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Vers la restructuration de la Cameroon Development Corporation

APAnews | L’État camerounais, les français Fertilore et Tyllium ainsi que l’égyptien Timac Agro, ont signé des mémorandums d’entente en vue d’un appui technique à l’agro-industriel Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), le premier employeur du pays après le secteur public, a appris APA vendredi auprès des services compétents du ministère de l’Agriculture et du Développement rural.

Lesdites conventions ont trait à la conception, l’installation et la mise en service de deux unités de production de l’huile de palme brute et de production de caoutchouc semi-fini, mais aussi à la sous-traitance pour la fertilisation des bananeraies, dans un objectif proclamé de relance de la production.

Elles interviennent, note-t-on, au moment où la CDC, lourdement impactée par de la crise sécessionniste anglophone, qui plonge dans l’insécurité ses sites du Sud-Ouest, menace de mettre plus de 1700 de ses employés en chômage technique et appelle à l’intervention des pouvoirs publics pour la protection des hommes et de l’outil de travail.

Avec 22.036 employés, dont 18.989 permanents, l’entreprise a, voici une quinzaine d’années, cédé sa filière thé à un groupe brésilien. De même, sous la pression des bailleurs de fonds, le gouvernement avait engagé le processus de sa privatisation qui a connu plusieurs épisodes infructueux, avant d’être stoppé.

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  1. Ignorant people will invest in CDC when we are about take back our country.
    Ambazonia will be free and we will cancel ALL these contracts Larepublique is signing without our consent.
    You cannot give what you do not have.
    Larepublique cannot dispose of assets on our land.

  2. The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC wants to contract their master, France, to destroy the CDC.

    Southern Cameroonians will NEVER EVER allow that to happen

    Southern Cameroonians look back in nostalgia at what they have lost because of the annexation agenda of Franc and LRC. The lost entities include POWERCAM, Cameroon Bank, National Produce Marketing Board, Santa Coffee Estate, West Cameroon Police Force, the Tiko Airport and the Tiko Warf, Bali Airport, Nguti Airstrip, Besongabang Airstrip, and even companies like Neba Automobile, Kilo Bros, Nangah Company, which were all samples of good practices.
    The CDC is the last entity standing. Patriotic Southern Cameroonians will protect their CDC with every means available

    • “…. le gouvernement avait engagé le processus de sa privatisation qui a connu plusieurs épisodes infructueux, avant d’être stoppé”

      The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC had already started the destruction by “selling” the profitable tea sector at a laughable price to the CPDM baron, Danpullo. To add insults to injuries, the profitable banana sector was sold to Delmonte.

      The company was left only with two UNPROFITABLE sectors that no person wanted to buy: Palm and rubber.
      CDC is still alive today because no person wanted to buy the UNPROFITABLE rubber and palm sectors.

      The french have now been invited to do the dirty job for the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

      • Please get your facts straight banana was never sold to delmonte the same idiot’s who contracted delmonte for marketing was the same idiot’s who did the tea transaction and advised the Cameroon goverment to rectify the transaction- Niba Ngu and Musonge both anglofools… until we start getting our facts straight I am sorry we are heading to the abyss. This sort of mis-info has got us to where we are today. The conception of the union was done on pure greed and lies being told by anglophones Muna, Foncha et al to fellow west cameroonians and we are yet to depart from this narrative. It is a sad story eventhough history is there to help us not to make the same mistake unfortunately we never learn. What is wrong with black people, DRC, Sudan have not given you something to think about……

        • You are the mother of all Fools. Let us wait and see where we go on from here. The cardinal sin was committed when your President of the Francofools declared war on Southern Cameroons. CDC would be your last act and you would meet your waterloo sooner than later

  3. Only eyes, can see. The buyer will tell his or her story, by regreting the destruction
    that will follow. Keep taking Ambazonians for granted. We are not the Musonge, Atangha Nji,
    Ngole Ngole, Tabetando, Mofa or Mukete.