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Africa Cup of Nations: Seedorf and Bell call for changes in Cameroon football

BBC | Cameroon’s Dutch coach Clarence Seedorf and former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper Joseph-Antoine Bell say the country’s football officials must draw lessons from the defending champions’ exit from the 2019 Africa cup of Nations.

After Cameroon’s 3-2 loss to Nigeria in the last 16 some fans want Seedorf, who took the job in August 2018, replaced – but there are those who think the 43-year-old should be given more time.

The man himself is happy to continue and feels that this squad has shown promising signs – beliefs shared by former goalkeeper Joseph Antoine Bell.

Both men also firmly believe that better management from senior officials is key to that success.

“We need to start planning now and I’m sure this is something Fecafoot’s (the Cameroon Football Federation) president is already doing,” Seedorf told BBC Sport

“There are important events ahead – in 2021 Cameroon will host the Nations Cup, there are 2022 World Cup qualifiers as well as the African Nations Championship (CHAN).

“These are events we have to plan because we want things to move in the right direction in terms of organisation, professionalism and work ethic.”

Seedorf is confident that on the field things are moving in the right direction despite the loss to Nigeria.

Clarence Seedorf

“I think now is the time to reflect, there is talent in this team and I believe in the players I have,” he insisted.

“I hope the group will stay united and protect what we’ve built. I decided to coach the Indomitable Lions because I’m upbeat about the sort of positive results we can get If we continue working hard.

“When I joined the team, I found a lot of issues and problems from the past but we’ve decided to clean this up by showing to all the players that they’re important and crucial to us too.”

Seedorf urged the Cameroon supporters to stand by the squad after the loss.

“We are very sorry for the Cameroonian fans. We understand their aspirations were high but we made some mistakes and we paid for them,” he explained.

“They should be proud of the team and understand that you can’t win all the time.”

Bell demands more from administrators

Bell, who was part of three of Cameroon’s World Cup squads and played in 1994, was more damning of the running of football in the country.
He feels that the row over money that delayed the Indomitable Lions’ arrival in Egypt was a a good example of what is wrong with the national team.

“The elimination is a fallout from the lack of vision and organisation in Cameroon’s football,” he insisted to BBC Sport.

“We are not very demanding from the team and the Lions aren’t put in the best conditions.

“Cameroon’s clash against Nigeria was the best performance I’ve seen from the team in close to two years.

“Imagine if these boys had played highly-rated sides before the Afcon they would’ve performed better. It doesn’t suffice to beat Comoros 3-0 to think we’re good.

“Football stakeholders have to ensure that the team plays friendlies regularly against the top sides.

“The running of our football is poor. There’s no vision and we don’t plan for the future. Football stakeholders only think about their interests and what they stand to benefit.

“We need to be honest with ourselves and do the right things. Only then can our football truly prosper.

“The successes of the national team have, for a long time, made up for the shortcomings at home but now we need to be honest, set long-term objectives and try to achieve them.”

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  1. What stands out in the article is the word long term objectives, which starts with long term strategic planning. It is even more important in the process of economic transformation.

  2. For a long time football lifted and sustained the national mood. Now is the time for the nation to pay back and uplift the football mood. You rub my back, I rub your back, n’est-ce pas, M. Simon Achidi Achu?

  3. sorry, Seedorf, you are not the right man for that job 4 games 4 different teams you got not best 11 what can of coach are you please with all respect please just go the truth is that a good player is not automatically a good coach

    • ‘THE MAN’ You fail to understand that the team didn’t have enough friendly games, plus the time they spent arguing about money. The logic consequences would be to use each game to build his dream team. So, don’t blame the coach.

  4. Ambitious Seedorf has a play much friendly game and I really love the friendly game the play a vs Brazil wee lose but the way the play was not that bad I was thinking that team will be his best 11 or maybe try to adjust some compartment that did work out but all the game after a different team you don go to African cup of nation to try thing or experience something you have to be there with your best 11 Seedorf have fallen because of that a coach and you don’t know you best 11 that means you’re are not a coach FLOTABO COACH SEEDORF MUST BE SACK PERIODE

  5. No coach in the world can work in the absence of structure, vision and preparation.

    It takes years to prepare…scrambling with a few players before a major tournament with no serious friendly competition won’t work even for the best teams in the world.

    It won’t work for the Lions or Lionesses either

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