3 médecins Ligériens rapatriés du Cameroun

tl7 | Ces 3 médecins viennent tout juste de rentrer dans la Loire. Ils sont partis le 13 mars au Cameroun pour effectuer une mission humanitaire qui devait durer 15 jours.

Mais le 16 mars, la France entame une période de confinement et les docteurs Girardin, Bouchet et Durand doivent être rapatriés. Le Centre Hospitalier du Forez a besoin d’eux d’urgence ! Mais tout ne se passe pas comme prévu au Cameroun….

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  1. Poor LRC. The US is benefiting enormously from thousands of Cameroonians who are top doctors practicing in different parts of the Country. Why so many Cameroonians doctors in the USA? The LRC Regime simply does not value them… what a shame and the Country would suffer greatly now and the good thing is that those hyenas barons of the Regime cannot go out of Cameroon for medical consultation. COVID-19 would render justice to them

  2. Badluck biya just destroyed a country, before departing. His croonies, are licking
    their wounds now and confused on how the days ahead, will look like. They never,
    thought that it would come to pass – his excellence president paul biya left, right, north
    etc etc. Ah he forgot the expensive Chinese limousine behind. What a man and a life?
    Dull thing, he left no good legacy. And he was told this.

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