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11 000 emplois supprimés à la Cameroon development corporation

APAnews | Quelque 11 000 personnes ont déjà perdu leur emploi à la Cameroon development corporation (CDC) à cause de la crise sociopolitique dans les régions anglophones du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest.

Ces emplois perdus représentent 50% des effectifs de cette entreprise publique qui, avec 22 000 salariés, est le deuxième plus gros employeur du pays après l’Etat.

La situation est « catastrophique », a indiqué la direction générale au terme d’une séance de travail avec les représentants du personnel.

L’entreprise tourne à moins de 10 % de ses capacités, avec à peine un chiffre d’affaires de 2,5 milliards de FCFA sur plus de 60 milliards de FCFA de chiffre d’affaires avant la crise.

Par ailleurs, certains agents comptabilisent douze mois d’arriérés de salaire, tandis que 60 employés ont déjà été tués à cause de cette insécurité sociale.

Selon des sources internes, il faut actuellement 9,3 milliards de FCFA pour payer des arriérés.

A cause de la crise sociale dans les régions anglophones, la CDC dont l’essentiel des plantations se trouve dans la région du Sud-ouest est menacée par la faillite, l’entreprise qui produit entre autres, l’hévéa, la banane et le l’huile de palme n’exporte plus rien depuis un an.

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  1. ”anglos” punishing other “anglos”.
    So sad for the innocent workers trying to feed their families.
    Ambazozos making more ennemis

    • Ugly baboon. Biya and his Makiza Bulu – Beti terrorizing clan using the BIRs to burn down Ambazonian villages, kill women and children are the real enemies of peace. Your gorilla clan thought they were untouchable until the king thief got repatriated and banned from ever stepping foot in Switzerland. Technically he will never enter Europe or North America again. Ambazonian 2 cubes of sugar is becoming very difficult to melt. Homeland or we all die. We Ambazonians pledge our loyalty to mother Amba not your Bulu-Beti fascists or French leeches.

    • This is just what makes the difference between Anglos and Francos..We take collective action to make things happen..Its shameful to come in and look at this as a punishment without looking at the cause..
      I know you are those few who think all is fine in cameroon..You cant even understand this a revolution is not your thing..You guys are so afraid of the Militia that you cant even go to the streets to protest for your rights..Your belly is the only part of the body that works well, thats why Bread and sardine is used to stop you guys from protesting..Dont worry the uprising in southern cameroon will help change the conditions of the lazy sleeping majority as always..Dont forget that all big political changes came fro southern cameroon..Sleep, drink, dance and wait-Lazy slaves..

  2. Save your breath Mbappe
    Anglophones know the real enemy. The revolution will financially strangle larepublique until they do the right thing. Stop the occupation of our land

  3. Personally I feel sorry for the naive people across the mongo river. They were traumatized during their UPC war against France asking for their independence and therefore remain in a perpetual state of Schock when they see Ambazonians rise up against 57 years of injustice in the land of their birth. Our people have repeatedly said enough is enough and will never succumb to people for whom injustice has become law. It is so rampant that those in Larepoblik think injustice is just part of their lives and cannot understand why Ambazonians cannot get along blindly as they do. Just cannot get into their traumatized minds. One day though it will. Thanks be to God

  4. Ambazonia has changed the world. Ambazonia has made it possible for you to pronounce the word federalism which makes you afraid as a shivering dog. Your lady Biya is caught with jewels worth 200 millions euros. Your lamer, the sleeping genocidal thief pappy you call Biya the outdated war lord who thinks he can force the brave people of Ambazonia to continue the slavery they have been undergoing for more than 50 years. it’s really a pity to see how happy you are when you kill our people. It’s very weird to see how ignorant and backward some francophones can be when it comes to understanding the basic of FREEDOM. The more of you will kill, the more of us will gather to fight against you. We are firm, steady and far more determined to achieve the FREEDOM of Ambazonia at all cost.

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