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ADC buys 1,396 new airport seatings for the country’s airports

Business in Cameroon | 1,396 airport seatings have just been bought for Douala, Maroua, Ngaoundéré and Bamenda airports. According to Aéroports du Cameroun SA (ADC) in charge of the management of airports in Cameroon, these seatings were bought to modernize the airports.

Sources within the company indicate that the seats were manufactured by British company Zoeftig LTD. Created in 1971, this company has more than 50 years of experience in providing airport seatings and furniture all over the world.

The seatings were bought in the framework of modernization works initiated since 2009 by ADC. It indicates that since that date, it has renovated runways and built a 2nd traffic lane at Douala airport. In addition, this international airport’s checking and baggage handling rooms were renovated.

In Garoua, the airport’s roof has been changed. In Yaoundé-Nsimalen, ADC renovated toilets at passenger terminals and measures have been taken to ensure the fire safety unit’s compliance with standards.

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    • Camer believer (Colby)

      I was expecting you to ask why did they reject your application? That you were amongst the bidders.

  2. According to a decree of Dictator Biya, his LRC will emerge by 2035.
    However, simple stuff such as airport seats cannot be manufactured in the country sixteen years before the year of emergence.
    This is another proof that the CPDM emergence slogan is a fallacy. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS

  3. Oh Cameroon…country of unrealized potential…

    taking baby steps for eternity…

  4. Augustine Enow Agbor

    “Modernisation started since 20009”? And they are buying seats in 2019, 10 years after. Cameroon is in coma.

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