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Vincent Aboubakar back to Porto: “I am very happy to be back in this team” [+video]

Cameroonian striker states he is happy about how he was received on this return to FC Porto

Vincent Aboubakar is back at Estádio do Dragão after being loaned to the Turkish team of Besiktas, a club he represented last season and for whom he scored 19 goals in 38 matches. The Cameroonian international star didn’t hide his smile or his satisfaction at the “warm” welcome he received from the squad led by Sérgio Conceição, adding he is ready to help FC Porto reach the top goal of the season: winning the title.

Warm welcome
“I am very happy to be back in this team and I am very pleased with the way they received me, which was very warm. I am very pleased to be training again with my team-mates.”

The demanding Sérgio Conceição
“I didn’t know him personally, I knew him by name, but now I had the opportunity to know him directly. The impression I had is that he is a very, very demanding coach, which is important for the evolution of the team.”

Fight for titles?
“Indeed, if we are in FC Porto, we aim at winning the title and I think this year we will achieve it.”

A spot in the starting team
“What matters is the team, the group. We want to win titles so everyone is happy at the end of the season.”

Source: fcporto.pt

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  1. Find,that stupid coach Nuno Espirito has been kicked out of the FC. Porto.

  2. FC Porto saw the talent in you and didn’t want to sell you. That is a Good sign. Its left to you now to show them the qualities god gave you. IS FC Porto in the Champion League this coming year?

  3. Bla bla bla…Porto don’t want Abou becos Abou is not good..Says who?

    • @Kongossa. I thought he was going to Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea or MU, what happens? Well, don’t be surprised if China becomes his next move just like Moukanjo. lol

  4. @et Am i smelling jealousy?So,u are praying so hard for him not to play in any of the big clubs in England or Spain in order to proof your point,right? I thought u said Porto sent him out to the retirement league becos he is not up to Porto’s standard?how come Porto is the one begging him to come back,until they are giving him a warm reception,asking him to extend his contract,which he had refused?U can talk from Jan to Dec,it would still not change the fact that,once upon a time,Abou sent Eto packing from the den.Don’t worry,Abou was denied by Marseille, thats why he had to go back to Porto.

    • @ Kongossa. Do I sound like someone who is jealous? Ahahah! Talking about retirement league, You were the one who called Turkish league a retirement league the day Et’oo signed toAntalyaspor. You stop calling it a retirement league the day Abou loan to Besiktas. I guess if Abou move to Spain or England and it happens that E’too move to Portugal, the league will definitely become a retirement league.

      “once upon a time,Abou sent Eto packing from the den” =FAKE NEWS…Nice Try!

  5. @et I have never stopped calling Turkish league a retirement league,even while Abou was there.What i kept backing Abou was the fact that,despite playing in a retirement league,he was motivated to play there becos Besiktas was participating in the champions league.
    Turkish league remains a retirement league. Marseille just denied signing Eto.What are u going to say about that?

  6. @ Kongosa. “Marseille just denied signing Eto.” lol! Did E’too tell you he wanted to move to Marseilles? E’too is 36 going to 37 years old, and Marseilles needs a younger long term attacker player which I don’t see anything wrong with that. Why make a big deal about it? I careless about wherever E’too should play, you know why? Because E’too is 36 years old, who has won it all and had nothing to prove. Instaed for you to stop wasting your time on E’too, and ask yourself why our young talented players are all moving to China?. You should be worried about no one signing in any major club.

  7. I thought u said Eto is still very much needed by top clubs in Europe?lol.Why would ordinary Marseile reject him?
    ”You should be worried about no one signing in any major club”. Why should i be worried? must all Cameroon players use Eto as a model for their career?They are going to China becos of the juicy envelope.Same as Eto went and spent 3 years in Russia becos of the juicy envelope.Isn’t it?
    Not every player has the kind of powerful Marabout that Eto had.Tchoutang has revealed it again what he did to ordinary player like Desire Job to take his position and that is how he has been doing

    • @ kongossa. “Not every player has the kind of powerful Marabout that Eto had” This is the most garbage excused I have ever heard in my life. In short, I’m wasting my time with you. Hahahahah!

  8. Et,
    Hahahaha, ur boy Kongo’ is killing me with laughter. If marabout really exist in the game, Spain will not have won that wc in our own backyard. When pple work hard and achieve success, other cry foul citing “marabout.” Lmao. I bet, Germany today is the best cuz of marabout. Lmao. I can’t even imagine the kind of marbout messi n Cristiano use hahaha. Very powerful hahahaha.

    • @ Jacskon Jr,,, I’m telling you ohh my brother. I guess it’s cuz of marabout that sends us in the US. hahaahahah

  9. @et and Jackson… When i talked about Eto,having a powerful spiritualist,u are busy citing Spain winning world cup,Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi bla bla bla.Hello!I am talking about Eto.Tchoutang has revealed it again,how he poisoned and ordinary player like Desire Job to take his position.And the Eto that i know have not done anything with regards to that revelation that Tchoutang made.Did he had to go that far,for an ordinary player like Job? What is happening? Is it true that he had a powerful spiritualist,or is it that he is ”talented”?..U have still not said anything concerning that.