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31 armed separatists surrender

MENAFN | Local authorities in Cameroon’s restive English-speaking region of Northwest declared that 31 armed separatists have surrendered and started re-integration operation into society.

Sixtus Gabsa, Northwest regional director of the National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee (NDDRC) confirmed: “We have 31 ex-fighters who have already dropped their weapons and have come to the re-integration center. Twenty-five boys and six girls. We have been informed that three others are at the general’s office pending transfer to the center.”

Officials added that the action gave a “dignified” exit for previous combatants and prospects for social reintegration, and would raise hopes for the restore of calm and normalcy.

Adolphe Lele Lafrique, the Northwest region’s governor urged: “I call on each and everyone to mobilize and ask our young people who are still in the bushes to come to the disarmament center. They will be well received, trained and will face no legal charges.” 

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    FAKE Amba boys created by ex-convict Atanga Nji have “disarmed”. LRC is already rejoicing.



      The Governor of the Far North region also presented 250 FAKE Boko Haram militants who had “disarmed”. Boko Haram reacted by intensifying her attacks on LRC
      Ex-convict Atanga Nji is simply taking citizens of LRC for a ride.

      Believe me or not, GENUINE Amba boys will NEVER EVER lay down weapons.
      Dictator Biya created his so-called commission on DISARMAMENT: The IG created a commission on ARMAMENT to upgrade the weapons of Amba boys.


      LRC is a country ruled by deceit, deception and terror

      1. FAKE transparency International elections observers were presented to journalists in Yaounde. Transparency International protested
      2. LRC terrorists massacred two women with their two children in the Far North. Tchiroma claimed that the crimes were committed in Mali. Mali protested. Amnesty International then used satellite imagery to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the crime scene was in LRC. LRC later accepted
      3. LRC terrorists have burnt down more than 300 ( three hundred) villages in SC. However, LRC always claims that Amba boys were responsible. Unfortunately for LRC, General Melingui confessed to international journalists that his soldiers were responsible. He was immediately dismissed
      4. etc, etc, etc.


      To add insults to injuries, Dictator Biya appointed a conman, school dropout, ex-convict and murderer as Interior minister. This criminal has the proven track record of a pathological liar and a mastery of the art of dirty tricks. He has intensified the dissemination of lies and FAKE statistics. Examples of his fake statistics are:

      1. 75.000 families in SC have benefitted from the so-called “Plan d’urgence”
      2. 90 % of voters in the SC participated in the presidential elections
      3. 250 Boko Haram militants have surrendered their weapons
      4. etc

      This conman even had the effrontery to deceive parliamentarians that the disarming of “secessionists” was moving smoothly. Hence calm and normalcy will soon be restored. However, the reality is different from the lies of ex-convict Nji.

    • Why you can go join the fight terrorist, you re making too much big noise with your empty brain.

  2. Chose guns were made by ndah ngreh zam zam kikikiki

  3. That gun was made in NDAH NGREH zam zam industry kikikiki

  4. Perfect guns made in NDAH NGREH zam zam, s industry kikkiki

    • Ni, those guns are going to be used to scare elephants away from the corn farm!

      Chia Chi is on GZ, for knock door(S) tho…

  5. How many colonial subdivisional officers still operate in rural areas of Ambazonia? If everything is under control and Amba boys are disarming why was the colonial president of the high court in Bangem, Kupe Maneguba staying but at Mile 16 in Buea?

    Ambazonia is gone.

  6. Nonsense say reintegration. In fact, reintegration my sh:thole! One man one AK campaign needs to intensify until the national AK campaign completes. Yesterday, Amba Boys in Bamenda took the fight through Hospital Roundabout to commercial q Avenue in broad daylight. Come and see how the terrorist BIRs fled! Is this what this idiotic big nose Gabsah Moses calls reintegration? I challenge you Gabsah to go and start in your village Balikumbat to disarm Amba Boys if you have the balls. You can’t even step foot in your own village again. Refugee IDP still working for the chief etoudi criminal day president of disarmament commission. Ambazonians fight till your last blood. These criminals must pack out of our territory and we will make them do so by fire by fury.

  7. When they will graduate and given 100,000 frs. to establish and it is gone,
    that is when we shall know the true results of gov`t intentions.
    Since blood is thicker than water, they remain Amba boys / girls forever.

  8. Big fake news and shame to Biya and his gang

  9. Real FAKE NEWS. I saw images of BIR slaughtered in Bali Nyonga when they staged an invasion to fish out Amba Boys, kill young boys from 10years old and burn houses. but they met their waterloo. It happened just last week, and they are here talking of disarmament. As one of our guys on this forum said earlier,REAL Amba Boys wouldn’t disarm. “Independence is our National Anthem”

  10. FAKE

  11. The war of Anglophone Cameroon independence.
    300 villages burnt by French Cameroon militia.
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    550,000 internal refugees
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    130,000 children no school
    These are staged events of civilians who will be executed by the militia like they executed women and children in north Cameroon
    The French Cameroon militia is not a republican army like in Sudan or Algeria. They are a militia for the tribal regime.
    They will execute you if you foolishly follow them.
    When they declared war in November 2017 on Anglophones were there any Amba boys?
    The militia are for the tribal regime not for Anglophones
    Runaway from them and defend your life
    They will execute you.
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ

  12. Why have they not rehabilitated those they had arrested since 2016 or am i just
    missing the point, meaning, that they are somewhere, receiving such training?

  13. Bunch of lies by the idiots lrp agents, there is no turning back. keep posting fake news here

    • I wonder why the White French speaking Canadians call themselves Québécois or Quebecers and don’t call themselves Francophones even though most of them can trace their ancestry to the French settlers and the White English speaking Canadians don’t call themselves anglophones even though most of them can trace their ancestry to the British settlers. It’s only foolish Africans who will identify themselves by using their colonial master’s languages. What a shame. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery my so-called Ambazonia brothers and sisters for none but ourselves can free our minds. As the great lady from Liberia said and I quote “There is no such thing as Anglophone or Francophone Cameroon but there is Cameroon” end of quote.

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