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A Maryland man is accused of fatally shooting his Uber driver (from Cameroon) and another passenger [+video]

CNN | A Maryland man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of his Uber driver and another passenger, the Prince George’s County Police Department said Wednesday.

Aaron Lanier Wilson, Jr., 42, is accused of fatally shooting 46-year-old Uber driver Beaudouin Tchakounte and 32-year-old Casey Xavier Robinson, who was a passenger in Tchakounte’s car, police said in a news release.

Aaron Lanier Wilson

Around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday, patrol officers found Tchakounte and Robinson suffering from gunshot wounds inside Tchakounte’s car, which was stopped on the side of the road in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Both were pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Beaudouin Tchakounte

A preliminary investigation found that Tchakounte had picked up Robinson and then picked up the suspect as part of an Uber ride-share, police said. Wilson has confessed to being picked up and being inside the Uber while high on PCP, the release said.

Police do not believe there are any connections between the victims and Wilson.
Wilson was arrested in connection with the deaths early Wednesday. He has been charged with first and second-degree murder, police said.
CNN is working to determine if Wilson has a lawyer.

Carole Tchatchoua

Tchakounte had driven for Uber for three years, his wife Carole Tchatchoua told CNN affiliate WJLA. She said he often worked seven days a week, and that the last time she spoke to him, he was calling to say goodnight to their four young children.

“He was loving, caring, and hardworking,” Tchatchoua told the outlet. “He was somebody that loved his family dearly and was working hard to provide for them.”

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  1. Very sad. May his soul RIP

  2. this Uber nonsense that is leting criminals use their application …..

  3. The real question is WHY did he have to leave his home country Cameroon in the first place?
    Ambaz is free to ensure that scenes like these are few and far between

    • You are profoundly sick. Please refill your medications.

    • Kukum Pass Garri

      Epee Di Ambafool Bambe;

      You obviously would prefer this man to be in the NW so that you and your terrorist friends can kill, dismember and eat him up.

      No wonder you are attacking buses that are transporting people who want to run away from your ambafool terrorism! Nyamfukah!

  4. Taxi driving carries quite a risk in a country where it is easier to obtain a gun license than a driver’s. Night driving is even more risky still.

  5. Why will he even carry somebody who looks like this? May your soul resp in peace my brother.

    • Kukum Pass Garri

      You cannot accurately predicate a man’s behavior from his appearance.

      Sicksiku Ayuk Tabe, Chris Anu, Mark Bareta, Akwanga Ebenezer, Ayaba Cho, Biko, L’enemie, John Dinga and the other ambafool terrorists in the diaspora have committed more crimes than this man even though they dress and look like cultured people.

      • Similarly, with all the luxury and good brains the country can have, it is
        very sad, to see what Mr Biya is doing to the country and people. He has
        still, not understood the meaning of LEGACY.

        • Do not lose sleep over any citizen whose concern is to spy for the dictatorship rather than draw it’s attention to the broken bridges, lake-filled roads thatake school resumption impossible in Maroua or Mabanda-Douala.

  6. Camer believer (Colby)

    @KKPG you have just finished me now with this post kikikikiki !

  7. The truth is bitter but it must be told….by now he might have had an alternate location to call home if he had supported the gallant fighters headed for Buea.
    May others learn from his fate and support righteousness all the days of their lives

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