mask your Bamilike heritage?
          As dumb as your docile and smelly Mbouda ass is, you fail to realize that you are already in hell.

          Irrespective of your unsolicited opinion, Southern Cameroon is fully in control of its destiny and an undesirable low life bastard like you whose presence in our communities serve no other purpose but to remind us of the past transgressions of our unscrupulous night actresses will soon be booted back to join your perfidious Bamilike fathers.
          See me some badluck dorty thing dem sef.

    • Shit*hole people always killing each other over tribe—FF hope you’re happy when you read what your seeds are yielding…

      • Alas a new English phrase is born and those with speech impediments are having a field day…

  5. Death sentence in Texas.Stupid fool should have pleaded guilty for a lighter sentence.This is Texas MAN.You forgot?

    • @Ken
      This is a site people visit for reliable information that can influence their lives and the lives of persons around them. If you are not in possession of anything relevant or up-to-date, it were better not to offer false information. For all practical purposes, the matter in question has not yet been heard in court, so speaking of the plea of the accused is premature and most unhelpful to those concerned.

  6. Even if i steal from you doesn’t mean you have to stab me 90 times to death.Well thank GOD it’s Texas.He will be killed too.Period

  7. Ignorance is bliss. How do you equate taking money from a man and taking away someone’s life? Even if I take a million dollars from you, legal or otherwise, why not take me to a court of law and have the matter adjudicated there? We practice mob justice and preach legal precedence? May god help us.

  8. Well i m sure Texas is one of those states in the USA with death Penalty. Let justice prevail.