47th Edition of the National Day – 20 May 2019 – LIVE

Parade for the 47th Edition of the National Day – 20 May 2019 taking place in Yaounde, Cameroon

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  1. you can come in yde and says that ” terrorist “

  2. call the people all sorts of names..
    call them terrorist…
    Call them seccessionist..
    Call them Amba ..
    Those words dont really matter..
    The simple truth is:
    – Cameroon is at war…
    – If you want to make peace you need to dialogue with your enemies and not your friends…
    – We cannot spend time singing songs that cameroon is one when we all know its not true..
    – We need to start talking before the country falls apart. There was demonstration in Paris lead by the DIASPORA group BAS, there are killings in the North, there is a civil war in southern cameroons..
    -What is 20th may?..How important is this date to Cameroon?..If its the birth of a unitry state as many claim, then why celebrate it in 2019 when the country is not united?..
    Let this madness stop.. Too many deaths..Stop NOW

    • Our stretegic mistake was to have institutionalise seperation by celebrating unity instead of independence. Even worse the tragic was the decesion of maintaining French and English as language of instruction, culture and identity. Knowing that language is not for cominucation, but also the vehicle of a culture. We ended up with British and French hybrids without a culture grounded in thier tradition,and spiritual system,(PAYING RESPECT TO THE ANCESTORS). what we are currently witnessing now could be predicted 80 years ago. Seeing something before it happens is the responsibility of a leads in each civilization? Do we have an alead class? What is the solution? Making kiswahili already widely used in East Central and Southern Africa as language of instruction is the way forward.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      What matters is the fact that my brother Aaron Animbom Akiambom was brutally murdered by terrorists on orders from Sick Siku Ayuk Tabe just because he is a proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW!

      Aaron was a peace loving, Christian and very friendly man respected by all who came across him. Aaron was kidnapped by the amba terrorist who made several videos of him and broadcasted on the internet. IN some of the videos you can see the fear of death in Aarons eyes. Aaron wanted peace. He dialogued with his terrorist kidnappers. Aaron pleaded for his life stating he is just a simple civil servant from Bikom.

      The terrorists refused to dialogue with Aaron. Aaron was brutally crucified and died a very painful death!

      Do not spend time singing people from NW/SW are one when you are killing us!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      The ambas in the diaspora have been talking since 2016.

      The decisions that come out of their talks defy all logic. The ambas in the diaspora determined in 2016 that the first step towards autonomy is to outlaw education in the North West and South West!

      When you see the terrorism that the amba terrorists are dishing out on the people of the NW and SW you will be shocked that their scammer leaders are still walking freely in the diaspora. I mean how many people from the NW/SW have been murdered or lost their fingers on the orders of Tataw, sako, Anu bareta etc?

      When you watch videos of fights between the amba leaders u will realize how insane they are.

      I do not want to talk with evil amba terrorist supporters because they are insane and delusional according to the UNSC and Tibor Nagy.

    • Cameroon Libre

      @Biko. Brother I can agree more with your post. How important was this 20th May celebration more than a dialogue ? Our youth are getting radicalized day by day. The longer this go on, the more we risk to see the conflict spread everywhere. Cameroon Military can’t win this, this conflict is gong to bring Cameroon on his knees. Mr Biya needs to act very fast. Time is running out. Moi je suis Francophone. Ces gens qui appellent les anglophones terroristes doivent faire tres attention. Everyone has the right to defend himself when attack.This is call self defense. Some Francophnes also organizing to defend themselves. So be careful. The NOSO people didn’t start this war. C`est Paul Biya qui a commence cette guerre. Il faut regarder comment la geurre a commence et non les consequences.

      • Good contribution. I believe Cameroon can heal after Biya especially if the country becomes federated like Nigeria with state governments having a great deal of autonomy to support their people. I believe that the next leader will be courageous and will seek to erase Biya’s interminable mess. I pray for Cameroon.
        Cameroon must engage in inclusive dialogue and change corrupts institutions like ENAM, IRIC, ASMAC, INJS which have furthered the feeling of marginalization and aided Biya’s stay in power.
        GCE & Baccalaureate Boards should take over these exams and conduct them with integrity, not a tool to beef up the minister’s Swiss account. Every state will select it’s candidates on merit with room for structural adjustments for underrepresented groups. Simple ideas that will solve problems.

    • Cameroun army shoots a four months old baby in Muyuka South West region?The army of Paul Biya is a band of

  3. Tous fieres d’etre Camerounais!
    Vive le 237. Vivre la République du Cameroun.
    Vive le vert rouge jaune.

    This is CAMEROON! Love it or leave it.

    • I am sure somebody from the same tribe as Blaise Compaore made this same statement “This is BURKINA FASSO Love it or leave it.” a few years ago before Blaise Compaore was chased out of the country by the patriotic Burkinabes. Just to remind you my sister, what goes up must come down one day.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        I am proud to be a Cameroonian!

        Cameroon is not Paul Biya!

        Long Live 237
        Long live Green Red Yellow.

        Tis is Cameroon! You can love it, levae it or contribute to its development.

        We will not let anyone destroy Cameroon. Cameroon is a country and not a president! Cameroon is not Paul BIya!

        I am proud to be a Cameroonian from the North West Province and I am proud of my country!

        • Mr. Kumkum, don’t you have a job? You are running your mouth all over this forum like a loser. For your information I am a free born from Santa and love my Cameroon 100%. I know you are a Biya supporter trying to pass for a neutral person. I don’t buy it. you Biya supporters and the Ambazonia terrorists are the ones destroying Cameroon. Read my lips: Very very soon you will all be eradicated.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          What makes you assume that I need to have a job?

          Why are you so stupid to assume that the amount of time I spend on this forum is inversely related to the amount of time I have to spend at a job?

          I have nothing to sell to you! To me you are nothing but a dumb and stupid man from Santa who likes to make stupid assumptions in his head and then argue against those assumptions.

          The fact that you think I have something to sell to you tells me that you are exceptionally stupid! What makes you come up with such dumb assumptions?

          I am here to expose the scams, stupidity and terrorism of the ambas and express my love for my country Cameroon! Why does that make you mad? Why does my mission you irk you soo much? Is there any logic to your behavior?

          Are you insane or what?

        • @ Kumkum, First of all I was responding to Bikutsi’s comment before you started opening your big mouth about my write up as you do all over the forum. If you don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you. Learn to chose your battles before ranting all over the forum like a mad dog. You pinyin man, I won’t be surprised if you are Fire Fighter who has been corrupted by Biya to support his evil.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You just exposed your stupidity. You can not mess with me.

          Your initial comment to Bikutsi was very stupid. You made the stupid assumption that Cameroon is a President. I had no option but to point out your stupidity which you acknowledge in your second comment to Bikutsi.

          You acknowledged your own stupidity after it wa highlighted!

          I am here to expose the stupidity of the ambafools and people like you who. Rest assured that if I see any stupid comment posted by you I will make sure I highlight your stupidity unless the stupidity I very obvious to all to see.

      • @ Bobjazz
        Biya will pass, and Cameroon will still stand.

        I will still make the same statement; this is Cameroon, love it,or leave it!
        I’m talking about Cameroon, you are talking about Biya.
        There is a big difference!

        • It’s alright my sister. I thought you were trying to praise the dictator and his followers who are in the video. We all love our country Cameroon and wish the best for our people The Biya regime and the Ambazonia terrorists are not good for our beloved country and need to be eradicated and this can only be achieved through unity just as the Algerians and Burkinabes did.

        • I get your points. Let’s stay on message and work for the best for Cameroon. Biya is not better than anyone in Cameroon. Take off his suit and give him Khaki shorts with a T-shirt and he looks worse than any “ndose”.
          I wish the best for Cameroon but I can’t stand Biya no matter what. I am not a politically driven person but I must state the cliché ” a fish rots from the head down”.
          Biya has done everything to push Cameroon in this direction. In 2011, I warned that CPDM MP’s were slowly kicking the can down the road by advocating Biya to stay on for life especially as tensions embroiled in North Africa. Biya knew his actions could be dangerous but he foolishly rode on. He wanted to make history to be a loved despot but he doesn’t have any time to erase the dent on his image. A big shame !

  4. A country is very much like the human body. Whenever a part of the body is in pains, no matter how small the part, the entire body cannot perform at its best. A tooth ache is enough to cancel an appointment and go after the dentist!

    The health and well-being of Cameroon must not be measured only in terms of what is seen on May 20 Boulevard, given the well-known practice of ferrying persons from elsewhere to come and march to boost dwindling local support. The march on May 20 Boulevard in Yaounde does not quite rhyme with that in Paris, does it?

  5. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Happy National Day to all Proud Cameroonians.

    One Cameroon Oye!

  6. In a democracy, not the advance democracy of frauds / criminals, the placards on
    this day, today, should read: `BIYA must go and CPDM must be banned`. Living
    in falsehood, is not normal. The most reason, why i left Cameroon.

    • @ Joshua I totally agree with this your write-up. If you guys can stop that separation nonsense and instead concentrate in taking out this brutal dictator, then you will have more support from Cameroonians.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      IN the North West and South West where the masses are under constant attack from abazombie terrorists, the placards on this day in the NW and SW should read: “The rise of the Proud Cameroonians of the NW and SW AKA “BLACK LEGS”:

      The BLACK LEGS should match from on end of the city to the other signing the anthem:



      “Hail, Hail Hail the Kumkum Massa

      We proud Cameroonians we pledge our loyalty

      KumKum massa Kumkum massa

      You shall free our people from Terror

      And your blessings shall be like the stars above, the most high God shall be your Guide”

      Today is the day when the Black Legs should follow the example of the proud Cameroonians of Pinying and round up all amba terrorists in our communities.

    • @joshua

      finally you comes with your sense

      • I think Joshua’s message has often been quite measured and I like the way he puts it. Biya is the worst criminal in the country and “Biya must go” is aptly the correct messaging.
        There’s always a time to say enough is enough. Rigor & Moralization failed and Cameroon twice became the most corrupt country in the world. Take a look at the world map and imagine how that feels. “Cours de Coeurs ” (Give your heart’s) money was a state-sanctioned theft of public funds and Biya was quiet but gave one of those his recycled garbage speeches in support of the Lions whose funds he just stole. Biya’s message was empty and the players were disappointed and suffered their worst defeat in any tournament, 6-0 to Russia. Can Biya state that anyone citizen is as reckless as he is or more a criminal than him?

  7. 98 percent of all in la RIPOUBLIQUE is in FRENCH. Hundreds of hours of data collected. (Web sites, tv channels, newspapers, and all possible media. ALL IS FRENCH and you expect people from AMBAZONIA to understand FRENCH. Fake people. You cannot talk about people you don’t know anything about the history. All the media, the debates, the system, the methods and everything is 98% french. My dear Ambalanders, make man no fool wuna. Time di come and we go detail all the discussions, videos and everything. At the end, na 2 different countries. FRENCH = LRC ENGLISH = AMBAZONIA La ripoublique peut toujours chercher tant bien que mal à gagner du temps dans l’UNION de façade et de dupes. Au final, on va se retrouver avec 2 pays complètement différents.

    • @Wandy Marc

      you re a biggggggggggggggggg fool, I hope your forefather was speaking English ” rat”. what English are you speaking pidgin

  8. Tous ce qui ce fait dans la ripoublique des bananes est en français.WE ARE 2 different countries. ALL DEBATES SINCE DIS CRISIS don expose the comple ignorance of la Ripoublique concerning Ambazonia. ALL is French and All is French. The anglophone side no be visible at all. Imagine the cutout of internet. That one means say Anglophones dem na second hand citizen wey if dem decide for cut the data transfer, dem go do am. If people dem be di do domotique (home automation) and a control from distance through digital commands. Imagine interactive learning from a virtual space with data mining.We di live inside 2 different countries.There has never been a UNION.

  9. @Wandy Marc

    whatever u calls “la republic de banane” my question is who cares about your opinion terrorist.

    please dont drop your weapons ” nymfuka” the mercy Sisiku ” a Nigeria descends is coming rat.

  10. @Bobjaz, there is nothing like separation madness, but something, called PEACE.
    Everyone, ha a right to his own destiny. That was stollen away from Ambazonians,
    thus, we must fight to the last Ambazonian, to grab it back. When the PM calling
    us back to lrc, he was only being a sellout and dishonest. A true Ambazonian, will
    not act the way all PMs, have done. Can Dion Ngute, go freely to his village without
    a road {just a foot path} to talk peace even with the heavily armed men? No, he has
    sold his soul, to the devil. Poor educated rat he has become.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Nothing was stolen from ambazonians. The overwhelming majority of people of the NW and SW voted to join Cameroon to get independence. How can that be considered stealing?

      In fact Ambazonia does not exist and has never existed and you cant steal from a person or place that does not exist.

      The abolishment of education in the NW/SW is not PEACE, it is INSANITY!
      Locking down a whole province in doors cutting them from emergency medical care is not PEACE, it EVIL AND TERRORISM!

      Labelling all proud Cameroonians from the NW?SW who donot agree with your stupid secessionist goals is not PEACE, IT IS A DECLARATION OF WAR on all proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW who do not support the ambazombies.

      The proud Cameroonians of the NW?SW needs the gov’t to protect them from amba terror!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Labelling all proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW who do not agree with your stupid secessionist goals BLACK LEGS and ordering your terrorists to kill all BLACK LEGS is not PEACE, IT IS A DECLARATION OF WAR on all proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW who do not support the ambazombies.

    • @ Joshua How can you have peace by kidnapping and beheading those who disagree with you. I am a santa free born and don’t care about your Ambazonia nonsense. Your group is a minority and you can’t force the majority of anglophones to follow you, the reason your thugs are hiding in bushes and remote villages. There was never a country in this world called Ambazonia. A bunch of crooks in Maryland fabricated this stuff to make some cash and you think the majority of anglophones are stupid enough to follow them. Minalmi. Most of the people I know who were supporting your Ambazonia foolishness have all departed as a result of the kidnappings and demanding of ransom or beheading of other anglophones by your thugs

      • Amba-Soldier ****We Did It**** Fake 20 May Banned!!!

        Passengers who travelled from Yaounde, Douala to Bamenda are stranded in Santa.

        This is as a result of the ghost town called by pro independence fighters, Mimi Mefo Info has learnt.

        Reports say there are gunshots in the area, with at least twenty (20) buses forced to make a u-turn for safety of passengers.

        “There is Serious shooting in santa.
        Thank God our bus was fast enough to turn…The amba boys blocked the road and we are just afraid there might be exchanges we ran to the bush..” a passenger wrote.

        Others have escaped into bushes as the gunshots persist.

        It remains unclear if they will arrive their final destination (Bamenda) today.

        This is a developing story!

        Mimi Mefo Info

        • Don’t worry young, my Santa Lions will take care of them very very soon. Don’t mess with Santa Lions.

  11. Fake bamendayBoy, ngong dog eater. Eternal la ripoublique des bananes slave, chiwawa

    Who cares ? You know the answer. You want proof ? you di couiner for what reason. Ya fat stomach di feel the pain of my writings. I di expose de segregation of la ripoublique. I go relate and detail the whole thing in front of the world. You are losers.

    We are multiplying our weapons to fight for the liberty of AMBAZONIA.

    How can you ask a rat to drop a weapon ?

    Aren’t you cleaning them ?
    Aren’t you wiping dem ?

    Rats will soon eat you alive.

    Now, we be na Nigerians ?

    Ha ha ha ha

    You go beg tire. 60 years wey you di thief, kill, rape, torture, embezzle, destroy.

    GAME OVER. We are gone forever and we will multiply our firing power x1000 ++++

  12. To all the chiwawas, butt lickers, and lazy agents of la ripoublique des bananes.

    I’m a very Pround Ambazonian.

    I will always fight for the people of Ambazonia.

    My life is already an offer for Ambazonia.


    I’m already 100% engaged for life.

    • General Nambere is inside the net….game over…

      • @Zamzam, u keep thinking like Biya Bulu-Bamileke dog. Where you not the same smelly mouth singing that Ivo’s dead will stop the revolution? Listen, arrest all the leaders, new ones will multiply. Even if you release Sessekou and his cabinet at this point it wont stop the war. Kill Ayaba, Akwanga, Anu, Sako, Seseku, and every leader you know it won’t stop the war! Grant the federation, it won’t stop the war, tar the entire NW and SW and build brand new airports, it won’t stop the war. As a matter of fact nothing will stop this war until we get our country back kenge dirty man. See the baby you kill in Muyuka today? You wicked devils will pay for that 1 Million fold. I haven’t heard the dirty gorilla you are even try to condemn the excesses of your army. Anyway that your neck is mine to cut.

        • Kikikiki, L’enemie!

          the populace is getting wiser every day. You can no longer fool them without facing some very tough questions. Also, Amba boys have understood your hoax.

          All Amba boys are telling the same story, they never saw a franc of my trip to Buea money. That is why they have engaged in kidnappings, to make their own money out of the situation. Nothing to do with your lie-lie fight.

          You go die for BUSH…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          I am waiting for General cry baby Nambere. I have a 10″ diameter cypress branch plug ready for his rear end.

          The next person heading to Kondengui is Fake PASTOR CRIZ KATANAGA MOP ANUZ!

  13. Republican army turned tribal militia today executed a 4month old child in bed just like they executed Mother’s and children in the north of Cameroon.
    The greatest destabilization to any republic is an army gone rogue.
    Every day in southern Cameroons, they are converting ordinary civilians into guerrilla army.
    The whaling of the mother of the executed child is something no Cameroonian East or West of the Mungo should tolerate.
    How can English in Courtrooms and classrooms deteriorate into full blown genocide?
    Can any Southern Cameroonian really feel safe in this current Cameroon?
    We are too different to live under one roof, a guerrilla belongs in the forest and the lion in the savannah
    Who is fooling who?
    Unity has failed! When greedy men cannibalize their young!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @High IQ LUM under the spell of Delusional LUM

      Over 500,000 people from the NW/SW have fled the terror of the ambazombie terrorists and are now living in peace and security in the French speaking parts of Cameroon!

      Awa Bless Chi the kid is living peacefully in Douala and building miniature bulldozers from recycled materials after fleeing the violence of the ambazombie terrorists in the NW.

      It is clear that DELUSIONAL LUM has full control over the mind of HIGH IQ LUM otherwise LUM will not have to ask if any person from the NW/SW feels safe in Cameroon meanwhile 500,000 plus people from the NW/SW including Awa Chi are enjoying peace and security in the French speaking part of Cameroon?

      Tha ambazombies have failed to eliminate the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Can a proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW of Cameroon (AKA BLACK LEG) really feel safe in any part of the NW/SW?

      A proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW of Cameroon (BLACK LEG) can only feel safe in any part of the NW/SW where there is a heavy presence of forces of law and order to protect them from the amba terrorists whose mission is to kill all proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW?

      Can a proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW of Cameroon really feel safe in the French speaking part of Cameron?

      YES, Absolutely! There are currently over 2 million peole from the NW/SW living in the French part of the country including 500,000 who fled the terrorism of the ambazombies in the NW?SW to live in peace with their French speaking brothers and sisters.


    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      419 scammers turned into comedy revolutionary leaders of a Delusional Republic!

      Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, embezzled money from the National electricity company in Cameroon and ran to Nigeria. Embezzled funds raised from ambafools according to Chriz Anu and Sako.
      Ikome Sako, international 419 scammer and fake pastor who defrauded hundreds of Cameroonian of their hard earned money before fleeing the country Now he has imposed himelf as the president of the people he defrauded. Wonderful international idiots!
      Chris Anuz, fake pastor and scammer, scamming vulnerable Christians of their hard earned dollars.
      Akwanga PTSD Ebenezer. Chief kidnapper for ransom, who boats that the Claratian missionaries paid 6.5 million frs in ransom after severe torture to him and he will not return the funds.

  14. Kumkum Pass Garri

    According to Ambafool Dr. Nick Santos (former ambazombie cabinet member whose wife used to beat him up at home and he will call the police for help) ambazombies have no strategy. Their only strategy is to LIE, LIE, LIE AND LIE ALL OVER AGAIN!

    Well the lies have caught up with the ambazombies! You can no longer lie that people from the NW/SW can not feel safe in Cameroon meanwhile Awa Chi has fled amba terrorism in the NW along with 500,000 others and are living in peace and security in the French speaking part of Cameroon.

    You can no longer lie that the Black Legs have not risen meanwhile the proud Cameroonians of Pinying arrested all amba terrorists in their community tied them up an gave them to the BIR to send to Buea on a first class bores ticket!

    Amba terrorists #1 enemy = TRUTH

  15. `Do to others, what you would not want them to do to you`. If it pains you that
    Ambazonians tell lies, then you have to ask yourself / your gov`t / cpdm sellouts,
    why they have continued to tell lies to the people for close to 59 years eg. ring
    road. Biya told hard working youths to employ themselves and when they owned
    benskins, he sent his dumb military to burn everything down etc etc. Only in that
    fools paradise, will lies transform to reality and thrive.
    The world, is gradually coming to meet the mountain called Etoudi. Just a matter
    of time. Sellouts of the SC, are beginning to be restless.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Joshua the dumb terrorist

      The government is a liar and thief so the Ambazombies assemble a group of liars, thieves and terrorists to lie, steal and terrorise the people of the NW/SW?

      So the ambazombies group of liars, thieves and terrorists are lying, stealing and terrorizing the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW as revenge to the government for lyin and stealing from the entire nation?

      Muntung sijia! Wulululu eh! This is ambafool logic!

      Joshua, stupidity and insanity is your portion. There is no logic to your behavior!

      Thank you for another opportunity to expose your insanity!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      The majority of people from the NW?SW voted to join Cameroon to get independence. You ambazonians did not have the capability to wind minds then and you still do not have the capability to win minds today.

      That is why you have resorted to terrorism. Your terrorism begins by calling proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW who do not agree with your goals “Sell Outs” and “Black Legs”. Joshua you know what has befallen all people from the NW/SW you have labelled sellouts/black legs. They have been killed/dismembered by your terrorists just because they do not share your opinion!

      Because you have guns and terrorists your opinion makes you a” white leg” and because I have no guns and terrorists my opinion makes me a “sellout/black leg”!

      Amba logic = insanity

      Joshua the terrorist!

  16. The monster is not Dead! but will die soon….Biya c fini tu le sais..celui ki tente ma famille au cameroun je vous jure je vais descendre leurs enfants ici en france et belgique promis..la prison en europe c bien..dc abuser tjrs la famille des gens au camer. je vais au camer klk1 m’intimide je rentre ici je target enfant de un des responsable je coupe sa tete et je vais en prison le temps je sors ils ne seront plus au pouvoir dc basta! Start touching theses peoples kids in the west!

mattis Praesent luctus risus Donec velit, leo.