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2019 Women’s World Cup: Canada beat Cameroon 1-0

Euronews | Canada took a deserved three points from their opening world cup game with a 1-0 win over Cameroon, though the scoreline could have been much more.

Kadeisha Buchanan, of club side Lyon, scored seconds before the half time whistle with a header from a corner, effectively blowing the wind out of Cameroon’s sails.

The North Americans dominated possessions and overwhelmed Cameroon with 12 shots on goal to just four in reply.

Canada’s Christine Sinclair, scorer of 181 international goals three goals away from breaking the record for the most international goals scored, had little luck in front of goal.

Claudine Meffometou ought to have equalised for Cameroon with a header well wide with ten minutes remaining.

Cameroon never looked like getting out of the game, and will sure to have a tough time getting out of Group E.

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  1. This team had a world class coach Carl Enow Ngachu when they came to Canada 4 years ago but as usual in a republic of mediocrity he was taken out of the field of play to wearing a suit in an office. This very ugly man I saw today as Cameroon coach who doesn’t even look like a Cameroonian has zero football IQ. Look at his legs, I don’t think that idiot can even run. Yet he was taken from nowhere with no international coaching experience to take the team to a world cup in January. That Mbombo Mblacus Njoya needs to be stoned to death. These idiots need to go for Cameroon to have any bright future. I wish the lioness the best. They should just play from what Enow Ngachu taught them and shouldn’t listen to this ugly fool they call Alain Djeumfa.

    • He is from the chosen tribe.
      He is your brother a grassfielder, à graffi.

      • Amba Ambassadors

        @Mbappe dullard nullard baboon. Djeumfa is no Graffiti. He is a Tikar from Bamoun sharing the same ancestry with your Obala, Ntui and Mbam & Innobou cousins. No wonder that ghetto you call Cameroun is led by idiots like you who know nothing of their geography, history or anthropology! If you don’t know this how can you ever know that The fake plebiscite and referendum your black hearts cheated Ambazonia in was never ratified by the house of chiefs and House of Parliament in Buea rendering it null and void? Shegeh.

        • @Amba papi I am lack of words this idiot @mbappe will never cease to amaze me. Unbelievable

        • You see what I mean with this republic of mediocrity. Mbombo Mblacus Njoya took out Ndoko who had been running this team, had a good Africa nation’s cup with a good playing style and replaced him with his ugly Bamoun brother who has no international coaching experience. The only way to save our country is to eradicate these useless tribal and corrupt idiots with colonial mindset.

      • @ Mbappe, at least he is more handsome than your Bulu brother the most ugly man in the whole world including his daughters le professeur Gervais Mendo Zé. The Bulu people have the most ugly Cameroonians. I have one ugly Bulu woman as a neighbor. She is so ugly she had to get married to a Gabonese because she couldn’t find a Cameroon man. The Ewondos have the most beautiful women in the world.

        • Vous etes vraiment bipolaires dans ce forum.
          Voici quelcun qui se leve un beau matin pour insulter la creme de la creme du Cameroun: le peuple Bulu!
          L’épicentre de la beauté Africaine/Camerounaise est au Bétiland.
          La femme Bulu demeure la plus désirée et convoitée du Cameroun.
          @ Bobjazz, dis nous à quoi ressemblent les femmes chez toi?
          Btw, le prof Gervais Mendo Ze n’a qu’une seule fille biologique et elle a les gênes de sa maman, donc très belle.
          Paul Biya est Bulu, et C’est pas un laid type.
          Commencez à poster vos visages ici et on va comparer mrd!

        • @ Bikutsi, Je l’ai déjà dit. Les femmes de chez moi sont les plus belles femmes du pays. HAhaha, Les femmes Canadiennes m’appellent bonbons chocolaté à cause de ma beauté. Paul Biya n’est pas 100% Bulu comme Chantal Biya n’est pas 100% camerounaise. Mendo Ze est ma voisine sont 100% Bulu.

          Je répondais à Mpappe avec des exemples de personnes laides au Cameroun. Je ne sais pas pourquoi tu t’inquiètes.

        • @ Bikutsi. Je sais pourquoi tu penses que je suis bipolaire, C’est parce que je ne supporte ni Biya ni Ambazonia contrairement à toi qui prétend. J’aime tous les Camerounais qui aiment tous les Camerounais.

    • Isabelle Mireille Mambingo Mambingo is one of the oldest members of the Cameroon squad, also the most experienced but not often chosen due to Annette Ngo Ndom’s clear elite choice status and connections in Yaounde. Nevertheless, Mambingo Mambingo had a squad place firmly in mind before returning to Cameroon to join Green City FC and FAP Youande after a short stay in Nigeria. Isabelle Mabingo was cameroons goalkeeper at the all africa games in Brazaville Congo where we played the final with Ghana and in Maputo muzambique .

    • @bobbycrazejazz

      Is that not the corrupt smelling filthy practice you are insulting Ambazonians and encouraging a genocide to preserve? You this dirty smelling half Santah-half Mbalmayo Gbeti goat. we will clean our entire system of your parasitic exploiting plague. Go tell Biya to recruit another 10,000 BIR before he post this 2600 to face their doom in Ambaland. Kunyam.

      • @ L’enemie. I am not supporting genocide in Cameroon. I want anglophone kids to go to school in peace, I want the CDC workers to be able to go work to feed their families, etc etc and anybody who is preventing them from doing this should be eliminated. I will never support your Ambazonia foolishness just as I will never support dictator Biya’s corrupt regime but I won’t mind his BIRs eliminating your Ambazonia thugs who are destroying the lives of the people of the SW and NW provinces. You don yia me? Mbut terrorist. I don’t know where you came from with your Mbalmayo. I have told you that I am a Santa free born and my Santa Lions will whoop your Ambazonia ass again if you send those your thugs to disturb my people.

        • bobbycrazejazz,

          Your mami yi mop lass say terrorist. Your mother was too ugly to find a date among your Santah kindreth hence she walk on foot to Mbalmayo and gave it free front and back to a Gbeti park boy. These lies you are spewing here that the military is out to defend kids and women is old already. find another excuse and try to tell that to the millions of widows and childless mothers your genocidal military have created in Northern and Southern Zone. YOUR TERRORIST MILITARY IS A NIGHTMARE TO OUR CITIZENS. THEY RUN AND SLEEP FOR MONTHS IN THE BUSHES AT THE SIGHT OF THESE RAPISTS GENOCIDAIRES WHO KILL FOR FUN, LOOT AND DESTROY. SEE WHAT THE ANIMALS DID IN NDOP YESTERDAY? CUT DOWN CORN STALKS AND DESTROY ALL CROPS THAT WERE PLANTED IN APRIL JUST TO INDUCE FAMINE. We will keep fightin

        • @ L’enemie,You sound like somebody who was conceived as a result of a one night stand and badly brought up. You can please yourself with your useless lies it doesn’t bother me. All I know is that there is no genocide in Cameroon. Killing terrorists who are preventing kids from going to school or kidnapping and beheading anglophones who don’t support their foolishness is not genocide. It is protecting the people of the SW & NW from Ambazonia thugs. How do you explain the fact that anglophones are running away from your Ambazonia thugs in the SW & NW and settling peacefully in francophone cities or the fact that the anglophones visiting Cameroon from the diaspora end up only in Douala or Yaounde because they are afraid to be kidnapped in the SW & NW provinces by your ambazonia thugs?

        • @BobbyCrazeJazz,

          Stop pretending to be a cultured baboon ugly Santah/Beti cross and tell me which is better. Defending your people from being slaughtered by military terrorists in state uniform that are killing women and babies to keep an 88 year old temporary insane president as king for ever or supporting a blood thirsty rotting system that is killing at least 50 innocent people a day most of them women and babies! Your weak military cannot even find or counter the real Amba-Boys hence the exact revenge on defenseless citizens by burning down their houses, destroying their crops, killing their livestock and arming mbororos to attack grandmothers and grandfathers in their sleep. No! you are the very badly brought up idiot supporting the slaughter of innocent people. Smelling mouth idiot

        • @ L’enemie you are surely a badly brought up child conceived as a result of a one night stand. That explains the type of language you use just like a minor primary school kid. However, as I said before the military is not killing any anglophone babies or innocent anglophone men and women in the SW & NW proviinces. They are killing Ambazonia terrorists who are destroying the lives of the anglophone people with their kidnappings, be-headings and preventing kids from going to school. That is not defending your people but destroying the future of your people. I know for sure I am 100% more handsome than you as chicks in Canada call me bonbons chocolaté. Mbut man. May the BIRs burn your thugs alive in those bushes. F’cking low life.

        • BobbyCrazeJazz,

          you mami yi red pima so. lie thing. you are a devil from the pit of Mblamayo hell. At least for once, stop attaching your baboon self to your Beti mbalmayo heritage and speak the truth!

          Did the wicked monkey you are heard or saw what happened in Santah today? The are videos circulating around you this jigga foot. Your terrorist genocidal military swam santah around noon and opened fire in the market place. Live bulttes razzled through market women and their children. Those that ran away and left their stores open, the BIR made their way into those shops and loot it dry after which the burn down lots of shops. Yet you stand here with your long pig teeth to talk nonsense. Your own wickedness seems to be worst than that Biya is unleashing because u keep using lies as defence

        • @ L’enemie. I know you are very very angry as the Santa Lions once again whooped your narrow ambazonia ass at the Santa market square. Keep on trying we will keep on whooping your sorry ass. Those who were caught will be castrated. Don’t mess with Santa. If you think you can turn Santa into those small villages in the SW like Ekona where your thugs kidnap, be-head and rape small girls which have caused families to flee their homes, you are wasting your f’cking time. We don’t even need the BIRs to neutralize your narrow Ambazonia ass as we have our Santa Lions. You Ambazonians are the most stupid group of people still existing in Africa. You are using the maquisards tactics of the 19th century to fight a war in the 21st century and expect to win? Use your f’cking brains like the Burkinabes.

  2. Change goalkeeper wina no want hear. Isabelle Mabingo shidon outside di warm up , Grandreme Annette Ngo Ndom di hesitate for catch ndaba ?

  3. Allez les liones!
    Even if I personaly do not find it nice. Women looking and kicking a football like men. Ich! Ladies should be ladies. There are better sports more aproprieted. Voleyball, handboll, tennis, swimming, dance etc….
    Not boxing not football..
    Ps: that’s my opinion.
    Ne venez pas me hambock avec votre modernité à la con là…

    • Are they no longer the Bulu women you just declared the “creme du creme”? controversial confused dull tribalistic thing.

      • @ Dot
        How many Bulu girls do you se in that team?
        For you everything outside Bamenda is Bulu right?
        We don’t have time to play football, we are busy being princesses
        We support the team because we patriots.

        • Lying son of a gun! The Abena, Awona, Ngo, Enganamouitt, Ngono, Akaba, Manie, Ongmahan, Onguene, Ndom, Nchout which constitute the ugliest of them all fell from the sky? This Beti-Bulu habbit of always struggling to stick with the best is out of date. Embrace your ugly people and stop killing innocent people in the NW and SW. Murderers!

        • Having a Beti sounding name does not mean you are Beti.

          It is the genes that make us Beti.
          Ps: Many names in Cameroon sounds alike depending of the area your ancestrors came from.
          Most of Cameroonians have Bantu names because we are almost all from Bantu descendents.
          Learn a little of your history.

          The Beti have the same ancestor and the same genes.
          Other people have make children with the Beti,and those children are waring Beti names but do not look like the Beti at all.
          The Bulu/ Beti are the most beautiful people in Cameroon. That’s a fact!
          I’m not saying that the others are uggly, because every tribe has his crateria of buty.

    • @Bikutsi Smelling lass Ashawo Bulu apkara.

      The Bulus are the ugliest creatures in the entire Africa so stop pretending and lying. With your thick smelly lips like that of the ugly K-Tino.

      Take your rotting smelly hairy lass go jump into river Ayos.

      • No wonder your ugly dirty girls beg us to date them to no avail.
        We stick with ours.
        For you guys dating a beti girl is an achievement

        • It’s a fact that the Gbeti-Bulu rush to priesthood in their flock because of they are either too ugly or shy to talk to their women who rush after strangers for manjunga and free change. Thats why cocoa dealers impregnate Gbeti-bulu women anyhow and we end up here with half confused half-Santah-half-Gbeti breeds like the dirty teeth @bobjazz. Anglophones are too civilized for your Gbeti-Bulu ugly women who beat their husbands at will. We even had another self confessed idiot here called @Mbamois who admitted him and his brother rushed out to marry Ambazonian women because they cannot stand their kind. So tell me dirty baboon ugly freaky @mbappe who is running after another woman? Why couldn’t chantal biya’s father marry a Gbeti-Bulu woman? idiot.

        • Trop de jalousie envers le peuple Bulu.
          Nous sommes obligés de supporter car trop beaux, trop intelligents et trop avancés en tout. Les élus tout cours.
          Ils dépensent tous des fortunes pour nous doter, parceque pour eux C’est un privilège, un trophé gagné lorsqu’on a la chance d’épouser une femme Bulu.
          Les plus honnetes n’ont pas honte de l’avouer…

          @ Bobjazz
          Tu te sens flatté parceque les femmes blanches Canadiennes t’appellent quoi?
          Hihihi tu as quel age?
          Qu’est ce qu’une femme blanche sait de la beauté Africaine? Pour elle Tu n’es qu’un autre noir Zizi parmi tant d’autres lol!
          Combien d’entre elles te présenteraient à leurs parents?
          Faut revenir un peu sur terre .

          Arretez de détester le peuple Béti. Ca ne sert à rien.
          Portez nos sacs!

        • @ Mbappe
          A mot ba lône l’ennemi nji a yane bo etjune mot (1m 20) hihihi..
          Trop de haine pour un cour type coe ca devrait avoir des dégats sur sa santé psycologique….la preuve…
          Faut voir comment ces gas courent derriere les femmes Béti…Hihihi
          Ils sont prets à tout pour épouser une femme Bulu. Certains vendent tous leurs biens…
          Eux ils épousent les femmes de chez eux à cause de la tradition. Ils sont obligés.
          Raison pour la qu’elle lorsque un d’entre eux a une femme Béti, spécialement Bulu, il la traite comme une reine.
          C’est la réalité jusqu’au plus haut sommet de la société.
          Tout ce qu’ils disent ici n’est que du brouhaha…

        • @Bikutsi-Ashawo-smelyinglass

          This is frighteningly rotten! So you have come up with a Beti-Bulu formula of rating how long a man you don’t not know can last on your big smelling rotting dirty hairy lass before orgasm and it is 1 minute and 20 seconds? Is that the time the baboon @mbappe lasted on you? This is insane! This is not a fcuking website where hookers like you and chantal biya rush and look for drug dealers to fcuk you in the butt, shethole and mouth. Dirty akwara thing. you cannot be intelligent and be cannot write French, English or Bulu? Intelligent people will not support a genocide or hide stolen cash from their uncles serving a corrupt government in the Swedish bank accounts? mysterious smelling lass harlot.

  4. until you stop the killings of southern Cameroonians then can any thing good happen to you East Cameroonians.

    • Until you stop preventing anglophone kids from going to school, stop kidnapping and beheading anglophones who don’t support your Ambazonia foolishness or you stop cutting off the fingers of anglophone CDC workers who are trying to feed their families nothing good will ever happen to you so-called Ambazonians and God will continue to punish you in those your bushes.

  5. @ l’enemie
    Assia for the lost of your family.
    I’m not the Bir. I didn’t kill your family nor burn down your village.
    I understand your pain. But please, get some help.
    I’m the wrong target.

    • @Bikutsi Ashawo smelling lass,

      Your people carrying guns bought from our taxes have made my people a target for extermination so you will always remain the right target until your Grandpa president pulls out his murdering genocidal terrorist forces from our land.

      • L’enemie,

        have you wired your contribution for June?

        Wuna go push Sako for buy rope witi chair—10k, tax free, per month no be na joking matter…

    • @ Bikutsi, Je ne suis pas en Europe, Je suis en Amérique du nord où se trouve les trés belles femmes noires américaines et jamaïcaines. Ici, les Camerounais ne sortent pas avec de vieilles femmes blanches comme en Europe. Ils sortent avec de belles femmes noires américaines ou jamaïcaines comme ma cherie coco. WE THE NORTH avec Spicy P.

      • @ Bikutsi , Je ne peux pas détester mon propre sang. Je ne fais que répondre à les conneries de Mpappe. J’ai remarqué que chaque fois que Mbappe écrit des bêtises concernant les femmes anglophones, tu ne dis jamais rien et pourtant tu est une femme. J’aime tous les camerounais du nord au sud et de l’est à l’ouest.

  6. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  7. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Il crée un contre-mouvement avec la complicité de quelques personnes pour saboter la révolution de l’Ambazonie.
    De faux Amba boys qui tuent, violent et terrorisent les populations ainsi pour créer le KO et amener les populations à rejeter la révolution, mais manque de chance, toutes les familles ont l’un des leurs tué par les militaires et ces militaires ne sont pas les bienvenus.(Gagner le coeur des populations = Échec). Voyant que la stratégie ne marche pas, il essaye de saboter avec l’achat de quelques guerriers pour semer le KO chez les combattants de la liberté.

    Ambazonia has digital addicts for the sake of the revolution and they are out to decrypt and expllicit everything to the world.


    • My friend go find place sleep. Which Ambazonia freedom are you talking about? Freedom to kidnap and ask ransom from anglophones, freedom to kidnap and be-head anglophones who don’t support your foolishness, freedom to burn down anglophone hospitals or freedom to prevent anglophone kids from going to school. You this bad luck Ambazonia idiots. God go punish wuna all.

      • Sako has 10 days to resign, says the garri master.

        Wandy is the last Amba virtual fighter—sep l’enemie dong understand sey tam fo carry BIR yi bag dong kes (reach).

        @Bikut, trouves-nous les ngah pour ces frérots, sauf l’amour peut les sauver…

        • ZamZam when you want to lie keep me out of it. We will all die or keep fighting. how is that too difficult for you to understand? I will never carry the illiterate killer BIRS bag because they lack the intellect of social integration. They are all terrorists trained to harass, intimidate, murder and steal. The contender forces will put them in their places a few weeks from now. Garbage man

        • L’enemie,

          Tapang has passed a fatwa on Barrister Nsoh.

          You will all kill each other in your movement, that is why Etoudi gangsters have allowed you to prosper all this while on FB.

          “We will all die or keep fighting.” Nobody dies in a FB republic! If yo want to die on FB, delete your account.

          Once federation will be achieved, we’ll come after you for pay time, o’boi. 3years of unnecessary sufferings you’ve inflicted especially on our children cannot be swept under the carpet.

          In the meantime, fasten your seatbelt—you ko drink mimbo for Mary yi land soteh all bia-bia finish for on top ya head—bye-bye CMR.

          Nearly forgot, Litumbe has started distancing himself from your mov’t…authentic fighters are jumping off the sinking ship, just to let you know that your time is over…

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