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21% of the Cameroonian population have already tried a hard drug, with cannabis atop the list (CNLD)

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon’s Anti-drug National Committee (CNLD) released statistics on narcotic consumption in the country, showing that 21% of the population have already tried a hard drug. 10% are frequent consumers including 60% young people aged 20-25.

Most demanded products include cannabis (58.54%), which is very often associated with tobacco, tramadol (44.62%) and cocaine (12.10%). Traditional makeshift preparations account for 7.59%, while solvents and heroin account for 7.36% and 5.70%, respectively.

CNLD said that more than 12,000 young people under 15 also consume narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. “Cameroon, once considered by the United Nations as a transit country, is currently a country of destination for drugs, with regards to numerous seizures of cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and psychotropic drugs registered in recent years,” the CNLD mentioned.

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  1. Without banga, we’ll surely witness an end of hostilities in CMR…

  2. Cannabis is a soft drug, not a hard drug. Alcohol is a hard drug, the favorite drink of Cameroonians

  3. Higher petty crime rates and family disputes would be relevent to a degree that it would be common knowlede if these figues were right.older generation smoke out of tradition or instead of medicine and your deemed a loser rather than cool wasting time and money on stuff .in the younger .Women frown on any drug abuse so not sure its this bad at all .

  4. Tchiroma Bakari has already admitted the terrorist army is always high on drugs. That’s why they go around killing women, toddlers and babies, burning alive old people and patients in hospitals, killing doctors and nurses with no remorse.

    • Every aspect of national life eventually meets and competes with its counterpart in other countries – football, volleyball, basketball, beauty contest, army etc. If our performance is drug-induced, then we are on a path to rejection, aren’t we?????? If we cannot perform without performance-enhancing drugs…..

  5. Alcohol, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, dishonesty are more dangerous in Cameroon than cannabis.these five elements have kept the people’s inability to rebel against bad governance towards a colonial puppet dictatorship, kept the entire country embarrassingly under developed dirty slum, not a single region has the provision of drinkable water,good roads,clean sanitation, modern equipped hospital, social care, good jobs for workable ages, efficient electricity, public toilets,recreational amenities etc, basically there is nothing good the government is providing for it’s citizens, all the establishments are corrupt,bribery, referral comes before all simple administration jobs &official documents,the entire french Cameroon Yaounde system is chaotic, dishonest & dysfunctional

  6. Weed 101 was a favorite of Biya’s daughter. She really could puff the thing. Maybe that’s where Isa Chiroma got an update of its increase in usage.