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3 soldiers killed in ambush on army patrol in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Dec. 12 Xinhua | At least three soldiers were killed and one seriously injured as armed separatists ambushed the armed forces on a patrol on Wednesday in Widikum, a locality in Cameroon’s crisis-stricken English-speaking region of Northwest, security sources said on Thursday.

Separatists claimed 10 soldiers were killed in the ambush, but army sources said the information is false, adding that two separatists were “neutralized and several others escaped with injuries” when the army hit back.

Since 2017, Cameroon has been facing a separatist armed conflict in its two Anglophone regions that has displaced over 530,000 people internally and caused hundreds of deaths, according to the United Nations.

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  1. its just so sad how foolish these etupid politicians are..
    Their kids are in France, USA and most western countries..Their families are far away from the crisis..They are sending poor, brutal, primitive soldiers in regions they dont know..These primitive BIR folks from BETI-BULU land are being killed in southern cameroon..All they have done so far is rape, brutalize civilians, steal property and burn houses and property..In the francophone region BIR is feared but in Southern cameroon, untrain young boys have thouht them a lesson..Its high time thse idiots from ETOUDI understand that this is a political problem that needs a political solution . They will never and can never win this war..Southern cameroonians are a different people with a different culture and mentality-Very solid people.

  2. Only the war can and will resolve the Anglophone Question.
    The so-called Major National Dialogue aka BIYALOGUE aka KAMTOLOGUE was a sheer waste of precious time, energy and taxpayers money.
    Believe me or not, the FINAL solution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine. There is absolutely nothing Dictator Biya, Macron or whosoever can do to prevent the final resolution.


    • After 58 years of INFORMAL cohabitation, it is now abundantly clear that citizens of “one and indivisible” sc and those of “one and indivisible” LRC can NEVER EVER live together in peace.
      Dictator Biya, therefore, made a fatal mistake to declare war on Southern Cameroonians. He inadvertently gave Southern Cameroonians a golden opportunity to restore their statehood by kicking LRC out from SC.
      Patriotic Southern Cameroonians will continue to support Amba boys FINANCIALLY in order to enable them to protect the homeland.
      The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE, the war remains UNWINNABLE.
      It is easy to start a war. However, it is extremely difficult to stop a war. Biya has trapped himself.
      He is a prisoner of his own policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free SC from himself.

  3. Just keep taking them out one after the other. Enablers and Accomplices among us will also pay the price.

    The day Kamto will step foot into Ambazonia will be his last day because he will be taken out.



  5. How did they get to widikum in the first place? Our Boys, have to be united
    and fight like one man.
    Surely @ Ambaman, enablers – Fru Ndi / Balla etc, even the Cardinal, have
    to be in the past. They are enablers and enablers and enablers. Time for
    justice and action is now.

  6. LRC cannot claim the exact number of death on their own camp. We need to feed these kids to keep fighting.

  7. Be aware of retaliation fellas. A soldier’s life is worth 18 terrorists. Cameroon will be cleansed of cockroaches. On va nettoyer la racaille!

    • Time will tell, u think say na time for marquizar this? Wuna go wash hand, remember say now so na only we di fight empty handed without any support.When support go enter wuna go mpoum.

  8. Les gens sont venus vers vous, ils vous ont tendu la main et qu’avez-vous fait? Non seulement vous les mordez et poignardez dans le dos, vous les insultez, les torturez, les massacrez et vous osez prétendre qu’il y ‘aurait pire là bas ? Que peuvent-ils voir de pire avec plus de 15.000 morts, des ressources pillées, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites ? Pour vous, ce sont des rats, des cafards, des Bamenda, des (NOSO = maladie, illness), ce sont des ambafools, ce sonts des ambazombies etc… However, la liberté est un droit humain et nous allons etre libre de mettre en expression nos talents, nos conceptions et notre créativité sans avoir à subir votre esclavagisme francophone.

    English = Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA)
    French = La republique du Cameroun

  9. Restoration forces, should go in for targetted attacks. That simplifies it. No room for pity
    at this time around.

  10. LRC quit Ambazonia
    Bye bye la Ripoublique francopone du Cameroun

    Ambazonia is not and will never be part of Ripoublique.

    Gardez votre statut de M.E.R.D.E pour la poubelle. NOUS n’en voulons pas.
    20,000 morts, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites, des boutiques pillées pour des clopinettes ? NAN.
    We shall fight to achieve a full update of the newer version of the next gen software. TOTAL FREEDOM.

    Anglophones are people from the Southern Cameroons. Speaking English does not make you an Anglophone in the context of the CAMEROONS. Le fait de m’exprimer en français ne fait pas de moi un Francophone.

    Un Anglophone = From the Southern Cameroons (The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia made of 13 counties)
    Un Francophone = From French Cameroun and its provinces.

  11. Killed by political incompetence. With the benefit of assault rifles, power rounds, improvised explosive devices, camouflage, concealment, surprise and complete knowledge of countryside, Cameroun’s security forces merely drive into traps set up by Ambazonian nationalists. The first side to strike on target wins.

    Military victory not possible for Mr. Biya, the United States has warned. Negotiate with truth and justice to end violence.

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