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36 People abducted in restive Anglophone region by gunmen

All India Radio | In Cameroon, 36 passengers were abducted in restive Anglophone region on Tuesday by gunmen along the Buea-Kumba highway in the Southwest.

The area is one of the two war-torn English-speaking regions of Cameroon. According to the bus drivers who were let off, passengers were ordered to step down and hand over their identification cards.

They were then taken to the bush to an unknown destination. Movement along the highway has been halted and the search for the hostages has been launched, according to local authorities.

Cases of kidnapping are on the rise amid escalating conflict in the troubled English-speaking regions of the largely French-speaking African country.
In November, a group of 79 school children was kidnapped in Bamenda, the most populous city of Northwest, another English-speaking region. The Cameroonian government has blamed armed separatists for the rampant abductions.

The separatists are fighting to secede from Cameroon and create a nation called “Ambazonia” in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest.

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    The handiwork of the FAKE Amba boys created and sponsored by ex-convict Atanga Nji.


      On Thursday or Friday, the hostages will be “rescued” by the BIR.
      LRC media outlets will then have a field day with the “success story”

  2. The World Bank must be worrying quite a bit about loan repayments, given the rate of depopulation of able-bodied taxpayers fleeing abroad for greener pastures, being abducted and held in Kondengui or simply slaughtered an buried in Mass graves.
    Bui Division, home to Cardinal Christian Tumi and General Ivo Desancio Yenwo, the man credited with personally saving President Paul Biya’s life during the April 6, 1984 coup d’Etat is said to be a wasteland right now. Hopefully some of the Chadian mercenaries will be compensated with Ivo’s relatives’ lands left behind.

    • The World Bank is concerned about removing demons like you and others of your ilk from civilised society.

  3. When child soldiers and thugs are hired by intellectuals to orchestrate a rebellion on their behalf, what do you expect?

    Were Chadian soldiers involved, Amba boys would have been yelling by now to have BIR back…

  4. Some just think Atangha Nji is out and silenced. The man is serious underground
    and his boys are recking havoc and so the lion man can not accept dialogue.
    His brother in crime- ngole ngole, is still working hard for some new portfolio.
    No one, will inherit Anbaland, except Ambalanders themselves.

  5. Go down, Moses!
    Way down to larepublique waste land!
    Tell Pharoah, Phaaaaaroah!
    To let my people go.

    And indeed Ambazonia will be inherited by her children, nothing Atanga Nji does can change that fact

  6. Everyday they talk of arrest, abduction, kidnapping, killings in Anglophone Cameroon from foreign media.
    The Francophone predominant media in Cameroon in accordance with Yaoundé editorial restrictions are unable to tell the truth the masses.
    No country intentionally decimates 20% of its people and land and rise out of Poverty.
    War is not cheap both human and non human capital.
    In tribal Equatorial Africa where dictators are made kings, the good of a nation is destroyed so a few can die in power.
    After 60yrs of Francophone rule in a constitutionally bilingual country a simple structural reform to train enough teachers and lawyers to man classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon resulted in war.
    Very low IQ approach, reason why we are so backward
    Who is fooling who?

    • @Lum
      Remain quiet. You just an idiot. How Long will it take you to know that Cameroon will never be divided? Secessionist Mission failed. You and your followers and not francophones are raining havoc on innocent anglophones through adbuction on ransom,rapping, destruction of properties, stealing and killing. Bunch of lunatics.

  7. dirty amba my lass……..thieves in disguise. I hope the military will crush them so bad….

  8. All this ANGLOPHINE C.P.D.M loyalist on this forum. You all are lost souls to the Occultic OCTOGENARIAN PREACH ALL USELESS LIES BUEA IS YOUR ANSWER(PAUL BIYA). BUNCH OF LUNATICS.