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About 30 passengers kidnapped in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, July 13 Xinhua | About 30 passengers were abducted by armed separatists on Friday along Fundong-Bamenda highway in the Northwest, one of the two war-torn English-speaking regions of Cameroon, local authorities confirmed Saturday.

“Three transport buses left Fundong for Bamenda and were stopped at Belo by armed separatists,” Samuel Nkwain, a driver who witnessed the incident, told Xinhua.

“All passengers were ordered to step down and hand over their identification cards. They were then taken to the bush to an unknown destination. There are still with them right now,” said Nkwain.

Locals interviewed by Xinhua said the abduction followed in-fighting between armed groups in the area.

“The other group was angry that another group collected their weapons and refused to hand over to them, so they say they are holding the passengers hostage until the weapons are handed over to them,” a local resident, who asked not to be named, told Xinhua.

Movement along the highway has been halted and the search for the hostages has been launched, according to local authorities.

Cases of kidnapping are on the rise amid escalating conflict in the troubled English-speaking regions of the largely French-speaking African country.

The United Nations estimates that more than 430,000 people have been displaced internally since government forces started clashing with armed separatists in November 2017. Enditem

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  1. “Locals interviewed by Xinhua said the abduction followed in-fighting between armed groups in the area.”

    This is madness.the tumor has to be extracted

    • madness your gorilla pima. Atanga Nji boys bent on giving the AmbazonianWarofIndependence a bad name that have infiltrated Ambazonian bushes and terrorizing our poor civilians who’ve already been through LRC hell will be fished out. I give them 1 week. We will comb our territory and release our people. Go and tell your old wrinkled face Bulu chief terrorist Paul Hitler Biya that Ambaland will be free. Smelly baboon.

      • @ L’enemie can you tell those your Ambazonia thugs to leave anglophones alone? If you have any balls go and confront the Biya BIRS leave poor villagers alone. The BAS are taking the fight to Biya while your foolish organization is there terrorizing anglophones in the name of fighting for freedom. Your foolishness is taking Africa back to the dark ages à la Tutsi vs Hutu. Can’t you guys use your f’cking brains like the BAS, the Algerians and the Burkinabes? Civilized Africans don’t use arms anymore to fight for their freedom they use their brains.

        • @bobijazz the half Beti Half Santa mafia one night stand sperm that eluded ejaculation. Do we Ambazonians look like your Mbalmayo park boy father? You open your rotten mouth and talk about foolishness yet fail to see the extreme disgraceful foolishness of your thieving tribal neophytes that have reduced your sewage country into a pigsty. Did Ambazonians tell you they are interested in fighting Biya you this donkey. We are up against systemic colonization designed by France who have placed the plantation overseer Biya to lord over it. Get this now into that your baboon skull, our objective is kicking LRC and France out of Ambazonia and not just kicking individual thieves out. BAS can even conjure pork meat out of Mvondo’s [email protected] that’s their Manyongo business you this dull Humpty Dumpty.

        • Can you tell us how the BAS is using its brain?
          The BAS is a cult and a horde for a tribal hegemony.
          The BAS has the same problem, tarnishing africa.
          Why not go to Yaounde and fight the regime?

        • @ L’enemie you are the exact reason I call your Ambazonia nonsense foolish. You have no brain. How does kidnapping 30 anglophone villagers free them from colonization? You must be a real moron. You keep on talking about a one night stand, your childish write-up shows you were conceived that way and brought up by a single mother with no dad to support you. I know it’s not your fault but try to grow up men. Your write-up is too childish.

        • @ Mbappe the BAS have succeeded in making Biya blink, something the Ambazonians haven’t been able to do for almost 3 years. The BAS have succeeded in making Biya persona non grata in Switzerland just like The Zaire people did to Mobutu before his properties were seized by Switzerland. Read my lips @ Mpappe what happened to Mobutu will soon happen to Biya and this is as a result of the BAS. They are not a cult. They are Cameroonians fighting for our freedom. I know why you hate them. They are fighting to take out your Bulu chief. Some of you Bulu people in this forum remind me of Trump’s supporters who don’t give a damn about how Trump is destroying the fabric of America. They just want Trump to make America white again. Unfortunately for you Bulu people, you are a minority in Cameroon.

      • Njunke Shapiro

        L’enemie, fools like you are hiding somewhere and fan fire to others. Ambazonia will kidnap innocent passengers for what? These are typical Northwestners…Biya is in Yaoundé. What kind of struggle will focus on taking people in the bushes instead of struggling to take over the Presidency in Yaoundé….bastards…wait for independence. I am anglephone but have never supported this nonsense called Ambazonia that has brought untold hardship on our people…God punish all of you.

        • Thank you brother @ Njunke Shapiro. I think it’s time for us to start confronting these Ambazonia morons. Anglophones can’t even go back home to bury their loved ones or visit their families for fear of being kidnapped by these barbarians. The same people they pretend they are fighting for.

  2. The story will be told of the failure of larepublique.
    Amba is winning bigly

    • you are a bunny.
      No ambazonia to ever see light.
      These drugged boys are just plain bandits at this point.
      This phenomenon(bandits like coupeurs de route ) used to be in the East and Northern areas and was eventually defeated.
      You dream will be history soon.
      Have you noticed, nobody outside you morons cares?

  3. Only an idiot will think that kidnapping a bus full of villagers in Fundong is winning a war.

  4. @L’enemie

    your mami pima big time ” terrorist organization” water nah water

    why are you still here in this platform “kikikikikikkikikikikikkikikikiki” kidnapping peoples will solve the problems lol.

  5. Posts like those of bamendayboy, is what is greatly accepted here. If i write what
    i write, it is good for deletion.

    • @ Joshua, You would have made more sense if you had also complained about @ L’enemie’s posts being accepted but of course impartiality is part of your DNA.

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