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Vers la tenue d’un colloque de «réconciliation» Cameroun-France

Les assises dont la problématique porte sur le contentieux historique et le périlleux chemin du Cameroun vers l’indépendance devrait se tenir en 2017 au Cameroun

Un colloque international France-Cameroun dont la problématique porte sur «le contentieux historique» et le «périlleux chemin du Cameroun vers l’indépendance» pourrait se tenir en 2017 au Cameroun, a-t-on appris mardi, 10 janvier 2017, auprès du comité d’organisation.

Ladite rencontre dont les principaux thèmes seront la Paix, la Vérité historique et la Réconciliation des cœurs et des mémoires devrait permettre une meilleure compréhension de cette période «sombre» du Cameroun, et dont diverses sources demandent notamment une déclassification des archives françaises.

Dans les notes préparatoires, le comité d’organisation représenté par l’ancien ministre de la Recherche scientifique et Technique (Minresi), Henri Hogbe Nlend, par ailleurs ancien leader du parti nationaliste l’Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC), citant l’ex-Haut-commissaire Pierre Messmer, renseigne qu’il sera question de mieux appréhender la complexité juridique de ce pays.

Et pour cause, «en trois quarts de siècle, de 1885 à 1960, trois colonisateurs : Allemands jusqu’en 1914, puis Français et Anglais, soumis au contrôle de la Société des Nations, entre les deux guerres, et de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, après la Seconde Guerre mondiale».

A n’en point douter «c’est une situation exceptionnelle. Et la décolonisation du Cameroun sera aussi atypique que sa colonisation : la France accordera l’indépendance à ceux qui la réclamaient le moins, après avoir éliminé politiquement et militairement ceux qui la réclamaient avec le plus d’intransigeance ; dans les régions bassa et bamiléké, l’ordre n’est pas encore complètement rétabli le 1er Janvier 1960, lorsque le Cameroun, sous administration française, devient indépendant.»

A l’occasion de son déplacement au Cameroun le 3 Juillet 2015, le Président de la République française, François Hollande, a rappelé :«la répression particulièrement violente qui a eu lieu au moment de l’indépendance du Cameroun et insisté, dans ce contexte, sur la lucidité avec laquelle les pages les plus tragiques de notre histoire commune doivent être regardées».

L’objet du présent colloque est de lancer le premier grand débat historique de vérité sur tous les sujets ayant trait à cette période difficile de la relation historique Cameroun-France en vue de créer «les conditions permettant de tourner cette page noire et d’ouvrir la voie à la réconciliation des cœurs et des mémoires entre le peuple camerounais et le peuple français».

Des participants attendus se recrutent dans les différents secteurs d’activités, en l’occurrence, parmi les historiens, les chercheurs, les responsables politiques, diplomatiques, militaires…camerounais, français, étrangers, internationaux…

Entre 1955 et jusqu’après «l’indépendance octroyée par la France» le 1er janvier 1960, plusieurs régions du Cameroun ont été pilonnées à l’arme lourde par l’armée française, avec des villages entièrement rasés, sans oublier la traque des leaders, militants et sympathisants de l’UPC la partie nationaliste qui militait d’abord pour la réunification des Cameroun de culture anglophone et francophone, avant d’obtenir une indépendance unifiée, ce qui n’était pas au goût de l’administration française qui entendait plutôt installer ses suppôts au pouvoir.


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  1. Jamais!!! Jamais par les traites qui sont au pouvoir maintenant JAMAIS…xa va etre votre reconciliation pas celle du vrai peuple camerounais qui a fait la guerre pour independance

  2. Comment parler de reconciliation quand tout ce que la France fait c est couvrir ce dictateurs Biya qui sert leurs interets au detriment de celui peuple camerounais ?Quelle reconciliation quand le cameroun continue a subir la pression du fcfa? Le France est depuis des siecles et reste le cancer du developpement africain et comme on cite dans un livre relegieux occidental ” coupe tout ce qui te conduit a chaque fois vers le mauvais chemin” Faut juste couper tout ce qui nous lie a la france.

  3. History repeats itself this time with black people at the helm as perfect collaborators of the French in Cameroon.
    May the children of Cameroon read and understand this history then they will soon know that the people of West Cameroon are not the problem but are trying to help Cameroon cut this umbilical cord with the French that is suffocating all Cameroonians and West Cameroonians worse.
    Why is French so important to impose to West Cameroonians- Simple-So France can have even more and total control of Cameroon. Why would any reasonable person not demand of this government to uphold the constitution and our Bilingualism hence decreasing total French domination in Cameroon
    Show me a country in the world colonized by the French where they created a federation and gave power to the people…None. They must remain in control or look for collaborators to destroy the nation.
    If 250k-300k Bamilekes and Bassas were killed to ensure that Cameroonians never have any control over their country why wouldn’t the people of West Cameroon now that we know better do everything in our power to run away from this master plan. Do we have control after 56yrs?

  4. It is ironic that the truth to some is slowly coming out in a piecemeal manner. We have non to blame but ourselves. Our fathers realize the treacherous ways of the Europeans and made sure they gave us the best education against tremendous sacrifice to their personal livelihood and that of their families. Today, most of us who left Africa to study in the West are not instilling the importance of education to our children as we spend valuable time chasing this elusive dream of half a million dollar house, a BMW or Mercedes in the driveway and all the madness that comes with trying to be like the “Jones”.
    If we had live up to the potentials bestowed on us by our parents we would have uncovered the plethora of unclassified materials that detailed the depth of the criminality of the french leeches in Africa especially in Cameroon.
    He who wants to refute this fact should just look at what has been accomplish by the activities of the lawyers, teachers and the members of the civil society. How did they do this? Well, because they knew exactly what they wanted and were able to put together the rational logic to support the stance that they were taking.
    Unfortunately, we saw the consequences of what lack of education on the part of the cpdm crime syndicate unleashed. Their barbaric response only made the argument of the lawyers, teachers and the civil society only compelling to the point where it is the back of the cpdm crime syndicate that is against the wall today. That is why any idea for a conference involving the french leeches should be viewed with suspicion; any doubters should better check things with President Paul Kagame.

  5. Basically La Republique never became independent. The set up was to install collaborators to represent France in the colony.
    The published cooperation agreement of 1959 (which I don’t credit, but would not dismiss as it explains so much!) points to this plan.
    The institution of the CFA ensures it. Financial decisions cannot be taken locally.
    The collaborators host French bases for military cooperation. These are handy for maintaining the collaborators in office. They can call on the French military openly when “national integrity is under threat”. They can call the DGSE(?) covertly. According to the aforementioned agreement, the French ambassador can summon that “help”!
    The most ingenuous part of the mechanism though is the fact that Francophone African “citizens” accept collaborators’ higher French-ness and aspire to it themselves.
    How many times do we see stories of big-wigs being “evacuated” to France for medical care? After 50 years the only reason they would not be embarrassed about traveling to France for medical care would be that they see it as projecting “French-ness”.
    This is also the only possible explanation as to why the Francophone African citizens appear content to accept worsening systems with totally outrageous practices. It could only be that they see their countries as “not quite France, so what do you expect?”
    Completely wrong, n’est-ce pas?

  6. @Mbappe and Mbamois,

    This is an opportunity for you to wear those french cricket jackets, english goat leashes and italian shoes and sit around a table with your french mentors.

    I know you are salivating for some of that escargot. chop brothers.

    This is an opportunity for you to drink all the vin rouge that bordeaux can provide. this is your chance to commiserate with the cult that is feeding you with the blood and sweat of africans.

    enjoy the colloquium!

    • The alienation of our people is unbelievable. Just spend some time closer to them specially in France, and you would not believe your eyes. We are in 2017.
      Fortunately there are some who are working hard to get them out of darkness.

    • kikikiki Brothajoe. They will bash us with foreign names as ‘le champagne coule à flot’. Take a cup of fresh Guzang mbuh and some bitter cola on my bill. A lot of humour but many more truth.

  7. “soumis au contrôle de la Société des nations ” no,no,no,,no way ,there where very firm ristrictions of power and France ignored them ,the league did not give France an individual mandate at all .

  8. When people of Namibia are suing Germany at a court in the USA for crimes committed in 1905 and Germany is poised to pay significant reparations, in Cameroon we are organizing a conference.

    We don’t need just an apology from France. They cannot dodge paying reparations to those families. There is enough evidence now to take the case to a court in the US or any jurisdiction that can be enforced.

    Nothing short of following the Namibian example will be enough. When I watched the documentary, I cried to see what they did to the UPC guys. Sad really sad.

    Nothing short of a federation will solve the current southern Cameroon situation. I guess the southern Cameroon conference will come either before this one or after it

  9. Original Black Bantu South Africa

    Madame Foccard et ses copines veulent organiser une journee ARC-EN-CIEL, Riche and Couleurs pour celebrer leur insanités. Que Dieu nous pardonne pour de telles derives.

    En passant, je commence deja a me poser beaucoup de question sur APANews – ci.

  10. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    For now, the Consortium should continue managing the Liberation of the Anglophones from the evil Hands of LRC.

    After the complete and total seperation from LRC, Southern Cameroons will then drag France and LRC before a New York Court and Claim reparations, jointly and severally, for their crimes against the peaceful People of the Southern Cameroons.

    Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
    “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      …..Claim FOR….

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Whenever the Reparation is granted, Southern Cameroons, with the help of an American Bailiff, will then seize the planes of Camair-Co (LRC) and Air France (France)

  11. BMG @ since the de Gaule accord ,if the main financial benificery was France and its companies ( these can also be pursued individually ,it has happened before and most may agree ,they need complience ,to an out of court settlement to avoid bad press) in the Anglo regions ,someone better start calulating the amounts in comparesion to the budget from the central goverment to the same areas in this time frame,(plus a percentage for state public services since there was the agreement to be within Cameroon that Mr Wirba mentioned ) ,as this disparity will be due i dont think areoplanes will cover it,they may cover group class actions of the past french military repression and killings period ,but not the economic aspect ,which is still going on today .

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


      I agree 100% with your School of thought.

      However, the planes of LRC and France will serve only as pro-rata compensation without prejudice to other forms of recovery

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

        Southern Cameroons will ask the bailiff NOT to seize the two chinese flying coffins of LRC because it will be difficult to find a buyer.

  12. @ Brothajoe
    C‘est toi qui es ESCLAVE. Tu vis dans le passé. Tu es enfermé dans le passé. Je ne me suis JAMAIS appelé francophone. Je n‘ai pas de temps à perdre en demandant des réparations comme un mendiant. Je me bats plutot pour avoir mon indépendance.
    1) monaie Kmer
    2) système éducatif Kmer
    3) système juridique Kmer
    4) langue Kmer
    5) vraie histoire du Kmer, etc …
    Le français me sert SEULEMENT à communiquer avec les autres pas comme toi l‘esclave de ANGLO SAXON CULTURE.

    • “Le français me sert SEULEMENT à communiquer avec les autres pas comme toi l‘esclave de ANGLO SAXON CULTURE.”


      If i write in my language, would you understand? You are one dull man. I am an African. A defender of Africans whether English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish etc so long as they are passionate about the emancipation of Africa.

      Questions for you:
      1. Is it ANGLO-SAXONS who butchered the Bamilekes and Bassas?
      2.Is it ANGLO-SAXONS sustaining the neo-colonial system that feeds you?
      3.Are ANGLO-SAXONS responsible for the failure we have for a french governor?

      You are an ethno-fascist benefactor of the overseers in etoudi. you are a lackey for the parisian cult that feeds on the blood and sweat of africans.

      go grab a book and read.

    • Pas faut mbamois! Et c est la pensée de 97 /100 des francophones, les 03/100 restant representent le rdpc les traitres du ventre