2.7 mln people face food insecurity in Cameroon: report

YAOUNDE, April 15 (Xinhua) — Some 2.7 million people in Cameroon face food insecurity due to conflicts and poor production, according to a report published by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on Thursday.

Out of Cameroon’s 58 administrative divisions, 14 are facing food insecurity, 11 are in a minimal situation, and 31 are under pressure, said Maina Ahmadou, coordinator of the national food security monitoring and strengthening program.

“This is due to the problem of accessibility and availibity of production. Crises in certain localities in Cameroon have caused the displacement of population which has also aggravated the problem,” Ahmadou told journalists in the capital, Yaounde during a ceremony to officially present the report.

The government will adopt new policies and programs to alleviate the problem, officials said. Enditem

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  2. Bad governace, is the main factor. Cameroon, has all it takes, to be food and more
    sufficient. Again, the two presidents that have ruled that country, are all misfits.