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Violence in Northwest and Southwest Regions: Alleged Perpetrators Notified of Crimes

The first hearing took place on February 13 and proceedings adjourned to March 23 for cross examination of proofs and witnesses.

Some eight Cameroonians of English-speaking expression accused of perpetrating acts of terrorism following strikes called by Anglophone teachers and Common Law Lawyers have officially been notified of the crimes for which they are being incarcerated. The first hearing of the crowd-pulling cases began at the Military Tribunal in Yaounde on February 13, 2017.

The cases were separated into two. The first comprising what court sources say are alleged leaders. These include Mancho Bibixy alias BBC, Fontem Aforteka’a Neba and Nkongho Felix Agbor. Meanwhile, the second case concerned Penn Terence, Veranso Stephen Vejaimi, Tatah Elvis, Ndzenyuy Elvis and Che Saphyra Lum both accused as actors.

Hearing for the first case began with the President of the Military Tribunal, Abega Mbezoa epse Eko Eko, inviting an interpreter to take an oath to faithfully interpret from French to English and vice versa.

Reading of the names of the accused to ascertain their presence and their crimes followed suit by the Registrar but its interpretation into English for a better understanding by the accused met with heated objections. Defence lawyers opposed that the interpretations were not exact.

They said the alleged crimes ranging from complicity in acts of terrorism, hostility against the fatherland, insurrection, group rebellion, incitation of civil war and propagation of false information were not faithfully interpreted into English as pledged.

Although both the defence bench led by Barrister Bernard Muna and State Counsel (Commissaire du Gouvernement) led by Nzie Pierrot Narcisse agreed on the need to continue as such and look for a better interpreter during the next session, they however disagreed on the procedure. All the accused pleaded not quilty but statements from the government bench that investigations are still ongoing and that the final list of witnesses is still to be constituted irked the defence lawyers.

They said such proofs and witnesses were supposed to be present before hearing could begin and that their absence was in defiance of the law. Hearings were thus adjourned to March 23, 2017 for cross examination of the proofs.

The second case concerning Penn Terence, Veranso Stephen Vejaimi, Tatah Elvis, Ndzenyuy Elvis and Che Saphyra Lum accused of acts of terrorism, complicity on hostilities, insurgence, rebellion as well as financing acts of terrorism didn’t rage on for long.

Language problems that characterised the first case resurfaced in the second and the President of the court adjourned the matter to March 23, 2017 promising to do all to get a better interpreter.

Reacting to the cases, one of the defence lawyers, Barrister Sama Francis said, “Since they have pleaded not quilty, the burden of proof now lies on the prosecution to produce witnesses and evidences to proof their guilt. The presumption of innocence even works in their favour as they can stay quiet, for the prosecution to produce witnesses and proofs for us to do cross examination during the next session billed for March 23, 2017.”

What About Ayah Paul Abine?

Sources at the Military Tribunal told Cameroon Tribune that the concerned being a super-scale magistrate could not be brought to the same venue to be judged alongside others at the same time.

Cameroon Tribune

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  1. That is why there is tension between the two countries. Two countries came together to form a union, we can go around it and pretend that “it is one and indivisible” all we want. The fact is that there are genuine problems that must be addressed not pushed aside or postponed. These problems have been postponed for so long that the cancer has finally come to the surface. You can no longer treat just the symptoms. We can pretend and throw around words to describe the issues the way we want to align wish our interests, that’ll not fix anything. People aregenuinely agree on both sides and Mr. Biya has been using that to hold onto power for this long. His chickens have finally come home to roost. There is no where to run now.

  2. Cameroonias of English speaking being question in French and some say we are one, we are not one the francophones should stop pretending and forget about us or will pay a heavy price for their greed.

    • Do all anglophones speak french? nonsense. I am sure all these magistrates have a fair mastery of english but for a trial of this magnitude it is better to have an interpreter just so that nothing is lost in translation. Here an interpreter is being provided by the state which is the right thing to do. Canada is bilingual also but how many canadians master both languages.
      The state is actually being very kinds to them because in others spheres, treason is actually dealt with by summarily execution.

      • @Andre

        “Do all anglophones speak french?” ……..No and vice versa. The Anglophone problem is not a language problem, but rather that of systemic marginalization, horizontal inequality, social exclusion and irresponsible governance. Traditionally, the Francophones’ mind have been conditioned to accept his servitude and docile position; the Anglophone asks questions, challenges irresponsible governance and hold people responsible for their actions.

        “The state is actually being very kinds to them because in others spheres, treason is actually dealt with by summarily execution”……..
        Tu as bien dit, mais l’État aussi doit également fourni les preuves claires à l’appui de ses allégations. Ces activistes ont toujours appelé à des manifestations pacifiques et les choses se sont qu’aggravées lorsque les soldats de la République ont commencé à infliger les traitements inhumains et violé la population. Il y a des preuves à l’appui de cettes allégations, mais pourquoi l’État n’a pas encore ouvert une enquête sur cette sujet?

        • Nasty,

          ‘The Anglophone problem is not a language problem; it is about systemic marginalization, horizontal inequality, social exclusion and irresponsible governance’- Nasty

          The above is how you managed to define the issue. Well, as you can acknowledge, you are struggling with the issue. Struggling so hard to the point where you can’t even come up with a concrete or strict definition that typifies the underlying socio-political dynamics at stake!

          Moreover, you can’t even give a specific meaning to the social space that you are claiming! You refer to it variously and interchangeably, notably: Southern Cameroons and West Cameroon (which are completely two different political entities); Anglophone Cameroon; Ambazonia etc etc. So, you see; four different references to one sociopolitical space! What exactly are you referring to?

          What really does Ambazonia represent, and how did it come about. Who decided on the flag, the Anthem that never was, and passport? What does the strange flag represent? You see, too many things being mixed up by misguided fanatics with no knowledge of statecraft!

          Here’s what i have to remind you briefly about without any need to elaborate further at this point in time:

          1. It is indisputably a language issue.

          2. There is no specific reference space wherein symbolic power is exercised.

          3. Systemic marginalization, inequality, social exclusion are all systemic issues that are plaguing the entire nation; not just the so-called Anglophones.

          4. Irresponsible governance has thwarted co-dependency in Cameroon.

        • @ nasty
          Yes, it is clear that the problem is not that of the language only. However, that also has to be addressed. The real problem here is that the anglophones demands are really confusing, the issues that you listed above are fair and actually very genuine, and is supported by all Cameroonians, but secession is not and will not be. Federalism is actually a fair political demand that can be addressed politically. We can actually demand any system of government that will benefit all, be it unitarism, federalism, confederation, decentralization, name it. that is fair game. But no country will let itself be divided without a vigorous fight. At this stage, no one really knows what the strike and civil disobedience is about. secession of federalism or marginalization etc..
          The so called greatest federal democracy in the world (USA) fought tooth and nail when a part of it tried to secede. same with Nigeria.
          As per the francophone and servitude, it is a very weak generalization.
          i will just mention the case of Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Gambia etc.. and Burkina Faso revolution, cote Ivoire, Senegal etc..

        • @Ras Tuge
          what ever you are smoking isconstantly keeping you high.
          keep ranting. You saw nothing wrong with Andres write up. you are a devil

        • @Ras Tuge,

          We should never be accepting of behavior that blatantly harms another human being. So for those who profess to stand strongly against the atrocities of humanity, put your passion to work by doing all that you can to come from a place of denial and supporting the oppressor to a place of love and be of service to those in need of help- supporting the oppressed. Rather than throwing negative energy at others for trying to make your country of origin as well as the world in general a better place, I think it’s high-time you channel this negative energy of yours into something positive and constructive; and together we could stand up against the systemic marginalization meted upon the people of Southern Cameroon- Kupe Muanenguba inclusive.

          I think you should be more preoccupied with pertinent issues rather names. The Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland; Myanmar as Burma, England as UK; Macedonia as former Yugoslavia and of course Southern Cameroon as Ambazonia.

          FYI: Ambazonia (meaning the Hinterlands of the Ambas Bay) was first suggested in 1985 by Fon Dinka and is frequently used nowadays to avoid confusion between Southern Cameroon and the Southern province of Cameroon.

        • Nasty,

          i think you are the one that is out of touch with reality and you will continue to wander in the wilderness and chasing shadows until the hyenas put an end to your suffering on earth. Listen to political advise that is offered you without any charge, or throw insults which do not bother me anyway. You are unable to identify what you describe as ‘pertinent issues’… All you do is engage in reactionary sloganeering and empty rhetoric.

          Articulation of issue, NULL; political forecast, ZERO; strategy, ZERO; tactic, ZERO! What are you doing?!!!!

          You must be able to articulate your problem CONCRETELY, my friend! So far, all your supposed scholars (Dinka, Anyangwe, Ebong, Fossung, Litumbe, Akwanga, Tassang etc etc … and those that have passed on already) have not been able to articulate the problem from a standpoint of progression in relation to the socio-political dynamics of the country.

          You can’t hide your head in darkness and continue to address the issue at a level of total abstraction which makes it impossible to justify why the history of the country must be retraced to the sixties; and then expect miraculous clarity! Such astonishing capacity for self-deception by the so-called Anglophone leadership is exactly why the issue has been hijacked by conspiring fanatics who have no political vision and strategy.

          The ideals that have been shoved down your throat by self-deceptive elements like Fon Dinka have robbed your mind of reality. Ambazonia is fanciful but it is unrepresentative and nonsensical. West Cameroon was imposed by the French. Anglophone Cameroon is a cultural travesty that has been internalized by our people which has all but made us unlettered and untamed imperialist minions by choice!

          The SWRM has a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate Kupe Muanenguba and other divisions of the region. So don’t worry.

        • ‘Listen to political ADVICE that is offered you without any charge’.

        • @Ras Tuge,

          …..”You are unable to identify what you describe as pertinent issues”…. systemic marginalization, horizontal inequality, social exclusion and irresponsible governance.

          “You must be able to articulate your problem CONCRETELY”…. The Southern Cameroon problem has been concretely channeled to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) of the UN. The International Legal Existence of Southern Cameroons can be proven from 13 December 1946 till 1st October 1961.

          An Aggregative Federation is the form of federation the Southern Cameroons voted for in the 1961 plebiscite – it is formed by sovereign states which have internationally recognised boundaries. Although the Southern Cameroons was not a sovereign and independent state, at the time of the plebiscite, it had its international legal status as a UN Trust Territory which allowed the Southern Cameroons to form an aggregative federation with La Republique du Cameroun. That was the reason why the UN could not simply ask the Southern Cameroons at the plebiscite to integrate itself into La Republique du Cameroun.
          The situation of Southern Cameroon is similar to that of the 3- Baltic states (Estonia- Lestonia- Lithuania) who had their independence via the UNPO after being annexed by the former Soviet Union.

          Your phobia for Northwesterners have clouded your objectivity, judgments and political acumen. I happen to be a 100% Southwesterner and I reject and denounce the SWRM.

          Read your postings on this forum as well as mine and tell me whose post is empty rhetoric and b.s? What do you stand for? I didn’t get a single reasonable point from posting. I suggest you learn your history rather than posting such a jumble stodgy piece of junk.

        • Nasty,

          ‘Your phobia for Northwesterners have clouded your objectivity, judgments and political acumen. I happen to be a 100% Southwesterner and I reject and denounce the SWRM’.

          That is what you wrote. Now listen man, i am not here for a contest of wits with you; i am sure you know that i am no pushover.

          Phobia for the Northwest?!!! You use words inappropriately, my friend. I am putting the Northwest under some serious scrutiny. Remember, i have declared that the Northwest shall be put through a crucible in this era, and that’s that.

          Well, i don’t expect you to come anywhere close to the SWRM simply because it wasn’t established for uninspired followers like you. The movement is growing by day and mobilization continues, as we recruit more and more militants. You are free to continue being misled by Northwest opportunism that has plunged you in darkness whilst adventurers enrich themselves.

          Check out what is happening right now to the so-called MoRISC! Sit there daydreaming while the Northwest criminals are fighting over big money that has been given to them. The leaders of MoRISC have sat on the money, and they are sharing it among the Ndop, Nkambe, Kom, and Donga-Mantung people! Now, you can side with these crooks… you don’t express yourself as a son of the Southwest anyway. No wonder, the Northwest elements have stuck with this site, and how they love blind followers like you!

          I am passionate about my purpose in life and i am doing great things!

          The SWRM denounces such duplicity and abject crookery from Northwest which continues to happen over and over again. We don’t want anything to do with this awkward charade. People are fighting for their lives in Yaounde; children have been robbed of their future etc etc, only for Boh Herbert, Innocent Chia, Bobga Harmony and others to be fighting over money and control!

        • @nasty
          “the Anglophone asks questions, challenges irresponsible governance and hold people responsible for their actions.” I agree to that in toto!!

      • Chop Fire Anglo Lesotho

        That’s barbaric. What summary execution are you talking about? Have they been proven guilty? Therefore you are implying the so called democracy in Cameroon is fake.

    • vaiocomputers Sweden

      Now u see what the europeans did to us with their language.The fight is more about language differences snd interpretation instead of the alledge crimes committed.This is a difficult line to thread on.An independent certified translator should be brought to court.These two languages have nothing in common and the so called interpretation may cost the life of someone.Translating language is tricky.The context must be well empasize for both parties to agree because an interpretation can be screwed if both parties do not agree with the contextual meaning.

  3. The Adm-in of this s!te is quite partisan and for a while, one has been contenting himself from articles from different s!tes.
    It is quite regrettable the best source of your information has been CRTV.

  4. This case will likely suffer many adjournment for 2 reasons..the biya regime cant detained/sentence these guys mindful of intl pressure and status quo of the english speaking regions. history can be our guide..handful of human right advocates still in new bell hoping for green light & for those released recently..they were in for not less than 5yrs……

    releasing this guys will mean anglophones have triumph which of course will reinforce the ongoing crisis since the spear-headers are out which means they can continue….in the event that they are sentenced…i’m afraid the tutsis & hutus regrets might shower us

    • Forget international pressure, my friend. If these fellows are found guilty under the ‘Law on terrorism’, they will be summarily executed; and their execution will be justifiable in the international system.

      The French are in control behind the scenes and your best bet is to pray for clemency as a measure of appeasement. Don’t dream for a second that you have the upper hand, man.

      You guys don’t know what you are dealing with. If an iconic figure like Ernest Ouandie, was executed publicly, then you must have an idea about what could befall these misled individuals. Ouandie, Moumie, Um Nyobe and others were all known by the United Nations and yet, they were all eliminated and we are where we are today.

      • “The French are in control…”
        Dear Ras, I understand you know what you are talking about and by the way I agree with that statement. The statement stating only the truth and the whole truth in itself, doesn’t that give some authenticity to the reason behind the struggle that some of my fellow citizen back home are fighting for?

        And by the way, are you outraged by the fact that “the French are in control” instead of Cameroonians?
        And if you were outraged, shouldn’t it be time to stop cheering the same “Cameroonians” = Yaoundé junta giving their power to the French?

        • Hetant,

          ‘Yaoundé junta giving their power to the French?’

          This exactly is the underlying issue that we are dealing with! If you are honest with yourself and need to find a level of comfort within yourself, then you must address the real issue which is all about the reconstruction challenge in Cameroon.

          See, i don’t condone anybody that is out to undermine the country on the basis of some imperialist treachery. You have to be able to examine the breach between ideal and reality; between illusion and political cynicism form a veritable front against oppression in a country like ours that is already notorious for merciless plunder by powerful European interests.

          Therefore, by acknowledging that the French are in control, like i stated, and as you agreed; it indicates that pitting the so-called Anglophones against the so-called Francophones is an aberration and a potentially calamitous cultural travesty. Trust me, the Francophones are getting increasingly uneasy, especially now that the so-called Consortium has declared its prospects for secession. This will put the lives of those arrested in serious danger right now.

          This explains the position of the SWRM which has a completely different vision for the country. There is a better way forward, and it is not that of vandalism, political opportunism, self-deception, or fanatic romanticism.

        • ‘From a veritable’

        • Thank you Ras for the below.
          I shall revert you, and we may dwell deeper.
          I appreciate that the tone (respect) of you answer (although we may not share the same line of thought)

        • I meant above reply

      • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

        @ Ras Tuge what is the way forward then? Is the SWRM going to free Cameroon from the slave master France? The answer obviously is no, you are instead making things more easy for the French slave masters who have taken over control in Cameroon. Please be realistic for once and fight the good fight which our francophone brothers have so far ignored and have been comfortable living as slaves. Should we remain together and die together as slaves? No we have to fight to get the French out of our own territory

        • Manyang,

          I respect your asking, and even though i will not go into details about the internal workings of the SWRM right here, I would tell you upfront that there are political designs that will revive the country as a solid political unit. The SWRM is currently working on the political safeguards and avoidable tragedy.

          All such ill-advised and incendiary moves by the so-called Consortium which is an agency that is founded upon the comic mimicry of fraudulent so-called Anglo-saxon political institutions are geared towards total disaster and degradation.

          So let me tell this today: the so-called Consortium has strengthened the authority of the government by offering these individuals on trial as bargaining chips that can be disposed of at any given time! Understand these things, man. Don’t be like Foncha and the others. who had absolutely no clue about high politics.

          Yes, SWRM will contribute in rooting out the French, as you will discover. Make no mistake, secession is impossible in Cameroon, and the situation of the so-called Anglophones will only get better if the so-called Francophones work together in tandem. Ask yourself why the so-called Francophones have been quite passive observers so far…

      • You are right @Ras Tuge, except you will tell me that the era of Um Nyobe et al. is same era in place today. That is why i mirror my message that in the even that they re executed like you claim, it is unlikely that will not witness the tutsis & hutus regrets and trust me the SW/NWers in the country will suffer for a very long time as it just started with no internet access…..

        Thesame way southerners choosed to join la republique is same way la repub has chosen to lick the ass of the french

      • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

        Shame on you Ras Tuge, you and your LRC butt leakers from the SW region have all this while made us to think our problem in the SW was the Bamenda/ngraffi man for your selfish reasons to enrich your selves and your families. Be assured that we the youths have now understand all your funny games and we are ready to fight for what belongs to us. Is it to the bamenda man that royalties for the exploitation of our forest is paid? Is it the ngarffi man that has refused to construct roads to ndian and Akwaya? was it the bamenda people that boycotted 11th February celebration in manyu, kupe manenguba, ndian, meme etc? Shame on you and your old LRC butt leakers from the SW. your father of ngraffi hate Oben Peter died and was buried in misery. Wake up from your slumber my friend that’s if you have a brain. Good luck in your God forsaken asshole SWRM

        • Manyang,

          You are lagging behind, me friend! Oben Ashu was your tribesman… Agbor Tabi, General Tataw were very influential members of your tribe, and you remained in the dusty caves of Manyu… E. T. Egbe was Foncha’s Southwest harlot that betrayed the entire region for self-aggrandizement… in return, and like Foncha, Muna and others, Egbe was a top government official until his death! And you are blaming who for the backwardness of your jerkwater division? If SONARA is paying taxes to Douala, who is to blame? What are your so-called representatives in parliament doing about that? How come Foncha’s Nkwen is more developed than your enclave in Manyu? Wake up, boy and do something creative…. time waits for nobody. Don’t be a spectator that accepts to be dominated by the covetous elements from the Northwest.

        • Oh, and by the way, I have been away from home for a long long time… and I earn my living through my sweat, man. My family is quite comfortable and my youth have a bright future unlike the children back home whose lives criminals and vandals like you have put on the line. What a pity!

        • @ Etangti No Manyang

          In a world where kettles call pots black, such quirks do happen. Yet you ought to fight back when a dimwit makes a mockery of the enclaved nature of your home, totally oblivious of the fact that the 30-minute journey that used to link Kumba to his Tombel is now a 4-hour nightmare that goes through Loum just like Nyasoso’s outlet is through Mekong. It is so convenient to play the ethnocentric card by singling Foncha for vilification out of a team that contained prominent actors like Ajebe-Sone and others. The misdeeds of Boh Herbert and Co in the MoRSC are presented with the flair of an insider who claims to belong to SWRM.How much integrity can you ascribe to the source of such smug, such drivel, such perfidy?

        • Please do not respond to stupid postings from @Ras Tuge. He is a paid troll and an “agent provocateur” for LRC.
          Read his ramblings, have a laugh but don’t bother responding to them because it only encourages them to continue spreading misinformation.
          There are three of them on this site that I have encountered whose job is to spread misinformation for the benefit of LRC. I call them the triplet of deplorables.

        • Etangti Monday Manyang shame on you. Je te conseillerai de lire sagement ce que ras tuge ecrit y a pas plus explicite que ce qu il a ecrit . Vous etes si idiots que vous croyez vraiment en cette aberration AMBAZOMBIENNE. Y a une difference entre ceux qui choisissent combattre a la palestinienne et ceux qui preferent l americaine. ( je prefere l americaine ou on ne va que quand on est certain d avoir le dessus) Si tu crois gagner une guerre en jetant des cailloux sur des adversaires armes de kalashnikov alors tu n exposes que tes enfants a une mort certaine. Y aura jamais deux Cameroun et y a rien comme anglo -franco dans ce pays. Tout combat a connotation tribale ou religieuse au Cameroun ne marchera jamais raison pour laquelle Biya est la depuis un demi siecle. Y a qu ensemble qu il pourra avoir changement .

      • vaiocomputers Sweden

        I agree with you bro.This is a dangerous situation and i personally know one of them.Just wondering what pushed him into this but he is a very courageous man

        • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

          hahaha my friend Raster man Tuge I am still laughing at you because I know very well you are from one of those mboo caves so I have no time to argue with a noise maker like you because your fight has no base and you are unable to answer the simple questions I raised. You call names of my tribesmen, were they working for the bamenda people? That’s my worry, were they ministers, directors, generals, MPs etc working in the Bamenda government? I see you are just a disgruntled idiot who doesn’t know where to put his frustration. I have started believing like others in this forum that you are indeed suffering from over dose of whit.You are complete flight of incoherent and inconsistent ideas may need to visit a psychiatrist. That’s my advice to you.

    • @Ras Tuge
      You seem to be a supporter of what in South Africa was the equivalent of the “Inkatha Freedom Party”. This was a party of tribalists who spent most of their time killing other black South Africans in collusion with elements of the apartheid regime in order to sabotage the struggle against oppression and discrimination. Their aim was to prevent blacks and the ANC gaining power to liberate South Africans.

      As long as everyone on this site is aware of @Ras Tuge’s agenda, we can just sit back and laugh at his delusions since he is not fooling anybody.

      Please check out all of @Ras Tuge’s posts on this site and you will realise that he is a plant to try and sow misinformation in an attempt to demoralise the struggle of West Cameroonians for justice and freedom.
      @Ras Tuge, you have been truly rumbled; so you are wasting your time because all patriotic Southern Cameroonians reading information on this site are well-educated and well informed.
      We shall not be fooled by idiots!

      I recommend that everyone reads @Ras Tuge’s posts just for a laugh and then ignore it. There are two or three other people on this site including one called @Pharoan who are playing the same game.

      • Nobody can rumble me, man. You are vandals with no sense of direction and no political education. Just like a typical Northwest element, you are very wary of confronting a sound and sane man that will expose your devious and cunning nature. You simply resort to insults because you can’t defend yourself against me.

        The sixties are gone, my friend, and we have risen to put the Northwest crook in his place. You will never be able to intimidate me, and the Southwest will dominate the Northwest in my time on this planet. You are the divisive and treacherous ones that are misleading the masses, and you must be stopped.

        You don’t seem that well educated to me as you purport… i mean, you can’t even understand the difference between Southern Cameroons and West Cameroon! ‘Struggle of West Cameroonians’… ‘patriotic Southern Cameroonians’, you chant! What a disgrace, man! Why can’t you humble yourself and learn?!!

        Well, continue to live in delusion.. and laugh all you want, and clap your rasclaaat hands like Fonka Shang, and i will be making history for you. You think everyone is as silly as you who talk too much over cyberspace and do no work on the ground back home? SWRM needs no Website simply because its activities are strictly effected through networking in a measure to neutralize elements like you. You are too inexperienced, my friend. Keep on laughing…


    The only Conscious people in that court room are the real G’s by the likes on Bobisky and the rest. The others including the judges and the imposter in Etoudi are the real slaves. nothing but Slaves. I weep for that continent. French FOOLS indeed. New Slaves

  6. Before a State Consul issues a warrant, s/he must have been provided with overwhelming evidence by investigators. This is unconstitutional to the highest level that this is the second time this trial has been adjourned, but yet La Republic has failed to provide any shred of evidence. It has been widely speculated that La Republic is looking for a time frame to fabricate evidence.

    La Republic has failed to understand that there can be any forms of dialogue; any valid resolutions; and any schools resuming with these guys still in detention. Southern Cameroonians have endured 55 years of systemic marginalization in a system where they refer to us as “Les Biafrans” and “L’ennemi dans la Maison” and where we are considered sub-class citizens unfit to hold high-profile public positions.
    Systemic marginalization, Social exclusion and horizontal inequalities breds a fertile ground in which a conflict can arise. @La Republic….. Tu chechers et tu trouvera. We are not backing down anytime soon.

    • Nasty it’s easy to say that from where you are . Your kids are probably going to school. Let see the end of this waist of time. Nothing will change as long as Biya is in charge and as long as you don’t make a difference between Cameroonians and Biya’s regime. If you really believe “anglophone” is some kind of identity you are fooling yourselves. This guys and Biya can die in prison or in Etoudi it won’t mean anything to me . They are the same people.

      • @Uhmm pays,

        Rather than fold your hands and do nothing for change to come, I’ll prefer to move my hands and do something for change not to come. History at least would remember me as someone who fought for change. The change we are fighting for would be for the benefit of the future generation- our children’s children’s children.

        For a Southern Cameroonian, going to school and accomplishing a pile a master’s degrees doesn’t guarantee him/her a better future, his/her situation would be better off given a change in the status quo, a more responsible governance and why not an autonomous Southern Cameroon?

        “If you really believe “anglophone” is some kind of identity you are fooling yourselves”………..
        Well, I happen to be a Pan-Africanist and Afrocentric in my line of thought. The problem here isn’t that of English/French. The problem is that of systemic marginalization, horizontal inequality, social exclusion and irresponsible governance.

      • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

        umm Pays yes our kids are schooling, we are eating good food etc. Do you know that those in the diaspora are the ones providing basic needs to their families back home, paying school fees for other family members to go to school because of a failed state? Diasporans have been forced to work out their asses in order to make ends meet for themselves and their families back home, We therefore want a state that will provide basic needs and free education to our families back home so that we can also work, save the money we keep sending home and enjoy live overseas like any other person. Please shut up crap up and don’t cry more than the bereaved.

        • Nasty-Etangti moi je supporte tous combats contre ce regime mais je suis contre toute idee de division parce que les gagnants seront les meme Biya et les occidentaux. Moi je ne crois pas au gentil anglo et au mechant franco ou vis versa . Et on a pas besoin d etre prophete pour savoir qu aucun combat ne peut etre gagne dans ce pays dans l exclusion ou la division de certains. Les avocats et les enseignants devraient mener leur combat sans inclure les secessionistes qui ne sont que des opportunistes sans aucune vision ou agenda , des marchants de reves . Le federalisme peut etre effectif mais l idee egoiste qui motive cette pensée chez beaucoup est exactement ce qui enlise ce pays. Ils ne pensent qu a ce qu ils vont en tirer .La priorite devrait etre un front uni pour le depart de Biya et apres opter pour le federalisme et je pense qu un gouvernement issu du peuple n y verrait aucun inconvenient . Mais un suppose groupe ne peut s autoproclamer liberateur et trainer toute une region dans leur fanatisme et se plaindre ensuite de la riposte du gouvernement qui trouve une aubaine pour distraire et endormir le peuple. Boko haram a commence par demander une region et on connait la suite. Les secessessionnistes ne doivent pas parler au nom de tous les habitants du sud ouest je suis de cette region mais je ne crois pas a ce stupide fantasme.

      • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

        hahaha beating around the bush. You are just lost my friend. No need to waste my energy with thugs like you.

        • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

          Always waiting for the anglofools to start and show you thugs the way. We did for multipartism, what have you guys done to bring down the regime? Noise makers

    • There are many in Cameroon who choose to pretend that Biya alone is the problem but deny the fact that the mentality of the Majority is the problem not just Biya. Citizens are unlawfully arrested, the media is suppressed, a sitting Supreme Court judge is arrested and brutalized and the majority is silent. It is a mentality problem it is not just Biya, it will not change after Biya it is an indoctrination from 1922 until now that has robbed the majority of their ability to fight for what is best for the majority and for Africa.
      Case and point the large Island of Hispaniola; Dominican Republic to the Eastside of the island went through Spanish rule, Haitian annexation and finally American occupation before final independence in 1924. Today Domican Republic has a GDP of $ 160billion and per capita of $15000. Haiti which is the westside of the same island went through French colonization declared independence in 1804 signed a colonial pact with the French like all the Francophonie in Africa has a GDP of $19billion and per capital of $1700.
      Then mentality of the same peoples living in one Island divided by different colonial systems has affected their development in a way that today Haiti is the poorest in the western hemispheres and Haitians are migrants and treated as less than human by Dominicans a country the annexed for 20yrs. Why?
      We can argue the case of South and North Korea to see the staggering differences in development.
      I put forth these examples to highlight the point that after Biya nothing will change because the mentality of the Majority will not change.
      There is a reason for the growth in Singapore and India in the last 50yrs, I doubt not that albeit the similarities between the ethnic groups in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea the Equato-Guineans will do better in the next 25yrs than Cameroon because of their mentality.
      There is a mentality problem in Cameroon, we are all Africans yes but some Africans are more advanced than others in their mentality of nationhood building and economic development.
      Silence, apathy, indifference, malaise etc leads to decay.

  7. Justice shall prevail even if the trial would be held in Buea. However, the defence bench that is led by the inarticulate and addled-brained crook named Ben Muna does not bode well for the accused.

    Ben rasclaaat Muna is an integral part of the corrupt system that initiated the ‘Law on terrorism’; alongside other dubious so-called Anglophones like Mbah Ndam, Ntumfor Halle… all from the Northwest!

    I am surprised that the so-called Common law lawyers are defending their clients in a supposedly so-called Civil law court! What happened to the outcry and protests by lawyers? Bunch of confused folks with absolutely no sense of direction.

    The Southwest Redemption Movement (SWRM) rejects the so-called Anglophone Civil Society Consortium; and denounces the SCNC.

    • akhenatenraa European Union

      Black Leg stooge.

    • You did not quack in the same high pitch when another member of the defence counsel succeeded to save Biya millions of dollars in 2013 against Fotso in a US Oregon court nor when they got back Bakassi. When will the impostor you are stop struggling to justify your NW hate? Still waiting for the SWRM website.

      • SWRM only exists in @Ras Tuge’s imagination. He is the one and only member of the organisation which has no membership, no structure and no website.
        Ignore this guy, he is a waste of space who spends all his time on this website spreading hate and misinformation which nobody believes.

  8. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


    After Justice Ayah was elected Chairman of the SCNC, Biya FOOLISHLY signed a decree appointing him to the Supreme Court. Biya thought that with the Supreme Court appointment, he could silence the learned Justice and isolate the SCNC.
    However, the foolish decision of Biya has now come back to haunt him and his lawless LRC.
    1. The supreme court appointment has made Justice Ayah is an internationally recognized public figure.
    2. By arresting a supreme court justice without a warrant exposed LRC not only as a lawless country but also as a country with ZERO separation of the power of the state
    3. The appointment of Justice Ayah to the supreme court was a blessing in disguise for the Anglophone struggle. International courts are now aware of the shabby treatment of a supreme court judge by LRC and will sympathise with West Cameroonians whenever LRC is dragged before these courts.
    4. LRC has lost so many cases before international courts and has been ordered to pay astronomical sums of money to both citizens of West Cameroon and those of LRC.
    These include Atangana Mebara, Mayor Kingue of Njombe, Albert Mukong, Dr. Akwanga, etc. Simply put, LRC is internationally known as a country that does not respect local and international laws.
    5. Biya’s case file at the ICC has been updated with evidence of the genocide and crimes against humanity in West Cameroon. Many patriotic West Cameroonians in the diaspora have accomplished this task “Summa Cum Laude”. It is therefore only a question of time when Biya, Oksalia Bilai, et al. will understand that they are not above international laws.

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      The NO-SCHOOL-Strategy of the Consortium is the most effective weapon against LRC. This is so because a blank School year will affect ALL schools in Biya’s “one and indivisible” LRC and not only West Cameroon. Simply put, all certificates of the GCE, BAC, Probatoire etc for this blank academic year will be declared NULL AND VOID by UNESCO.
      That is the reason LRC is doing everything possible for Schools to resume. LRC has bribed teachers, Fons/Chiefs, arrested and intimidated West Cameroonians to no avail. Biya has sent the Archbisop to Bamenda to convince the teachers and parents to resume school. The Man of God has no mandate to discuss Federation or Separation.
      The lawyers strike is a NON-EVENT to LRC. The lawyers can continue their strike until 2035 i.e. after the emergence of LRC. The GOC will continue to ignore the lawyers because their strike has no international ramification.
      If the Consortium gives up the only effective weapon against LRC, the struggle will collapse.

      West Cameroonians should therefore NEVER surrender their only credible weapon against LRC.


  9. As always, I will never read stories from CRTV or Cameroon Tribune.

    Breaking News!!!

    Inside reports say the United Nations is setting up a fact finding mission to visit Cameroon and investigate the on-going crisis in the country. Biya is trying to convince them not to come, lying that he has set up a committee led by a certain Catholic Bishop and they have sat with Anglophone representatives and made important decisions, and so there is no more problem, life has come back to normal, and schools have resumed. This report came directly from the Consortium.

    We are winning.

    All Glory be to GOD Almighty.

    • Tigana qu ils aillent visiter les catalans, les corses , les tibetins etc avant de venir au cameroun ceux la attendent depuis longtemps. Le soudan du sud a eu ce qu il voulait mais la moitie est refugiee au soudan . Les africains ne comprendront pas que les manipulateurs occidentaux ne cherchent a les diviser que pour mieux regner.

  10. This all too common headlines with its all too common style just proved why we want out! Why on earth would a judge in a bilingual country invite a translator? If there was any crime in the first place open it where the crime was committed. This is nothing else but a crime against a peaceful people by an illegitimate government. Our demand is clear: total separation. Even before that happens we call on the international community to bring murder-ridden brutal gangster regime to the books

  11. Across cultures there is the Golden Rule (Do Unto Others What You Want Others Do To You). It transcends legislations. And yet, people turn a blind eye to it in pursuit of their selfish convenience!

    Going to Europe in search of medical care is proof that one spurns local health care. Denying being interviewed by home-based journalists, yet readily accepting when the microphone of a foreign journalist is extended offers proof of the scorn one has for local effort, especially investigative journalism, which also explains news black out (newspaper censure, arrest and detention of newsmen and women, blockage of Internet etc).

    It is all nice and good to make bogus claims about the irreproachable legal system in Cameroon and to disparage the ICC, ICJ, UN and other supranational bodies; yet in the final analysis, the latter provide our only outlet – see yesterday’s warlords of Liberia, Rwanda, Chad, Uganda, etc. It is undeniable that the ordinary citizens of the above countries do have a breath of fresh air now, nicht wahr?

  12. A glaring example of functus officio as lack of witnesses disqualifies the trial completely. In the light of this injustice, the noise of our aggressors doesn’t bother us. What we will not forget is the silence of our pretentious friends, the noise makers that qualifies themselves as the silent majority facing the same problems.

    The struggle continues…..

  13. How can there be this level of amnesia from people who are suppose to understand the interpretation of the law? Is it that these judges of the military courts are brain dead or is it that they are indirectly asking for help as a way to tell the world how dysfunctional the legal system in LRC has been for the longest time?
    For the second time, a trial has to be postpone because zealous individuals who were more bent on satisfying their masters than to allow common sense to prevail are instead showing how the government has no case in the first place as a result of the incompetence of the governors of NW and SW. Since when did the right to self determination become a crime especially in a situation like this where a people are saying that they cannot unshackle themselves from a foreign evil system only to be saddle with the same system that is now being manage by house slaves? I guess this just confirms the saying that incompetence breeds contempt.

  14. Those passing judgment as well as those being judged depend a lot on the world beyond for their fates! It is therefore ridiculous to dish out unhelpful information on a forum which may likely serve as a source of information for one party or the other. Yesterday, Yahya Jammeh and his team were omnipotent in the Gambia and consoled themselves of a billion years’ reign; today they are out and newcomer Barrow is changing everything, including bringing The Gambia back into the fold of the Commonwealth of Nations and appointing new Judges. It will be a big mistake for those sitting on the judgment throne today to imagine that they are the beginning and end of justice.

    Of course language is an important component of this drama. Justice must not only be served, it must be seen to be served. How else can justice be served if an innocent man is sent to jail based on misinformation transmitted though faulty language? (For those interested, it may be instructive to turn to Tanzania and read about a tourist guide today facing prosecution for mangling the good impressions of a grateful tourist, making it sound as if she was demeaning the people of Tanzania!)

    It is all nice and good to condemn English and French and clamor for the halcyon days before the White man came. But it is also reasonable to recognize that the nation’s civilization has been built on the new concepts and ideas that came from elsewhere, together with their associated lingo. Why condemn a foreign language with harsh unforgiving words while embracing foreign dress patterns, foreign food, foreign means of transportation, foreign weaponry, foreign cell phones, foreign Internet, etc? If one is bad, all must be equally bad, n’est-ce pas?

    What worries the most is the continued arrest and detention of more citizens even as the trial of those earlier attested progresses at snail speed.

  15. All these borrowed Anglophones from langa republic of Cameroon on this forum. Since you people are saying we are rats, please I beg you all to be writing in French and not English, this goes to Mbanga smoker Ras Tuge, penguins, Mbamois and the rest.

    • “Ennemis dans la maison” come in many colors, n’est-ce pas? Welcome to the Golden Triangle.

  16. Biya’s Francophone Technical Advisor Says Anglophone Crisis, an Opportunity to Rebuild the Nation. Christian Penda Ekoka, President Biya’s Technical Advisor, who is calling recent events in Buea and Bamenda a “blessing in disguise.”

    In a recent 7 page document written by Ekoka and published in English, he argues that the recent strike action in Anglophone Cameroon is more of a blessing than a curse. This is how he puts it: “We should seize the recent events in Bamenda and Buea as a “blessing in disguise”, as an opportunity to re-assess our State’s performance, with the aim of building a time-proof effective institutional public affairs’ infrastructure In a bid to reach the targeted population, Penda Ekoka, who is Francophone from the Littoral region, published his write up in English. According to him, Federalism is the best form of government which has been tested and proven in countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and several other countries. He goes as far as challenging his Francophone counterparts who have suggested that Federalism would destroy the “unity” of Cameroon, arguing that Federalism doesn’t necessarily mean secession. In his own words:

    Federalism does not mean Anglophone or secession. It is a form of state organization, and it is a way of public governance, which has proved its effectiveness as a development accelerator in several countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and several other countries. Let us not confuse people’s mind, federalism does not challenge or question the founding fathers’ pledge of ‘Unity in diversity”, on the contrary the prevailing highly centralized government does, as attested by its dangerous resulting consequences. He challenged those who argue that any claims against the constitution would not be entertained.
    He counters the argument by stating that there is no static constitution in the world, and every constitution must represent the aspirations of the people. “Constitutions are not inscribed on stones; the only permanent thing in this world is constant global changes, which continuously challenge our pattern of life, and it may compel a country to adapt its organization for the betterment of its citizens.” Ekoka wrote.

    • @ Chuckiman
      There is no doubt that plenty of good will Francophones dutifully want to be associated with solving this imbroglio. The question is “Are they being listened to?”

      It seems the system would rather cast its lot with entitlement seekers like political science lecturer, Mathias Eric Nguini, for whom leadership is answerable to no one and leadership failure should turn at once to the use of force. For him the Anglophone region is virtual rather than real (les regions dites anglophones) whose “pressions contestataires et insurrectionnelles…….”c’est mal connaitre la Puissance Monopoliste et Centraliste qui modele le Projet Etatique camerounais depuis la Decolonisation legale et Formelle”. Given such a perspective, one does not need rocket science to understand the origin of the stalemate the nation is going through.

        Politically this case of Nkongho Félix,Fontem and the rest shall be used as a case of investigation to see how things will look like.LRC is looking for every possible means for negotiation in their own favor.If this people are sentence to death, then definitely LRC has declared war.At the end, they shall be liberated for benefit of doubt.This is surely how it’s going to end, in order to open way for better negotiation if and only Southern Cameroonians would be willing.It shall be obligatory for LRC to accept Two-State Federation if really they love the relationship to continue.This is the only option which can calmed down the present tension.For the minds of Southern Cameroonians are already set on total SEPARATION.
        Why, retreat when you are already wounded?

        • If the Federation of 1972 was so bad that it was pushed into the dustbin, why should it become so attractive today? And where is the learning process if one has to return to an earlier mistake?

        • I bet that LRC will run away from the case. The record to be established includes documents showing misuse of oil revenues by Etoudi at home and overseas. All the political tricks used to nove Southern Cameroons to LRC shall be aired. Mr Biya built an entire presidential city complete with an airport in Mvogmekaa. Visible on google earth. Airport in Bertoua remains dusty.

        • @John Dinga
          I think the days are not the same.Due to civilization I think it won’t be the same as in 1972.Even thus the slight changes that the Two-State Federation would bring, if and only we go back into it, won’t be all that small.I think we are very matured now to handle this matter, and it would also depend on the making of the bills/laws.

  17. Quite pathetic indeed. And to see the admin of this site publishing all these propaganda notably from crtv and biya tribune is appalling to begin with.

  18. Just hear the sound of the judges names…Abega, Ndze. How can there ever be a fair trial when Mr Bumble Yaoundé judge is out to teach a Bamenda Oliver Twist a lesson asking for more? Muf me dey!

    • if you think a non Bamenda name cannot judge those thugs, then you have all wrong.
      There is no reason those judges should make their decisions based on ethnicities.
      That’s the people with you guys, always seeing everything through the lenses of tribes.
      The Centre and South regions have the highest level of literacy in the land and you wonder why people from those areas are at the helm.

      • very untrue. It’s no secret that the population distribution of the East, NW and SW has been doctored for electoral purposes. Trying to justify why 6 ministers of education are all francophones. How many people live in the south region? There are 2 universities in West Cameroon because of student explosion. Your French speaking children have flooded our English boarding schools because of quality and decency yet you won’t stop at mimposing the system you all wish to abandon on us? Who is advising you people? France?

  19. Ras Tuge,
    The more you parrot cheap talking points, the more your insecurity spills out for all to see. Do you know why you are insecure? It’s because your desire to join the Jonses on the dinning table suffered setbacks as a result of intellectual insufficiency and quackery. Let’s take a look at some of your charlatanism!

    You claimed Paul Biya was the man to put an end to the French empire in Africa, but today you are crowing on tree tops that the French are in control behind the scenes. Do you want to tell us that Biya did not end their empire in Africa?

    You are wagging your finger against the consortium, only to shamelessly start parroting how the SWRM will contribute in rooting out the French. If the consortium’s desire to root out the French gives you a running stomach, what magic is your SWRM going to play to attain the same objective?

    You hold the view that the anglophone problem will get better if anglophones work hand in glove with Francophones. This is in stark contradiction with your anti NW intifada. Do you want anglophones, who by the way are made up of NWesterners and SWesterners to hold the hand of their francophone brothers, while at the same time creating a chasm between the two of them English speakers?

    You do not even hide your role of a factional leader by calling the consortium all kinds of bird names, only for you to start fantasising about a so called solid political unit calked SWRM!

    Look, your voice was getting coarser because you shouted for your handlers to see and hear you to no avail. Why not create another fanciful and imaginary “solid political unit”. It is from you that people understand that it only takes a brother to run down another. You are a product of the system and has learned the game so well. While you are pulling down the whole place with jabs here and there about the consortium, you are making sanctimonious declarations about your SWRM. It’s really amazing to see this kind of witch hunt.

    You did a good thing to put out yourself there promising to contribute in rooting out the French who are lurking behind the scenes. Roll up your sleeves, go to work and desist from cosying up to the consortium. If your mission is to root out the French, something you also promised Biya would do, there’s therefore no reason for you to be wagging your finger against the consortium whose mission is also to end the stranglehold of the French and their derivatives. I hope you take note of your unsteadiness and inconsistencies and stop playing the turtle around here! You are fooling no one here!

    • “..It takes a brother to run down another ” a clear indication that with brothers of this type, there is hardly any need for an enemy.

      “….anglophones who by the way are made up of North-westerners and South-westerners to hold the hands of their francophone brothers….” provided the latter value solidarity, which is not quite the case when they sneak out and furtively attend classes at UB to discombobulate their striking brothers.

  20. Bizarre que des avocats en grève se retrouvent au tribunal. Qui trompe qui? Ils seront jugés quand la grève sera levée. Ils seraient aussi souhaitable que les enfants des sympatisants à l‘étranger ne partent pas à l‘école pour montrer un réel soutien aux enfants & parents du bercail.

    • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

      yes our kids are schooling, we are eating good food etc. Do you know that those in the diaspora are the ones providing basic needs to their families back home, paying school fees for other family members to go to school because of a failed state? Diasporans have been forced to work out their asses in order to make ends meet for themselves and their families back home, We therefore want a state that will provide basic needs and free education to our families back home so that we can also work, save the money we keep sending home and enjoy live overseas like any other person. Please shut up crap up and don’t cry more than the bereaved.

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