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2 mayors, 19 municipal councillors kidnapped in Anglophone region

Xinhua | Two mayors and 19 municipal councilors of Cameroon’s main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), have been abducted in Northwest, one of the two troubled Anglophone regions of the country, party officials said on Thursday.

The mayor of Bamenda II, Fidelis Awa Balick was kidnapped early Thursday, while first deputy mayor of Bamenda III and four councilors were kidnapped on Monday alongside 15 other councilors in Jakiri, the party said in a statement.

Armed separatists claimed responsibility for the abductions on social media, stating that the hostages will remain in their keeping until after general elections scheduled for next year.

The party has demanded their “safe and sound” release with “immediate effect”. Local police said a search and rescue mission of the hostages is underway.

Cameroon will hold municipal and parliamentary elections on Feb. 9, 2020, but separatists have vowed to disrupt the elections in the Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest where they want to create an independent nation.

The SDF is deeply rooted in the English-speaking part of the country that has been facing the separatist conflict since 2017.

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  1. Good job. Please, keep tracking and arresting those who are standing in the way of this revolution.

    A word of caution, when you arrest traitors and then release them, they go back and give information about the location of your camps and terrorist LRC soldiers later come and attack. Take out enablers and accomplices once they are arrested. Their lifes are not better than the lifes of our fallen comrades.

    Remember that Fru Ndi MUST NOT be spared if arrested. Fru Ndi and Agbor Balla are wanted dead or alive.

    December 31, 2019 is the LAST DAY for all LRC citizens to leave Ambazonia. They should take this warning very serious. Go back to your country.

    • Ambaman,
      You are a coward to support such human atrocities…..why not go fight yourself…Mumu Zachariah

  2. They, like fru Ndi / Balla, will later become more dangerous. Don`t fear their mumber or little
    threads from anyone. Let them be in the past tense, they desearve it. You were not mad,
    when you took the decision to hold them. This is war time and anything goes.
    They are not SDF men, but Paul Biya`s supporters and enablers.

    • Boys, they will come for your heads to free them. No one will listen to your pleas
      at that time. You are already on the death list. Only fools, give room for nonsense
      at this point. During the Mao Mao war of independence, it was the killing of enablers,
      that gave Njomo Kenyatta victory and we saw the whiteman, leave kenya alone. It
      can also bring us victory, cause it is a good strategy.

  3. “Anglo” on “Anglo”

  4. Wow, I am really surprised that some of us are promoting violence. There is nothing that Cameroon and Cameroonians will not show others in this world. Violence has never solved any conflict. If we the so called “Anglophones” can not promote dialogue between ourselves, what should we expect from the enemy´s camp? I think it´s high time we talk some sense into our heads, before trying to teach others. I am ashame of the comments l read here on daily basis.

  5. Right on point @joshua when I always listen too the speech of the former military ruler Mr j j Rawlings of Ghana state traitors are worse than your enemy and how he dealt with those traitors by executing them to liberate his country , I began to think that strategy should be implemented on ground Zero especially dis useless corrupt greedy politicians of the sdf and CPDM who continue to trample upon the death corpses of the people should be thought a good lesson dis useless old wicked bastards traitors

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