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4 killed as hospital torched in Cameroon

Douala gulfnews | Four people died when gunmen raided a hospital and burnt it to the ground in western Cameroon where anglophone separatists have been fighting troops, witnesses and a local official said Monday.

The incident occurred in Kumba, a town which serves as the commercial hub for the anglophone region and which has been badly hit by the violence between separatists and Cameroon troops that began in October 2017.

Attackers killed four people and burnt down the hospital.

– Cameroon hospital administrative official

“Attackers killed four people and burnt down the hospital,” said an administrative official in the Kumba region, confirming information from a witness.

It was not immediately clear whether the victims were shot or died in the fire, nor whether they were patients at the facility.

Another local source said it appeared separatists were behind the attack.

The incident occurred on National Youth Day, the anniversary of the 1961 referendum which saw Cameroon’s western English-speaking areas joined onto the francophone areas which had just won independence from France.

Kumba lies about 70 kilometres (45 miles) north of Buea, capital of the Southwest region which along with the Northwest region is home to an anglophone minority that accounts for about a fifth of the country’s population.

Both areas, which were once ruled by Britain, have long complained of discrimination at the hands of the French-speaking majority and where separatists are fighting for independence.

Since the start of February, at least four people have been killed in Buea, one of whom was decapitated, as separatists announced plans to disrupt the February 11 anniversary.

Over the past 16 months, there have been regular clashes between troops and groups of separatists who have attacked police stations, schools and staged mass kidnappings.

UN figures show around 437,000 people have been forced out of their homes by the ongoing conflict, with another 32,000 fleeing across the border to neighbouring Nigeria.

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  1. `the francophone area which had just won independence from France`, is too
    mean a statement from anyone. What is independence? Why is the country
    under the old tyrant Biya, fighting to separate today etc?

    • @joshua

      you have nothing to saying ” terrorist” sooooooooooooooooo dulllllllllllllllll

      • @ bamenda Boy

        Where has this dim-wit resurfaced from? The kitchen became too hot and you vamoosed. Ape.




      **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      “Sur les hautes instructions du chef de l’État chef de l’armée terroriste, nous avons demandé à nos éléments du B.I.R de brûler l’hôpital district de Kumba”

      M. Joseph Beti-Bulu Assomo


      Apologists of the satanic junta are trying to hide the truth about the arson in Kumba. However, they have failed woefully.
      An eyewitness secretly made videos of the arsonists in flagrante delicto. All attempts to put this crime at the doorsteps of Amba boys will therefore backfire.
      The US has already indicted LRC for burning down Kumba General Hospital. Shortly after the shameful arson, retired US Ambassador Cohen, in a tweet, castigated La Republique for committing war crimes.

      1. The momentum of the liberation struggle remains UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war remains UNWINNABLE
      3. Apologists of the satanic junta no longer sing the song “After the elections, Biya will do THIS…, after the elections, Biya will do THAT…”


      Go to the homepage of Tapang Ivo Tanku.
      You will see a video of LRC terrorists burning down the Kumba Districk Hospital

      The video has also been sent to the ICC, the US Embassy, Amnesty Internation and other internatioal organisations.
      LRC can no longer be deceiving the world about who torched the hospital
      LRC will one day pay for this crime against humanity.
      A “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” with the evil citizens of LRC is no longer possible.

      • Thanks for feeding facts from diverse sources. One can only admire your genuine effort at researching by digging around instead of relying on stereotypical armchair reports authorities dish out to narcotize a citizenry into gullibility.
        A good judge does not have to be present at the scene of a crime to pin down the aggressor. Facts often speak for themselves.

        The burning down of Kumba Hospital is an item that can be linked to other items (connecting the dots) to give a bigger picture. Consider all the previous acts of arson in both the NW and SW, add to these the massive shooting of civilians, and then President Paul Biya’s November 30,2017 declaration of war on Anglophones, all after his self-debasing projection as the “meilleur eleve” of France. Finally, refer to what departing French

  3. CrythybelovedCountry

    Paul Biya withdraw your troops and stop this senseless war.A few days ago in the village of Bole Bakundu close to Kumba the Cameroon army massacred close to 40 civilians who came to buy food in the market.Why all these killings Mr President?Why are you afraid to call for an open and frank dialogue?Do you want to kill all the Anglophones before you stop the war?Was it a crime for Anglophones to vote to join your country?Where is the international community?

    • Fan of Makontripipo-com

      The government will not dialogue with terrorists!
      You claim that a few days ago 40 civilians were massacred in Bole Bakundu when they went to buy food in the Market. Given that ambafool terrorist, eric tataw , made it clear that anyone who disobeys the lock down call will be knocked out (killed), it is safe to conclude that these civilians were killed byeEric tataw’s men.

      eric tataw and the ambafool terrorists will kill anyone in the NW/SW who does not agree with their deluded thoughts.

      You have to follow the political process if you want to dialogue with the government.

      You do not demand dialogue by wearing amulets (odeshi), intoxicating yourself with marijuana and tramol and terrorizing the local population with dane guns! Burning schools and hospitals is not the path to dialogue!

  4. all ambasonias should be eliminated please take the gun and fight

  5. Give the separatists all the bad tags you want but the world knows that the terrorist soldiers of Biya invaded the hospital and burn it down because they suspected staff treat wounded civilians who’ve picked up arms to defend themselves and their communities against a genocide. This is the height of evil and wickedness. What ever you do to hurt us we will fight back till the last man standing until Ambazonia is free because it’s our home.

    • @ambaPekin
      Which world? Are you not aware that the world knows of all the beheadings, torture , burning of Schools, adbuction of school children and abduction on ransom executed by the amba terrorists? You’re all idiots. I am also an anglophone and no anglophone has the right to impose his or her stupid will on me. Keeping fighting and don’t forget that it will end oneday.

      • Well said @ jampsy. These ambafools don’t represent us the majority of anglophones. These idiots are wicked terrorists. They have destroyed our economy and made it impossible for us to visit our brothers and sisters with their kidnappings and beheadings. They kidnap anybody from the diaspora who venture to visit their families and demand ransom. How can you burn down hospitals and schools in anglophone towns and villages and claim to be fighting for anglophones? These ambafools invaded the home of my cousin (a lawyer) in Buea and threatened to kidnap his son if he didn’t pay the sum of 300,000frs. These fools need to be stopped by any means necessary. The only anglophone town you can visit now which is a bit safe is Limbe.

  6. This is senseless.

    The people who the Ambaboys are supposedly fighting for are suffering the most. If they are very serious and willing to die for the cause the most logical thing to do would be to take the fight to Douala and Yaounde other French speaking areas.

    There are higher value targets there that will make bigger statements and impacts and of course not put their fellow brothers and sisters lives at risk. Plus Biyas Soldier will not be as trigger happy in their own side of the country.

    The entire approach and strategy needs a rethink otherwise unfortunately, thousands and thousands more will lose their lives.

    • Amba terrorists can’t match the firepower of the Cameroon military. Anyone who thinks Amba terrorist can win a war of Independence without foreign support is outright delusional.

      • As usual, The Beti-Bulu habit of denial, lies and their way or the highway. Amba Boys have made CAF rescind the AFCON 2019, driven our all the DOs and colonial puppets, crippled CDC and Brasseries, deprived Yaounde of Anglophone taxes and above all, made NW and SW ungovernable, reduced revenue at Duala port by 55% yet you prefer to behave exactly like your master Biya in obfuscating the truth, deceive the world all is OK and skip talking about a biting problem in your 11 feb presidential youth day speech. Why should they go and attack Yaounde or Douala when their focus is liberating their homeland from LRC and French grip. Ur prayer to tag them Terrorist and introduce a ppl attack won’t work. Ambazonia is becoming a contender gradually. General Walburger is already talking about it.

    • @Hein

      It’s disappointing for you as a former US military officer to think like the same dictators that are destroying tropical Africa. My family was a patient in the hospital and overheard the assailants speaking in French. Just like they struggled to impose the death of Wesco on Amba Boys it will fail once again. The track record of this criminals reveal a burning tendency to punish the population and turn them against the struggle but it will not work. They burn down markets, previous hospitals, kill medical staff up to the point of attacking the American Baptist hospital in Kumbo and the staff had to call the embassy to tell them to back off. Is that how a state army operates? Amba Boys don’t need to go to yaounde and Douala bc Suicide and open display of strength is unnecessary.

      • Stop identifying people here. Making placea ungovernable and causing chaos is not narion building it just makes everybody poorer. Nothing willbe gained from all this, atroxitiea have been xarried out by both sides. Nobody is beinf fooled. Bolo boys cannot form a nation.

        • Stop identifying people here. Making a place ungovernable and causing chaos is not nation building it just makes everybody poorer. Nothing will be gained from all this. Atocities have been carried out by both sides. Nobody is being fooled. Bolo boys cannot form a nation.

        • @Mbindo

          Shut the F&$k up. Did the individual I’m addressing not use his name? When you cannot even type and have a head with no substance you twist things to become a moral judge. Idiot. From the video evidences we have forwarded to BBC, CNN AlJAZEERA et al, it is now been reported squarely that the terrorist BIR burnt down the hospital in suspicion it treats separatist fighters. Just as I put it. Go and hang.

      • You see the way you responded? That proves you are no better than the terrorist BIR, this attitude will ultimately cause the failure of whatever you are championing. Incompetence and intolerance will be your Achilles heel. When I point to the moon do not look at the lamp post, no struggle that flagellates its own people to impress others has succeeded.

    • @ Heine, This one don pass me my brother. These so-called Ambazonians have completely destroyed the economy in the anglophone areas. They burn down schools and prevent anglophone children from going to school, they burn down hospitals in anglophone towns and villages, they kidnap or threaten to kidnap anglophones and demand ransom like they did to my cousin who had to pay 300,000frs to safe his son from being kidnapped. How can they claim they are fighting for the good of anglophones? Like you said if this is for the liberation of anglophones, why can’t they take the fight to Mvomeka where it will hurt Biya and not anglophones? These Ambazonians are a bunch of criminals not liberators.

  7. The same militia that executed babies and women in the north of Cameroon, executed youngmen and burnt down their villages has burnt down the Kumba district hospital as a trophy!
    Who is the BIR in Cameroon? A tribal militia trained by foreign powers only to protect the president, financial maintained by the president and directly accountable only to the president not to any military commander or general.
    They are not accountability to anyone so they can execute , steal, burn, rape, extort etc knowing they will go free.
    So far 550,000 Anglophones are displaced
    150,000 refugees in Nigeria
    30,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    250 villages burnt
    The Germans were quiet as the Nazis killed the Jews, the majority are quiet as the BIR kills Anglophones.
    Very Low IQ people.

    • @ Lum stop these your lies. The hospital was burnt down by your Ambafools. It was not the BIRs who invaded my cousin’s house and threatened to kidnap his son if he didn’t pay them 300,000frs, It was your Ambazonia thugs. These your thugs are going around committing atrocities and you keep on blaming the BIRs. The only anglophone town that is a bit safe to visit and safe from the daily atrocities committed by your thugs is Limbe. If you don’t believe me try and visit any other anglophone town or village and see what those your Ambazonia thugs will do to you if they know that you are coming from Europe, Canada or USA.

  8. And when the dumb war of the old tyrant will some day end, who has the task of rebuilding
    and equiping that hospital? Ahidjo built it and Biya has put it down. If death does not take him
    early, then he surely will have to ask for external help as usual, to rebuild it. Or whoever, will
    succeed him, has the uphill task of looking for free money, which like before, will fill some
    pockets at the expense of the people. In short, Biya`s plan, is dangerous and can not lead
    the country to any prosperity. If the people are any wiser, it is time to flush him out, like
    waste in a toilet. He is no good. People, wake up.

    • No sir!!!
      President Ahidjo did not build Kumba hospital.

      • Thanks pal for the correction. Now, lets see how it will look like in the aftermath of the war. The BIRs of concience and those of Anglo extraction, are there to tell it all, as it happened. I know, that the dumb frogs and the commander in chief, all don`t know this. That will be the deciding moment and those passing for the heros and big guys today, shall come to their good senses and regret for once. But it will be too late. Only death, oh death, that will set them free.

  9. A little effort at asking questions and seeking answers can go a long way if learning is a goal. A simple analysis of the pattern so far can be quite revealing.
    A survivor of the Menka massacre was followed and killed inside a health center in Akum where he was receiving treatment. A nurse and his wife were shot dead in Batibo for attending to wounded Amba boys. A Muyuka health center was burnt by troops scouting for Ambazonian fighters. This same scenario was repeated in Mbengwi, Bali, Bamessing, Ekona and now Kumba.
    Boasting about top grade instruction from American and Israeli experts is one thing, putting such training into practice is another.

    • One simple question to ask is:”Who stands to gain from burning Kumba hospital?” A better question is”Who stands to lose by it?”
      A careful answer leads to exactly the same conclusion for both. Let me attempt the second of the two. An Ambazonian self-defense fighter who is native to the region has a greater probability of being treated in Kumba hospital than a soldier from far away, especially a Chadian mercenary enlisted to do the dirty job. Being much more emotionally attached to Kumba hospital, he is a more likely candidate to lose by setting the hospital ablaze.

      • @JD, when the rebuilding shall take place, which one, will be good or better
        in structure, equipment etc? I know that hospital well well, because i used to attend it. To conclude, i will say God`s hand, is at play also. What about that?

  10. @Fan of Makontripipo-com Did u say that the gov’t will not dialogue with terrorist? ha ha ha..did the terrorists tell u they want to dialogue with the gov’t? The terrorists wants to negotiate the terms of seperation.They don’t want to dialogue and still stay in one country with Biya and his gang.For 26 years,Biya’s gov’t could not put in place ordinary decentralisation,and u say that they cannot dialogue with terrorists?who says the terrorists want to dialogue with them? to talk about what? about the same decentralisation that the gov’t of Biya promised to put in place some 26 years ago? do u see Biya as a partner for peace until u are recommending that he sits on the dialogue table even if there is going to be one?

    • Kongosa,

      you are going nowhere.

      Tell your mov’t to join other mov’ts and let a new strategy be planed. The way out is not necessarily through the barrel, dictators love just that—they need the very last drop of haemoglobin b4 giving up—even Odeishi cannot scare them.

      If all anti-Biya mov’ts can now join forces, and launch a simple civil disobedience campaign nationwide, just for a month. Etoudi vampires are going to start jumping off the ship, one after the other.

      Once CMR is Etoudi-free, we’ll even have no need for a federation.

      This was the tactic of Mme Walla prior to the crisis, and it is the only feasible way to keep Etoudi vampires running to their graves—4get the gun way…

      • My brother Zam-Zam, You are wasting your time. These ambafools are not interested in anything good for anglophones or Cameroon. This is a money making crap. These idiots invaded the home of my cousin who is one of the anglophone lawyers who marched with Balla and threatened to kidnap his son if he did not pay 300,000 CFA. They are all thieves. How long are they going to keep on making the lives of poor anglophones miserable for the rich ones have all ran to Douala or Yaounde with their children? May the almighty God punish all of them.

        • Bob, such a call is for moderates in their mov’t. Nobody can join forces with Tapang or Tataw, the half-NGR, who burns Anglos in hospitals. After all, his NGR relatives are all at bay in Awala. Which CMR Anglo would burn down a hospital? Anyway, fund-raisers should shed no tears, no MAN no run nor cry…

    • Operation eliminate anglophones by BIR. Sad indeed! This hospital is at Up Station … an area that hosts the tightest security/military bases (Gendarmerie, Army, Central Prison, SDO’s office, etc). This is purely the work of BIR. I rest my case.

      • @Picka, you won the trophy, boy. Kudos.
        The unfortunate thing here, is that with the mindset of people back there,
        some will quickly rally to condemn and place blame on Amba boys, as
        usual, for the sake of pleasing ETOUDI for positions in the EVIL empire.
        I bet anyone this.

  11. @Fan of Makontripipo-com Even if there is going to be a dialogue,Biya is not qualified to sit on the table.A man who actively participated to create a problem in 1972 and when he was appointed PM in 1975 and made the constitutional successor of Ahidjo that same 1975,he continued,to the extent that he single handedly changed the name of country from United Republic of Cameroon to LRC when he became president in 1982, has suddenly becomes the man to dialogue and solve the anglophone problem? ha ha ha ha…wonders shall never end.Until u have the legs to stand and tell people that he cannot dialogue with terrorists? ha ha ha..Did the terrorists say they want to dialogue with him?

  12. @Fan of Makontripipo-com Since this war started,LRC army have not killed up to 50 Amba fighters.If they have been killing Amba fighters,they would have won the war by now.They instead waste,their catridges on unarmed civilians,while Amba fighters are waxing stronger and stronger that explains why they will never win the war,becos the real Amba fighters are not targetted.Just look at the carnage in bole-bakundu.Are those Amba fighters? Do u think by killing unarmed civilians u are winning the war? no, u are losing,becos that will only cause people to desert their villages and there will be nobody for your colonial administrators to govern.

  13. @Zam-Zam ”you are going nowhere”. Ha ha ha ..so,u have jumped out of your hide-out to come and answer @KONGOSA,hum? So,if we are going no where,can u boast that Y’de is going some where? Amba Boys have made CAF withdrew AFCON 2019, driven DOs and colonial puppets, crippled CDC and Brasseries, deprived Yaounde of Anglophone taxes and above all, made NW and SW ungovernable, reduced revenue at Douala port by 50% and u say they are going nowhere?just wait? before the end of this year,Y’de will go down on her knees.
    Instead of targetting the real fighters and neutralize them,in order to restore stability in the shortest time possible,your army is busy targetting unarmed civilians.How will targetting unarmed civilians,restore stability in NW and SW when the real fighters are still alive?

    • Hahahahaha, Kongosa!

      Etoudi cannot be brought down to its knees with the gun or in a solo manner. Forces must join hands for that to happen.

      Jean DD Momo has leaked the secret, although many are yet to decode it, as they instead believe in the fairy tale that he is against bamis. Etoudi has created a militia, masterminded by Chantou and her Akonolinga-gangsters—it no longer depends on Popol alone. Their plan is very clear: either it is them who’ll inherit power, or CMR will go down. There is no middle line in-between.

      The only medicine to that macabre plan would be to join forces and face that Chantou-clan en masse. BIR cannot kill the whole of CMR on the streets.

      That is what Mme Walla was covertly planning, and it is the only way we can save CMR without Rwanda…

  14. John Dinga ….your analysis is based on the assumption that the run-of-the-mill amba thug from kumba is a rational upstanding citizen. Kumba is notorious for the miscreant who inhabit that crummy city. This are people who (not all of them) prior to this conflict would delight themselves in destroying roads by burning tires on them for no apparent reason.
    I would like to agree with you analysis however, I know this people and I cannot put this past them.

    • Why are they burning tires on the road? or why are they `miscreant`. Why is that city,
      a `crummy city`? Answers to these questions, tell you that things are no better there.
      K- town, is what it is, thanks to the effort of few goodminded individuals and foreigners.
      The rest, are only `chop people dem money` guys. Even the so call chief, is a stranger
      to his own city, busy disturbing its progress.
      God is working, to make what Biya couldn`t do in 38 years of bad rulership, to happen
      within 10 years of reconstruction. That is what, many don`t yet know now.

    • Please learn to distill carefully. Kumba’s miscreants have always been there as has the Kumba hospital itself. Look for the extraneous entity in the mix instead of toying to jumble everything.

    • There are too many Nigerians in Kumba and they have all joined the Ambafools to destroy our towns and villages. They are the ones who burnt down the hospital as they don’t give a damn about the Kumba people. Who do you think always set the Kumba market on fire before this conflict started?

      • The children of MENKA – PINYIN that were slaughtered close to your Santa heritage, were they also tainted Nigerian bloods? Xenophobic tribalist mostly hail from the jungle of Sangmelima, Ambam, Ayos, Akonolinga, Mbalmayo, Mvomeka, etc so I won’t for one second doubt you are and IMPOSTOR.

        • They were slaughtered by your Ambazonia thugs because they refused to join your terrorist organization. God can never bless hate. Your terrorist organization will never ever succeed even if you burn down all anglophone schools and hospitals.

  15. The SDO for Kumba, says he will `put a hand` on those who are putting fear in the minds
    of the people. What if the BIRs are responsible for the burning of the hospital, when the
    dust settles?
    These promotion mongers in the country, make my day always.

  16. John Dinga… My point is if these people would do such silly things when there was “law and order” and a clear deterrent what would they not do when chaos reigns ?

  17. @bobjazz ”These ambafools are not interested in anything good for anglophones or Cameroon”..You don’t need to shout on roof top to say that u are an an anglophone.No anglophone will call another anglophone ”biafra”…Except u are the anglophone that have eaten bread and sardine.So,stop deceiving yourself,u are a bamileke anglophone….

    • You Ambazonians are Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood. Nyangi mami and Cameroon papa. I am a Santa free born “wan meumbo 100%”. You can never ever change it. You always call anglophones who don’t support your foolishness francophones or Biya supporters. It will never change us. I hate you f’cking Ambazonians. The Egyptians and the Burkinabes didn’t use hate , didn’t kidnap and ask ransom from their own people, didn’t behead their own people, didn’t burn down hospitals and schools or prevent their kids from going to school. They used the civilized way Zam-Zam is advising you to take down their dictator. Your stupid and uncivilized group is taking us back to the dark Rwanda days Africans have long moved away from. Your tainted Biafra blood has turned you guys into animals.

  18. Can you “ambazombians” provide prof of the so-called “ field marshal “ being alive?

  19. John Dinga…. its not a matter of wining or losing, you don’t come here to make a point by insulting people and calling them names, I think you’re very rational, and you make good thought provoking argument/comments. I think it is worthwhile saying that.
    Cheers my brother

  20. With all the fighting going on, a hospital should be the last place to think of burning. I weep for my innocent brothers/sisters of NW/SW who are paying a huge price for Biya’s greed . Biya means business and we must develop better ideas to be able to defeat Biya. Let’s learn from what happened in Zimbabwe and try to emulate such examples rather than inflicting untold sufferings on our people.