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A woman stands outside a damaged school dormitory after it was set on fire in Bafut, in the northwest English-speaking region of Cameroon, Nov. 15, 2017. The military says it is helping clean up towns in efforts to implement new peace resolutions.

855,000 children in Cameroon out of school due to conflict in Northwest, Southwest: UN

Xinhua | Some 855,000 children are out of school in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon as a result of three years of violence and instability, a UN spokesperson said Tuesday.

Two months into the new school year, about 90 percent of the regions’ public primary schools and 77 percent of public secondary schools are closed or non-operational, said Stephane Dujarric, citing figures from the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

He said without urgent action and without a commitment from all parties to the conflict to protect education, the future of these children is at risk.

In the meantime, he said, UNICEF has initiated community-run learning. “They are also procuring learning materials and will use radio to disseminate literacy and numeracy lessons to help children while they cannot attend school.”

Majority French-speaking Cameroon is facing a prolonged separatist conflict in its English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest, where separatists want to create an independent nation.

The conflict that started in 2017 has displaced over 530,000 people in the country, according to the United Nations.

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  1. I don`t get it. As an arm of the UN, Unicef, should have complained to the irresponsible
    UN, to do everything possible to stop Biya`s war, before their education drive is put in
    place. What kind of effective education, takes place in a war situation? The educated
    class, is not being honest in dealing with the problems of the people. It is a factor, of a
    corrupt mindset.

    • Sometimes I wonder how some of you think.
      Do you know that the UN is the most corrupt organisation in this world?
      Continue to trust them, you will end up in planet Mars….

  2. BIKUTSI,,,,, planet Mars is too good for an African who believe in the so call UN.ask them, if they know the meaning of VETO RIGHT?

    • If there is something this particular conflict reveal. It is the superficial nature of the thinking of people who drop thier language, spirituality and way of thinking to adopt that of the enemy.the so called anglophone diaspora has proved its level of lack of rational thinking. If not, how can they support our children to take arms against an extablished government with on finished resources?logic warrant people to wiegh forces on both sides first, before taking a decision. If your enemy has superior fire power. Then starting conflict is suicide because defeat is guaranteed. Strategic thinking is thaughtful calculation base on reality.

  3. UN or no UN, it is in everybody’s interest to clean the house. Those at home are dying to travel out and use their ill-gotten wealth stashed in Western havens . Those in the Diaspora are dying to return home and spend their hard-earned money. So there is a potential win-win!!!!

    But can this happen with soldiers calling the shots as it were?????????

    • @JD, the soldiers, are mostly responsible for the demise of Africa, call it a sad sad
      situation. Or else, where will dictatorship hide?

  4. English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the initial request from the minority Anglophones to the hypercentralized Francophone Yaoundé government. War is their solution.
    Scandinavians learn and speak English, Chinese learn English.
    In equatorial Africa the government embarks on the agenda of France to carry out a genocide on minority Anglophones so as to abolish self rule and the use of English in Anglophone Cameroon meanwhile forcing Anglophones to speak French and accept a hypercentralized Francophone government directed by Paris.
    20,000 killed
    150,000 refugees in Nigeria
    650,000 internally displaced
    300 villages burnt
    855,000 children no school
    4M affected
    Who is fooling who?
    The southern Cameroons shall be free in this century!
    Self rule our mantra!
    Very Low IQ!

    • @Lum..sure say ur ndum dey num! keep killing ur own and uneducating them and think the government or international community cares. and that one day you’ll be “liberated”. liberated by who and from where? it’s pride and ignorance killing us all at this juncture. thing is all civil wars are those of ethnicity or local language, but we are fighting our own based on foreign language differences…i really wonder how the foreign nations will be looking at us. we are killing each other trying to incorporate their life style..and not OURS. seriously our forefathers/ancestors can never help us in this struggle as our priority is woefully misplaced!

      • Self rule Our mantra!
        The current map of Africa was created by the whiteman!
        The language you use to communicate with the world was imposed on you by the whiteman!
        The system of education you have was imposed by the whiteman.
        The CFA money you use was imposed by the whiteman.
        Given the above it is obvious that you don’t have the power or you are not capable of creating a new Africa, new language, new money etc.
        So therefore let the people of southern Cameroons-Ambazonia fight their fight for self rule.
        Our goal is to become a Singapore, a Dubai or a Ruwanda where we use our human potential to create a better life for future generations.
        No one is stopping you from living your perfect life in LRC or in CHAD or CAR.
        French Cameroon was created by the whiteman. Basta!

      • Spizy, nobody argues that it is shameful when Africans fight along colonial lines, using colonial institutions to suppress each other while promoting neocolonialism. Perhaps you should reconsider your statement by first questioning why lrc is pushing a French agenda in Cameroon, why lrc never took to unify the country around a coherent African political, social, economic and cultural ideology? Instead, lrc promoted the ideology that Francophone Cameroon was superior and stole resources from the Anglophone regions to build their societies, thereby creating the Anglophone problem. Why then is it wrong for Anglophones to revolt along these colonial lines, using similar counter-arguments for self-determination? If accepted from Francophone Cameroon why not for the Anglophones. Such arrogance.

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