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17 kidnapped Cameroon university students freed in restive Anglophone region

China.org | Seventeen students of the University of Bamenda in Cameroon, who were abducted from Dec. 5 to 10, have been released, according to an official statement released late Wednesday.

“Following coordinated operations organised by the administrative authorities, forces of law and order, the parents of the kidnapped students and some patriotic citizens living in the neighborhood, the release of all the students has been secured as of date,” said Lele Lafrique, governor of Northwest, one of the war-torn English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

He said the students were abducted by a “criminal gang” that is specialized in the kidnapping of students for ransom.

Students and university authorities need to step up vigilance and collaborate with government forces as a measure to stop the abductions, Lafrique said.

In early November, the government accused separatists of kidnapping 79 children of a private school in the Northwest. They were released a few days later. Separatists, however, insisted that most of the kidnappings were staged by the government to tarnish their image internationally.

Since November last year, government forces have been clashing with armed separatist forces who want the two regions to secede from the majority French-speaking nation and form a new country called “Ambazonia”.

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  1. How much then was paid as ransom, Mr. Lele for their release and by who?
    It is not enough placing it on separatists. That is so cheap.
    Tell your boss Mr. Biya, even for once, that he should stop his nonsense war
    because it is making your job as gov`t difficult. Isn`t it Mr. Lele and time for
    you to be honset?
    The separatists, would have killed them all each time they take any, but each
    time, it is to pass on a message. They need to be heard. Mr. Macron his boss,
    has not killed anyone. So Mr. Biya is 100% wrong. That is truth and history.

  2. Colonial Governor and disguised soldiers of la republic are behind kidnapping. Make people shine their eyes


    FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji are the ones kidnapping students.
    The so-called “one and indivisible LRC is indeed a sh*thole failed state held hostage by a crime syndicate.

    It is comon knowledge that a disarmament commission is created after agreements between the belligerent parties and most often involved trust worthy persons from both sides of the divide to supervise and ensure it moves well.
    However, Dictator created his disarmament comission by presidential decree without consulting the other parties concerned. Of course, his commission is a scam to deceive the international community that he is serious to resolve the Anglophone Question.
    Believe me or not, that commission is already dead on arrival. A sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources.


      If history is any guide, no Dictator has ever succeeded in disarming asymmetrical warriors by presidential decrees. Dictator Biya will not be an exception to this golden rule.

      Southern Cameroonians protested on the 22nd of september 2017 and the 1st ofOctober 2017 with PEACE PLANTS. They were slaugthered like chickens by LRC terrorists. Southern Cameroonians then decided to arm themselves for SELF-DEFENCE. Dictator Biya is now trying to use his presidential decree to disarm the same Southern Cameroonians. Of course, no Amba boy in his right mind will ever respect such a foolish decree since LRC terrorists are still perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.
      The creation of Dictator Biya’s commission on disarmament is therefore a NON-EVENT.


      There are over 3000 Anglophone political prisoners in LRC prisons Dictator Biya has ordered the release of 289.

      AND GUESS WHAT ???

      This gesture is considered as a NON-EVENT. He should release all including H.E Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and company, convene an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue.

      Dictator Biya has started to accept that his military adventure was foolish

      1. Amba boys can NEVER EVER be defeated
      2. the economy of the country is in shambles
      3. SC is almost ungovernable
      4 the war is financially unsustainable
      5. ZERO AFCON19
      6. Taxes are projected to increase in 2019 and basic items link condoms would be taxed
      7. etc

      One thing is sure:

      The final solution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine.

        Where did you get all this information ? any Cameroon prison will not contain 3000 persons . please do not use social media to mislead people. give your source of information . I am very worry about Blame game of Killing in those 2 provinces.
        i did not see anything Amba boys are doing to protect the population.

        i do not believed the Army will burn houses and kill the people they are suppose to protect. i think the retaliation of the army will be after the attack to the population or the people suspected to be Amba boys who are not giving information to the Army to help protect them. (because of intimidation to be Killed by Amba boys soon the Army Live) . you are standing outside the country and sending innocent children to be killed for the sake of Free

    As far back as 1964, just three years into the unification, the learned Professor Bernard Fonlon wrote and sent a secret memo to President Ahidjo drawing attention to some lapses he had observed from the time John Ngu Foncha’s KNDP and Ahidjo’s CNU began the experiment in co-existence. That is how far back in time marginalization began! First there was an unexpected massacre of twelve CDC workers by 30 of Ahidjo’s Gardes Civiques at Ebubu camp near Tombel on August 8, 1961, supposedly mistaken for terrorists from La Republique du Cameroun. Two weeks later, Prime Ministers John Ngu Foncha of West Cameroon and Charles Assale of East Cameroon set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the matter. No findings were ever released! If commissions could

    • By the way, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, de facto head of state of Cameroon, has just signed a communique to halt the military trials of 289 Anglophones as part of the moves to appease the country and have self-defence fighters to lay down their arms.

      • No solution at all. We are not fools.
        I was the first to put a comment here this morning and it was
        disallowed. Shamefull indeed.
        Is it those who were arrested from the word go in 2016? We
        have not forgotten about them.
        When shall we be talking about those who were killed along
        side those to be released ?

  5. Protesting, is not a privilage in a democracy. Doing this with peace plants, is a noble
    idea which should be applauded by all. But seeing Ambazonians as dogs, illiterates,
    foreigners {Biafrans}and good for the slauthering etc etc. there is no pacifying action,
    other than letting the will of a people to privail.
    Mr. Biya, his CPDM party and supporters { including} friendly countries and institutions,
    have one thing to do and that is, listen and take from the people.
    Hello, 57 years of every negativity and sudden deaths, rapes, wanton arson of whole
    villages etc etc etc etc, can not go for nothing. We too, are created with blood running
    in our veins. We are a people, who are called Ambazonians.

  6. Cameroonians need to exercise good judgment and plenty of critical thinking in their use of the Internet. The fantastic novelty comes with corresponding challenges to be met.
    As every user is virtually a news reporter, what could be more logical than cross checking and verifying news sources?
    For weeks the gullible people of Gabon have been popping champagne in celebrating Ali Bongo’s death in King Faisal’s hospital in Saudi Arabia. It never happened. Today Ivorians went jubilating about the freeing of Laurent Gbagbo from the ICC. It did not happen. Before October 7, 2018 a prophet predicted Paul Biya’s death. It did not happen.