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Western Cameroon King visits Texas Tech Library [+video]

Today the Texas Tech Libraries hosted King Fo’Zoo II, from the Awing tribe in Western Cameroon.

The trip was a way for Fo’Zoo II to learn of western practices in agriculture from the Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Libraries. Fo’Zoo II has previously made trips to the United States to learn of agricultural practices, but never to the West Texas area.

Today he was able to tour the Ranching Heritage Center and Saturday there will be a celebration on the Tech campus.

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  1. “Western Cameroon King”, hahahahaha!

    Take it easy Mr WRITER !

    Where is Ni Bah Acho, still on Voodoo pilgrimage in Cotonou?

    Awing would soon be the bread basket of CMR with their newly acquired agricultural technology.

    Hope Ngenmbo would soon follow suit tho..

    • Ni ZZ,

      Hahaha! When NDAAGRE alights back in Paris, his newly acquired mungang will transform the entire Paris into a skyskrapping corn farm.

      • @Chi, you remind me of some aphorism: “Le chef n’est jamais absent; il est empeche” n’est-ce pas?

      • Ngiah Chi,

        Nda is looking for an authentic spouse in Benin Rep—he has had enough of tattooed 5XL…

  2. Is Awing a Kingdom or a Fondom? HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM

    • And what is a Fondom in English? Does it occur to you that these tribal arrangements predate the coming of the colonialists? You remind me of Nnamdi Kanu struggling so hard to be a Jew forgetting that they existed before Jews.

  3. Awing (formerly Mbolewi) is an interesting place. Way before the famous reunification, Awing people already spoke French.Their expression for “good morning” tells it all – “ponjumo”. Can you beat that?

    Kingdom or Fondom would fit neatly into their forward-looking character.

  4. Thank you John Dinga. Awing where I come from happens to be the only village in Santa subdivision that is in a valley sharing boundary with the East Cameroon in the west and is famous with the most lucrative touristic site in the North West region the Awing lake. Awing people depend more on farming for a livelihood and they are the one of the main coffee producing committee in Cameroon. Awing people are so hard working and embrace the concept of self reliance through the village development Association NACDA(Ndong Awing Cultural and development Association)

  5. YOSA,,,, permit me to say as hard working as the people of AWing are.they will never rip full benefit of their work because of lack of economic intelligence.to put it clearly growing coffee that produce few tons a hectare once a year with high intensive labour as compared to short season crops like sunflower,canola,and wheat with the possibility to create added value through transformation is not only waste of energy.but also self imposed enslavement.it is our responsibility to introduce this highly lucrative crops in our villages liberating our people.

  6. If we do not do it, then the people of awing like all other villages in Africa will remain traped and enslaved by the coffee economy introduced by brutal alien thieves for their interest.some may ask but where will seedlings and machines for transformation come from.i have found a practical solution to this.for those wanting on government sponsor ,keep waiting like docile Christians waiting on Wereh ngang kikikiki

  7. I get your point Bah Acho

  8. this is what’s expected of a fon .. i guess calling him a king is just the western way of referring to royalty .. but the editor aught to know better before addressing him as the king of western cameroon