2 Cameroonian police officers killed by gunmen at checkpoint in west region

CGTN | Unidentified gunmen shot dead two Cameroonian gendarme officers and wounded another on Wednesday at a security checkpoint in the country’s West region, security and local sources said.

The attack occurred early in the day in Babadjou, a town about 37 km to West regional capital of Bafoussam.

The gunmen riding on a motorcycle and wearing army uniform opened fire on the gendarmes as they approached the Zavion security checkpoint in Babadjou, a security officer who declined to be named told Xinhua.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Armed separatists fighting to create an independent nation in the English-speaking part of Cameroon are known to launch sporadic attacks in the West region which shares boundary with the Northwest, one of the two Anglophone regions.

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  1. It is very easy to start a war. However, it is EXTREMELY difficult to stop a war.
    Little wonder, the US has decided to NEGOTIATE with the Taliban in order to stop the Afghanistan war.
    The US did NOT attempt to stop the war by creating a commission on disarmament and asking the Taliban to surrender weapons. Of course, the Taliban would have said N-I-E-T.
    Dictator Biya should NEGOTIATE with the so-called “secessionists” before it is too late

  2. `No immediate claim of responsibility for the attack`. So, why mention armed

  3. Biya’s men are losing their lives everyday in the troubled Southern Cameroons and it is all hush hush to give the false impression that it is all fine and that it is the Amba boys that are taking all the heat and beating. People are hurting terribly on both sides of this struggle, while the recluse president is again in Geneva for his luxury medical check ups. One day he will return in a casket. Mark my words. This can’t go on for ever. Justice will one day find retribution for those who have put the lives of innocent people in harms way for their own personal gains.