26 soldiers injured in Cameroon road accident

xinhua | At least 26 soldiers were injured, 10 of them critically, when their military vehicle overturned on a steepy road on Saturday in Cameroon’s Northwest region, police said.

The accident temporarily blocked traffic in Bamenda, chief town of the region where the tragedy occurred as emergency crews worked to extricate the soldiers from a valley where the vehicle fell.

Witnesses told Xinhua, it appeared a wheel came off the vehicle as it descended the road.

The soldiers were on the way to reinforce security in parts of the region where separatist fighters were operating actively, according to army sources.

The Cameroon army is intensifying military operations in the region following repeated raids by separatist fighters who want to create an independent nation in the two Anglophone regions of the Central African nation. Enditem

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  1. No country on planet earth has ever defeated an IDEOLOGY manu militari. LRC will not be the exception.

    Simply put, LRC is simply wasting innocent lives, precious time, meager resources and energy in SC.
    The war is UNWINNABLE. The NEGOTIATING TABLE is the only path to ending the war.

    • The myth of the INVINCIBILITY of the BIRs was shattered beyond the reasonable doubt by the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES ON THE BUSHES on the 17.09.2021. Twenty BIRs were neutralized and stripped naked, the images posted on the web for the world to see. Two amoured vehicles amounting to almost a billion FCFA were burnt down, weapons and other hardwares were seized.
      In sum, the military of LRC was humiliated beyond imagination by the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES.



  2. anything that is base on ideology not cool blooded rational calculated thinking is bound to fail because the architects are guided by emotion not logic.in all confrontations,those who remain calm rational and thoughtful always come out victorious because thier decesions are carefully thought wieghed implemented and adjusted when necessary.
    what determine pre conditions for negociation is military prowess.the taliban could impose conditions on the united states because they were winning the battle militarily.

  3. Bah Acho, you claimed you were building a dam but cannot reveal where it is located.

    If the dam turns out to be just as your grammar and spellings, we can tell that it is only in your cretinous skull that it exists.

    You are an epitome of an insipid obnoxious charlatan.

    • AMBAMAN,,,,, I am not controlled by emotions but calm careful rational thinking.first I should ask myself what the consequences of giving out such information will be, exactly like I said you should have ask yourself what the consequences of taking up arms against younde would be before doing it. But since you are brought up in a society deculturised by Christian dogma. You allow emotions to take control of your mind. No calm thoughtful rational calculation before action.the result is what we are now facing. Even in this situation you refuse to be rational in your accessement.

  4. We will end up separating
    That is the wish of most ekangs. Not talking about those idiots ruling the country
    Most ekangs are for the split now

    • your brain is already spoiled from alcohol..
      who are the young soldiers being killed in NOSO, you Gorilla..
      Who told you EKANGS are rich?..
      Dirty , smelling people..
      They have been given lots of money since 1982 but you see they cant even take care of them selves..
      They dont have a simple brain to think and build good houses for themselves..All their women sent to Europe to study and learn a career only end up in prostitution- and you come here and run your dirty mouth..
      Cameroon is cursed by today because of these BETI-BULU-EKANG Gorillas..
      If you are honest you will confirm this..
      They are fighting in NOSO because they want petrol money , to enjoy without hard work..Wear szuits and drink wine ..A cursed group of people…

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    The rich leave their wealthier place in grove to come to leave with “Gorillas”… you guys are the poorrest in Cameroon… You have nothing and nobody needs you folks.
    You are a plague to this country.
    We are not related to you guys and do not want to share anything with you.
    Things are coming where you are going to to suffer… at a minimal it is going to be Federalism(community)… the bantous and the tikars cannot cohabitate.
    You guys are f&*K%ing your mothers and marry your cousins, and worship skulls from you parents… These are not bantou values… you are the badluck of cameroon.Iif it was not for Europeans, we will not be in the same country.. we do not come to your areas… you are going to be kicked out from ours

    Graffi are a plague