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UPDATE: Hugo Broos denies reports he is planning to leave Cameroon for South Africa

It has been reported in several international news outlets that Hugo Broos was planning to leave the Indomitable Lions. Cameroon’s coach Broos admits having been contacted South Africa, currently searching for a new coach for their football national team, but he denies having responded to the offer. A related statement displayed on FECAFOOT Facebook page is provided below.

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  1. Who shall we now believe in CMR eh?

    Too many rumours here and there.

    It is even rumoured that De Pimento is currently negotiating to train Young Sport Academy, in SC of course…

    • Hahahaha Ni ZZ! I also hear u r trying to rejuvenate Dynamo de Dla; in La Republique of course!!!!

      • Jackson Jr. United States

        Ni Chi, I read yesterday ur planning to sue fecafoot. Hahaha. Too many rumors. Whatever the case, I’m behind u my brother.

      • Hahahaha, Ngia Chi !

        One must be very precise these days you know, lest you’ll want to be tagged as “state enemy number one”…

        • Pa JJ:

          Hahaha!! Social media at times does quite a disservice. However, FECAFOOT can get some parasitical peace for now after the CAN victory. The suit is just delayed.

          Ni ZZ:

          Happy New Yaaaaah! How u loss so? Have you seen or heard from criminal NDAAGRE?

        • Ngia Chi,

          Happy Happy!

          Was wondering all the while if Trump had finally decided to keep you in the confinement of his NY tower for some water-boarding sessions for more info on SC—Tchiroma is said to have some very strong connections in USA you know !

          Ndaa’s sweetie needs more attention during winter. Ndaa has got some meticulous duty to accomplish—wonder if he can manage to accomplish such duty while toiling from behind tho—with such an uncomfortable size it is never too obvious you know…

    • Wait for ‘Conference de Presse Tchiroma’ for exclusive clarification of CRTV on whether Hugo Bross wants to leave

  2. But Hugo Brooks is a completely different identity na @Bafana Bafana? Maybe it’s is nobody’s error after all.

  3. Publicity stunt by South African and / or Broos’s agent…simple as that..

    • This is called business, increasing one’s market value. Do we know the terms of his contract? I am not so sure. So probably when he sits down with Fecafoot in the coming days and weeks to discuss his future, he will have some leverage.

  4. Wait for tchioma in diaspora ras ,penguiss and mbappes to explained in details to us in their next conferences

  5. The country is cursed so no one wants to give up power! Sometimes I think if Jesus Christ was a Cameroonian God would have been under threat!

  6. Coach is only as good as last win. The real cost of SA is to miss the prestigious Confederation Cup. Mr Broos, the choice is yours. I’d rather be in Russia and eyeing the WC. Great program ahead. Don’t mind our problems.

  7. Transfert : Bassogog est courtisé


    Aalborg BK, le club du champion et meilleur joueur de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations a annoncé que le jeune Bassogog ne sera pas aligné ce dimanche en championnat. Déjà la semaine dernière, le club danois a indiqué que son joueur était officiellement sur la liste des transfert. Le club chinois de Henan Jianye, aurait fait une proposition ferme dans le but de l’enrôler, et pourrait lui offrir un salaire annuel de 7 millions d’euro pour cinq ans de contrat.
    Le 17 février 2017
    10 commentaires

    Mais le Lokomotiv Moscou se veut insistant et espère lui offir un climat de travail des plus professionnel et une participation aux compétitions européennes. Ce qui est certain est que le transfert de Bassogog va établir un record pour un joueur quittant le Danemark

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