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Yaounde-Douala Expressway Project: Gov’t To Indemnify Locals

Cameroon Tribune | The Minister of Public Works made the announcement yesterday while evaluating some 44 important projects being executed on national roads across the country.

Residents living, or people whose properties will be damaged on part of the Yaounde-Douala expressway under construction will be compensated next week, a government official has said. Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi of Public Works made the declaration yesterday Tuesday February 20, 2018 during a meeting in Yaounde to evaluate the progress of work on the expressway and other national roads in the country.

China First Highway Engineering Company (CFHEC); the road construction enterprise executing the project, had earlier complained that work had been stalled between Kilometric Point (PK) 40 and PK 60, because inhabitants along the stretch are yet to vacate the area.

The residents have been waiting to be indemnified. Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi disclosed that steps were already being taken to address the issue. “Between now and next week, a prime ministerial order will be signed relating to the compensation of the locals,” the minister said, reiterating that various beneficiaries will be effectively indemnified in order for them to liberate the area for work to continue. The minister also disclosed that special measures have been taken to disburse payments to the construction company, and that issues of delayed payment will henceforth become a thing of the past.

To Hentati Riadh of SCET Tunisie/ Louis Berger, chief of mission for the construction of the expressway, once PK40-PK60 will be liberated, bulldozing work will immediately pick up. The engineer noted that they will proceed with clearing the stretch and terracing before the rains come with a go-slow.

However, he stated that by 2020, the first phase of the Yaounde-Douala expressway will be ready for use and will be linked to the already existing National Road No. 3. During yesterday’s meeting, stakeholders also examined rehabilitation works to replaced worn-out metallic culverts on the Yaounde-Douala (N3) road.

The project had been initiated after one of such culverts collapsed in 2016, cutting off the economic capital from the political capital. The Kribi-Lolabe expressway project also came under focus and Jobs Lin; Project Manager said it is well on course.

Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, officials of the Ministry of Public Works, and staffs of construction and supervision enterprises, examined amongst others, the following road projects: Douala- Limbe expressway, Maroua- Mora, Mora-Dabanga-Kousseri and Babadjou-Bamenda.

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  1. Bad faith as usual. Which comes first? Indemnity to affected inhabitants before Construction, or Forcing inhabitants to quit for Construction before indemnity. This is not fair. Poor families had their homes demolished by the Garoua City Council last week so as to create ample space for the Garoua Stadium in preparation for AFCON 2019. I watched how families stayed miserable in the cold, none was compensated. Only lies telling. No money to indemnify the Poor masses whose crops and shelters are demolished, but there is always money for you and gang to spend and enjoy in foreign countries, and pay your sleeping and hand clapping Senators and Parliamentarians. Its this greed and lies that caused the North West and South west Regions to be in a state of ear today. Shame.

    • Excellent school of thought

      The leadership of “one and indivisible ” LRC always “puts the horse before the cart”.

    • No my friend, there is alot of money to pay these families. Someone somewhere is simply redirecting it into their pockets. I remember on these same forum a couple of years ago, the government opening up an investigation into money lost for same purpose. Now they want to repay the families again without clarifying to the public what happened to the previously disbursed funds. Can only happen in Cameroon.

  2. More money for DOs…

    • This indemnification process is always the main cause of delay when it comes to build infrastructures as @sol have said first conduct a census of concerned population, pay them their money or relocate them to ease works.

      • And those mandated to indemnify displaced pple might be DOs, who’ll think the money is theirs.

        Some are already in Kondengui for stealing indemnification money…

  3. LRC should learn from Rwanda how development projects are executed. When comparing Rwanda and Cameroon on economic, social and level of industrialization you will see why having France on your side is a curse rather than a blessing- Rwanda has a population of about 11 million, the GDP is about $24 billion, it has a very sophisticated tech sector, it is the least corrupt country in Africa. On the other hand Cameroon has a population of about 23 million, the GDP is $81 billion, it has a sluggish tech sector, and it is amongst the most corrupt African countries. With a GDP of almost 4 times than that of Rwanda, Rwanda is still a tech leader in Africa, it has good roads, clean cities, low crime rate, and more than 90% of its citizens have access to health insurance etc.

    • Rwanda has no access to the sea, no oil resources, no natural gas, no timber plus all the other natural resources Cameroon is blessed with. Visit Kigali and spend a weekend there and return to Yaoundé, you will find out that Yaoundé is no match to Kigali. I begin to ask this question- is having all these mineral resources a curse or a blessing? Look at all what Cameroon is blessed with and compare it to what Rwanda has, then make a comparison on what both countries offer to their citizens and tell me the answer. of course we all know answer. One is corruption, economic stagnation, nepotism, bad governance, military crack down on peaceful demonstrators e.t.c while the other is a government with accountability, clean cities, health for all, low crime rate , employment for all etc.

  4. From Kigali to yaounde is like from A first world to a fourth world country..Rwanda is a country with a plan, with a vision..They talk little and act more..In cameroon, there is just too much talking but nothing is happening…
    We heard of the Douala-yaounde high way for long, but go home and have a look..Nothing is happening..You will think its like 1000 Km roads but its simply close to 200KMs, but we cant ..
    Douala has one bridge- but we have read of talks about a second bridge many times..
    Go to Kartoum in Sudan and see how many bridges in a country that suffered EMBARGO..
    Chai Cameroon, you are really cursed..
    Look at school buildings in cameroon in 2018…A shame to man kind…
    And we are angry when some part want to separate?..Shameful country…