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165 fighters lay down their arms in Cameroon

cgtn | 165 fighters in Cameroon have ‘voluntarily’ laid down their weapons ‘to embrace normal life’, the country’s National Committee on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (NCDDR) said.

Francis Fai Yengo, national coordinator of NCDDR, while speaking to reporters after briefing the prime minister and other senior government officials of the new development, said that 35 of the combatants were in Bamenda, in the Northwest region, 21 in Buea in the Southwest region and 109 in Mora in the Far North.

“We have hundreds of them who have laid down their arms but have not come to us yet,” Yengo said.

Cameroon is facing serious security challenges in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest where separatists want to create an independent nation. In the Far North, where terror group Boko Haram is intensifying attacks on civilians and government forces.

NCDDR was created by President Paul Biya last year “to avoid the use of extreme measures” and supervise and manage the disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants of Boko Haram and armed separatists in the Anglophone regions.

“NCDDR will provide professional training and host the ex-combatants in rehabilitation centers across the country,” Yengo added.

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  1. Biya is willing to talk to rats finally ?

    All the AngloCaniches here are going to hang. I warned you.

    • Those who don’t want to lay their weapons down will all be neutralized cause no juju,no amulets,no tramadol will save them their supporters on this platform are eating Mc Donald’s and drinking beers in the US, EU, and Asia whereas the scambazonians termites are dying in the bushes.

  2. ils vont boire la tasse. Ces suiveur du grand buveur de sang qui va crever comme un rat.

    Biya, t’es mort.

    Dans quelques jours, tu vas clampser. la Honte de…..


    The Lights are coming for the painfull birth of AMBAZONIA, The land of the BRAVE.

  3. @ Lum, I forgot to mention: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOUTHERN CAMEROON. IT WAS A BRIEF FABRICATION BY THE COLONIAL MASTERS TO EVENLY SHARE CAMEROON’S RESOURCES. Their mission was accomplished several centuries ago and are no-more interested as neocolonialism is their new strategy. This is what you should be fighting against by uniting with your fellow french speaking Cameroonians to conquer the Biya regime like the Burkinbes and Algerians did. You are instead fighting to preserve the colonial master’s heritage. You Ambazonians must be a bunch of idiots if you think you are going to free yourselves from the Biya regime and France by the use of force. Please read about what Americans did in Raqqa when Syrians decided to use force to fight against imperialism. Please use your brains.

  4. @BOBJAZZ:- I see you make your points very clear, which i disagree but respect. It would be very nice if you can write your facts without insulting others – What about that?..
    How do you want me to call the Anglophone part of cameroon without using a colonial word?
    Cameroon as a country as well as many african countries came in to existence through colonialism, right?..So which words do you want us to use?..Or you want to refuse that Cameroon is the birth or union of two countries? To solve a problem, we need to look at the root cause, honestly with no bias..
    Cameroonians cant be compared with Algerians and Burkina people these people are honest in accepting and analysing their history. the political life of cameroon often exhibits shared denial of painful realities-deny unpleasant truths

  5. @BOBJAZZ:In other words i wanted to say the political life of our country Cameroon often exhibits shared denial of painful realities Unfortunately this phenomenon has its roots in punitive childrearing practices which force children to deny unpleasant truths about their parents. We should be very careful for such strict parenting also causes authoritarian and punitive adult political positions.

    May be thats why we turn to be very aggressive and sensitive to issues we should openly discuss and look for solutions..Cameroon has a small uprising since 3 years and have no solution..Some dont even want to look at history , see the mistakes made and redress them..You cant fool the people all the time.
    To say majority of Anglophones are for the government is a big fat lie…
    Lets be honest.

    • @Bobjazz
      For the next 50yrs what is our history in the southern Cameroons will not be unlearned by the current generation.
      The denial of the history of Anglophones in Cameroon is the root cause of the war
      The reason Cameroon is a member of la Francophonie which they so arrogantly celebrate is because they are a colony of France.
      Why do they speak French, why are all government communiques in French, why do they practice civil law, why do you use the CFA, not the Dollar or Euro as your currency?
      You are a territory gifted to France by the whiteman thanks to American blood used to liberate France from the Germans in the world war.
      If German colonization of France was not accepted why should Southern Cameroons accept Francophone African colonizers?
      Who is fooling who?

  6. @bobjazz I can see u love the name ”anglophone” so much. We are not anglophones,we are Ambasonians.I understand u have anglophones in your country,LRC. I hope,it is them that u are reffering to,as ”anglophones”…For example,@Zam Zam is an anglophone,Eric Chinje,Victor Julius Ngoh is an anglophone,Peter Esoka is an anglophone,Mimi Mefo is an anglophone,even u,@Babbjazz,u are an anglophone.U are right,a majority of LRC anglophones don’t support Ambazonia.

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