15 soldiers killed in Cameroon’s Anglophone region

xinhua | Separatist fighters killed at least 15 soldiers after they ambushed their convoy in Cameroon’s war-torn English-speaking region of Northwest, the army confirmed on Friday.

Earlier reports from sources said nine soldiers were killed in the attack but an official security report from the army in the region stated that the death toll was 15.

According to the army, separatist fighters ambushed and attacked the convoy that was transporting members of Cameroon elite force, Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), on Thursday in Bamessing, a locality in the region.

The armoured cars transporting the soldiers were shattered with explosive devices.

Early on Friday, Marines of Bambalang, a separatist group in the region claimed responsibility for the ambush and shared gruesome images of the attack on social media.

The attack was the deadliest attack in the region since July last year, according to security reports.

Violence erupted in Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest in 2017 after separatist leaders declared “independence” of the two regions. Enditem

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  1. WAR IS WAR.

    The BOYSES IN THE BUSHES will defend the land of their ancestors “KOSTE ES WAS ES WOLLE”


      “At least 26 Cameroon government soldiers were injured, 10 of them critically, when their military vehicle overturned on a steepy road on Saturday in Northwest region, police said.”

      * MY TAKE *

      This accident is another proof that LRC is fighting an UNJUST war. That is the reason she is always haunted by bad karma.
      The war is unnecessary because SC is a DIFFERENT nation EQUAL IN STATUS with LRC.
      LRC can therefore NOT consider an INDEPENDENT SC as her “NOSO”.
      Simply put, the doctrine that:

      SC + LRC = 0 + LRC

      is considered by persons in their right minds as IMBECILE NONSENSE FALSEHOOD.

      The war will end at the NEGOTIATING TABLE.

      At the negotiating table, LRC will be reminded that

      SC + LRC = SC + LRC = two independent nations EQUAL IN STATUS.

  2. The question any careful coolheaded rational observer will ask is, who will come out victorious?as of now, all evidence show that younde with its unlimited resources and the support of Nigeria will come out victorious.if we step into the mind of decesion makers in younde. One doesn’t see them imagining another scenario.the number of people who die doesn’t mean anything to them.just like ambazonians dream of striking oil deals in bakasi for dollars without labour. They will just say let’s pump it now and maintain the conflict. When they are tired after 20 years they will give up. in oder to defeat an adversary you must step in thier mind and decode what they are thinking.

  3. It is not possible to defeat an enemy without trying to step into thier mind. The diasporans supporting this conflict are emotional than rational. The Christian structure of thier mental construction base on belive not evidence base thinking is blinding them from being rational.

  4. @BAH:- You spent so many years running your mouth here foolishly that BIR and the LRC military will win the war..After having your bread and sardine from the Thugs and Thieves in the Givt, you stopped to reason and today you come out again to blame the DIAPORANS..Do you remember how this conflict started?
    Do you know that those drunkards and Rapist you call BIR are being killed, weapons taken away?..
    Do you know that Cameroon is a union of 2 countries?
    Do you know that your old president on DIAPERS told the world that they tried to assimilate the anglophones but it didnt work out?.
    Do you know that one region is anglo saxon and the other is french?..
    You come out and run your mouth to say we cant use colonial language to seperate Cameroon but want to use French on Anglophones..Wake up ..

  5. Southern Cameroonians are just too smart..
    These are the people bringing changes in that Banana republic, Cameroon..
    They dont eat bread and sardine, they think , use their brains and fight for changes…
    They brought multi-party system in cameroon..
    They won an election in 1992 and france refused an anglophone as president..
    We are not afraid of BIR..We are not chop broke pot..
    we are an upright people..
    Now that southern cameroonians have weapons and can fight back, the frogs are now scared…
    Keep singing your cameroon is one and indivisible song…
    Military option is not a solution as yaounde and its BIRS, GENDARMES and Military will never win..

    I hear BIR is a special army, very robuist and strong but little Villagers , kids will wake up one morning and kill over a dozen..SHAME

  6. You are all fighting another man’s war. Our people, our history, our story and our lives all predate any colonial boundaries which is what this fight is about. Drop your weapons or face the real devils. You know who they are and once rhat becomes the agenda, both sides will join forces eventually as our people realise the truth but first, it must be told boldly.

  7. ambafools i see so much joy and happiness amongst you people regarding the attacK from no pity. this is far from giving you indepent. cameroon has thousands of such vehicles which are not even been used. millions of soldiers are there also. if you guys had the destructive power of boko haram then maybe you could have been thinking your ambazonia country can fight USA.
    very soon we will hear innocent civilians. the thing is when you buy weapons and give them to mbanga smokers to kill military, the military will eventually respond they way they want and do not come hear crying about innocent civilians. if you do not want innocent civilians to die then you stop buying and sending weapons to mbanga smokers to attach the military.

  8. BIKO,,,,,yes i remember exactly how it started.once they took up arms to fight younde i said they have no chance in a military confrontation with younde.this is what i said, looking at the geography of the region ambazonian fighters have no chance once links to nigeria and equatorial guinea are cut and this is what younde will do,and they did.this was before your president ayuk sisiku was tricked,brought to nigeria captured and handed over to younde where he has been for over four years.taking up arms against a superior adversary is a sucidal emotional decesion.they did not take time to think through the consequences of such an action.born and brought up in a society infantilised by christian and islamic dogma.you do not posses the capacity tothink i a calm rational way.

    • Do you know that Cameroon is a union of 2 countries?this question shows that you have not taken time to understand why this areas were carved and called countries by outsiders.the people in this region did not start existing when this areas were carved along alien linguistic lines.the logical decesion that was suppossed to be taken after 1960 was simply eracing english and french and then replacing it with a widely used african language like kiswahili in oder to evovle towards a common identity.this is the path that was chosed by vietnam after american occupation of the north.but what should we do now that the situation is what it is.if we try to project ourselves 10,20,30,40,50, years ahead.i do not see stability and prosperity without imposing kiswahili as common language.

      • Do you know that one region is anglo saxon and the other is french?there are no anglo saxons or french people in africa.anglo saxons are people of the caucasian race with a germanic language.the french are a caucasian people with french a language filled with latin words.there is no connection between us and them.
        to put matters simple,let us scrape both languages for an african one .we can use this simple african writing system.
        ??? ????

        • multi partism was a carefully thought strategic trap calculated and put on our way to obstruct us from quick economic growth and catching us technically.this would have enabled us to ward offf predation.but the minds assimilated to alien culture could not see this trape.sad to say you continue revendicating this tragedy and even being proud of making such a strategic mistake with terrible consequences.
          let me inform you that vietnam did not accept multipartism but the third mobile operator in cameroon is vietnamese.where are your economic gains from multipartism.

    • BAH:- it is very shameful for a man with a brain like you to start the conflict with Sesseku Ayuk Tabe..It is just soo stupid to believe that the thugs in yaounde can win the war..You cant win such wars..
      For your information Cameroon is the only country still existing in the federation formed by the white man..
      -Ethiopia- already separated with Eriteria
      – Sudan already separated and today we have South Sudan
      – The only one remaining is Cameroon..
      Keep eating bread , sardine with beer thinking you will hold the nation by force..
      Anglophones wanted a federal system as concluded in the union, you thugs played your foolish mafia , changed the name to LRC and today go for a referendum and be schock to see that almost all Anglophones want to leave that union with these brutal, primitive LRC

      • BIKO……why do you say that younde can not win this war?if we allow evidence to speak,by carefully and rationally looking at the power balance on both sides,thier weaknesses and force.we can conclude without possibility of doubt that younde will come out victorious because they have the financial resources,the support of nigeria and equitorial guinea who are immidiate neighbours.what will change the equation is only if ambazonians have concealed thier real capabilities and will remove them later.this we do not see happening because of the emotional nature of thier reaction to younde.the decesion of taking guns against younde was not a carefully thought one,but an emotionally driven action without thinking about the consequences.

  9. @BAH; I understand when you say Southern cameroonians dont posses the capacity to think in a calm rational way. They have not been given enough bread , sardine and beer to screw up their brains and sleep like you and your people in eastern cameroon are doing:
    – you take 10 years to build a football stadium- nobody complains
    – you rape students and women in southern camneroon when they want to complain of marginalisation-nobody complains.
    -Your President Biya said the goal was to assimilate the anglophones but it fauled- Nobody complains..
    – Anglophones are using a currency that is all in the french language-nobody complains.
    – My old parents are being brutalized by gendarmes and police in the french language –
    Now you open your stupid sardine and bread to talk of swahili as a language-?

    • BIKO,,,,i said ambazonians do not posses the calm necessary to think rationally before taking any decesion.i did not say southern cameroonians.mind you many of us saw this tragedy and informed you of the consequences.being ideological ,emotional and reactionary as many of you in the diaspora are.you called me a traitor who has eaten sardine on this same forum when i said looking at the regions geography,any confrontation with younde will lead to distaster.first you used irrational arguments citing the so called united nations,international cominuty etc.i told you that you are simply being naive citing such instruments of imperial manipulation.the lives of people living in BAFUT,BALI,NJAH-ETU,does not and will never mean anything to the imperial staes who created such organizations.

      • i predicted the crimes commited against people in our villages will be direct consequences of taking arms against younde.so i see nothing surprising here because it was evident younde will react overwhelmingly.they are ready to continue in the current situation for the next twenty years.but since you dont take time to step into thier minds with your emotionality.you can never see this.
        if the problem is assimilation to french,why not accept KISWAHILI which is an african language to solve this problem once and for all?why not cool headedly calmly and carefully look at an uption that makes sense to all.why must we chose to maintain alien tongues alienating us?are we afraid of freedom?japan is an industrial power with japanese and shintoism.we should be with our own language and spirituality.

  10. When yaounde fumbles, Bah Acho gets confused. BIR, will not win this war. Therefore,
    they went to Nigeria, for help. Buhari, promised crushing our boys. When, are they coming
    to Sabga hill, to perish like flies? Bravo Amba fighters.

    • dont mind that foolish BAH ACHU my brother..
      He is a dreamer- Still dreaming that LRC will win-
      He doesnt know that the govt needs more money for this war than the AMBA ..
      The Govt might even collapse because of the war..
      They thought the Anglophones were foolish and stupid people, but they now wake up..
      Since guibs started talking, the dynamic changed..The number of amba women raped have reduced..Houses and villages burnt have reduced..
      The so call professional army is now shaking and afraid ..
      Let bah Achu clean his brain, analyse the cause of the war, be honest and then relax..
      We need to clean BAh Achus brain from slavery…
      We will provide him a theraphy when the war is over…
      BAH ACHU talks like one CPDM man called Andre Luther MEKAH…

  11. @BAH:- do you have an opinion about this war? what about the cause?
    Do you really think that this war was caused by the diasporans?..
    You seem to be a brainless biased foolish man..
    Dont be surprise that the Amba forces can defaet the cameroon and send them running back to BULU land .
    Do younsee those drunkards in the LRC army as determined?
    Are they motivated to fight?
    Did America and France win the war in VIETNAM?..
    Did USA win in Afghanistan?
    Did Russia win in Afghanistan?
    @BAH: you are so naiv in your thinking.
    I cant blame you because you have been raised to obey without questioning..
    I see you need southern cameroonians to come and teach you freedom..
    freedom does not mean eating bread and sardine including beer..
    Im not for war buit it seems thats only what LRC understands.

  12. JOSHUA,,, sabga or no sabga change, nothing in the equation. Where we must concentrate is the final result. Base on the evidence we have at hand. ambazonia has no chance to obtain what they want, even in twenty thirty years because they lack the logistic and technical capability necessary.

    • BIKO,,,, if the cause of the war is language, why not move to an African language? For your information, China supported Vietnam during American occupation because it did not want American presence closer to its borders. Vietnam shears the longest border with China. The same thing happened in Afghanistan which received support from Pakistan a one time ally of America but now a strong Chinese ally and major partner in the Chinese led belt and road initiative. Is Nigeria and EQUITORIAL GUINEA supporting ambazonia? If not where is your China and Pakistan in the case of Vietnam and Afghanistan? Do you take time to carefully think through before writing or you are just guided by emotions? Without a careful calm thoughtful and rational approach. You will worseb things with emotional reaction.

      • @BAH: u are well known to hide behind little small theories to back what you dont know.DO you think i want to speak french?..Do you think i like to accept your francofoolie?Dont you know that the french language is a curse to Africa?..Have you ever used your brain to think that francofool Africa is the most underdeveloped in Africa?..
        You come out not even ashame to say Nothing will change if Biya left power?
        You come back and hide behind your bread and sardine brain to claim that the problem in cameroon is not bad governance- because you eat and drink from the thugs controlling the economy..
        Just reading what comes from your brain is a prove francofool Africa have choosed slavery to freedom..You will adore france till death…Not southern cameroon..

        • BIKO,,,,,,i do not want to speak french or english.japan has a five trillion economy developed with japanese as language and shintoism as spirituality.we must use a widely used african language like kiswahili as vehicle of thinking and vodoun as spirituality.no form of alien control through language and spirituality should be accepted.we should get rid of the insanity called francopholia and anglopholia for what is purely african.this is not an emotional response but an evidence base approach testified by japan,china and korea who have industriilized with thier languages.it is not only french language that is obstructing us but also english,portuguese,spanish and arabic.nigeria uses english,is ten times the cize of korea but its economy is not even up to two korean conglomerates.

  13. This blood spilling will speed up the split of cameroun and that is what most ekangs want now.
    The ekangs are in the same country by accident with grassfielders
    We want you to fight till death and this will speed up the breakup of this fake country.
    We are not related and should never have been in the same country for GOD SAKE

    • here this gorilla talk..
      the most primitive and retarded central Africans..
      It will be a blessing to any country if you guys dont join any group..
      Why do they call you chop broke pot:
      – since 1982 u have almost all the money in cameroon but cant even build roads and toilettes to your people..
      .- with all stolen wealth you spend time drinking wine and dancing bikutsi
      – now you are looking others to blame as usual and want to blame the grass field..
      – your police gave you the right to attack the Bamis and their business and all you retarded gorillas could steal was bread and sardine..
      – You can take a gorila from the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the gorilla..
      Since 1982 cameroon is the hands of BETI-BULU-Ekang- see the results ..Non creative M. F Idiots..

      • bla-bla-bla

        The rich leave their wealthier place in grove to come to leave with “Gorillas”… you guys are the porrrest in Cameroon… You have nothing and nobody needs you folk
        You are a plague to this country.
        We are not related to you guys and do not want to share anything with you.
        Things are coming where you are going to to suffer… at a minimal it is going to be Federalism(community)… the nabtous and the tikars cannot cohabitae.
        You guys are f&*K% you mothers and mary your cousins… and worship skulls from you parents… These are not bantou values… you atre the badluck of cameroon… if it was not for europeans, we will nto be in the same country.. we do not come to your areas… you are going to be kicked out from ours

  14. As an independent voice, I will state this. Amba can not match the firepower of a weak Cameroon army because Amba lacks the structure, strategy, wherewithal & organization and most Amba delegates have no governing or leadership experience.
    Here is the deal; Cameroon gov’t equally lacks the resources to secure and reestablish the economy or commerce of these areas. That’s where Amba is significant. Any shooting incident forestalls markets and businesses and stalls the whole economy because it reduces the velocity of transactions and the multiplier effect which affects printouts of money.
    Note, after Douala & Y’de the next four biggest commercial centers are in SW/NW: Limbe, Buea, Bamenda Kumba before Bafoussam. Guerilla warfare is how USA lost in Afghanistan. It needs genuine action.

    • mola mwanbo,,,,,afghanistan had the backing other countries and vietnam was backed by china.who is backing ambazonians?

      • @Bah, note that I’m not an Amba fanboy and I do not support Popol either. It’s true that Afghanistan had support from external powers against a capable US force. As I stated, Cameroon military is weak & unskilled and Cameroon lacks the resources. France is unwilling to spend to keep dictatorships given its own internal strife and the shaming of France on the media by Africans and other EU countries for over reliance on colonial support and keeping the CFA as a buffer for French economy.
        My point is, there is no sign even from the outset that Amba will succeed and Cameroon military can only temporarily secure some regions tenuously. In this stalemate EU will benefit by selling antiquated military weapons in exchange for Gold in Tibati and other natural resources. Our economy will suffer.