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Unofficial bonuses greatly increase Cameroon’s payroll (World Bank)

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon’s relatively low wages hide the discretionary incentive pay and bonuses that substantially increase the country’s spendings on its civil servants. This is revealed by the World Bank in a Cameroon-focused report it presented to technical and financial partners in Yaoundé on May 25, 2018.

These are namely the daily meeting allowances granted to members of the many committees within the public administration and to the member public companies’ administrative boards.

According to the bank, these unofficial bonuses are largely higher than the minimum wages in the country and they are granted to only a small portion of the civil servants.

For instance, the maximum wage for a grade A2 civil servant is CFA350,000 and CFA200,000 for B2. But, for a technical committee member, the daily meeting allowance ranges from CFA150,000 to CFA300,000. Members of administrative boards receive up to CFA550,000.

Because of those allowances, the beneficiaries could delay decision-making processes to maximize the bonuses, the World Bank estimates.

It also deduces that with those allowances not being related to any performance, and the payments unregulated, there could be some misappropriation.

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  1. Could be ? Make your mind up ,execute (due diligence has been taken ) and do the correct proceedure.Stop muckin around Workd Bank if someone who worked in the bank did the same thing they would be sacked or reprimanded .

  2. Watch Out!!! The okrika professors do not take kindly to any semblance of giving a lecture to the leaders. And of course mission allowances are very necessary for all the important outings to war zones, to the Diaspora, etc.

    • John [email protected] whow w its the employers of the world bank ,resident and employed IN the disporia , not doing their job ,im talking about .
      World Bank money has to be accounted for ,by its employers ,end of story.
      This is very immaterial of what future actions of governence that could occur ,if any,as a result ,in any other country .

  3. The world Bank is been decrying this situation for the past 02 decades and nothing has changed so far if the world Bank could stop financing projects it will be good they know where the money will end up for me this is just cinema.

    • So you yourself know where the money has been ending up for two decades? But i’ve never heard you call for financial terrorists at home and abroad to be killed! Big nose dey like camel yi trumpet!

      • Chinese donkey who don’t know in Cameroon where the world Bank money is ending ? do you think this is an information or you think all cameroonians are donkeys?????

        • And where does Transparency International report end? ICC. You monkeys are done!!! The Menka-Pinyin file has been updated. Read cnn.

        • **** SELECTED “dépense hors budget” ****

          1. plan d’urgence pour l’acceleration de la croissance
          2. Borrowing 75 billion FCFA to buy netbooks
          3. spending 500 million FCFA to show Afcon cup to the regions
          4. spending billions on the bankrupt Camair
          5. “prime de soutien” to terrorist soldiers
          6. etc

        • The question to this French slave is why he has not been calling for financial terrorists both at home and abroad to be killed!

  4. The world bank forgot to advise Dictator Biya to save cost by:

    1. dismantling the so-called Ministry of Decentralisation
    2. dismantling the so-called Commission on bilingualism
    3. stopping the sh*thole UNWINNABLE war
    4. Dictator Biya respecting the budget adopted by the legislature. He should not use his decrees to ALWAYS execute “dépense hors budget”

    • Amnesty International exposed the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC terrorists in SC.
      The case files of Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have been updated at the ICC

      Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war will surely be written at the ICC


      • The final chapter on Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war will surely be written at the ICC

  5. By the last two paragraphs at least the world bank admits its actually encouraging nothing to ever gets done ,unless the bank changes its ways .With electronic trails of expenses nowadays it really has no excuses.