Ambazonia Fighters From Cameroon Invade Taraba, Kill Traditional Ruler

Naija News | Suspected Ambazonia separatist militants from Cameroon have reportedly attacked in Takum LGA of Taraba State kiling the village head and some residents of Manga community.
Naija News reports that this was made known by the Senate Deputy Minority Leader, Emmanuel Bwacha, during Senate plenary on Wednesday.

While stressing that the attack threatens Nigeria’s territorial integrity, Senator Bwacha (PDP-Taraba South) revealed that the separatists burnt down the village.

He called on security agents to, as a matter of urgency, swing into action to prevent Manga community falling into the hands of Ambazonia fighters.

The Senator stated that the motive of the group is unknown as no one knows whether they want to “expand territory or lay claim for Southwest Cameroon.”

Bwacha said, “I rise this morning to draw the attention of our country men and particularly our security agencies to this unfortunate incident which undermines our integrity and sovereignty as a nation.

“Takum local government houses the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, and so Mr. President, it is my humble submission that the Nigerian Army should rise to the challenge and curb this wanton territorial expansion.

“Their (Separatists) motive is yet unknown, whether they want to expand territory or lay claim for Southwest Cameroon is not yet clear.

“As I speak, a number of individuals have gone missing and their whereabouts are yet unknown. The village also is razed down.”

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  1. This scenario had been predicted by the leadership of SC. LRC has become very desperate. They want Nigeria to enter the war at all cost. That is the reason Atanga Nji Boys have invaded Nigeria claiming to be Amba boys.
    The leadership of SC had already wasrned the government of Nigeria about the diabolic plans of LRC.

    • The ambassadors of the US, Switzerland, Canada and UK have jointly and severally PUBLICLY asked for a GENUINE dialogue to discuss the ROOT CAUSES of the Anglophone problem. The criminals ruling LRC do not want to hear the word ROOT CAUSES because they know that the ILLEGAL occupation of SC is the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.
      The demand of the above-mentioned ambassadors is a humiliation to Dictator Biya and France. Little wonder, Atanga Nji Boys have been sent to attack Nigeria in order to drag the Nigerian military into the UNWINNABLE war.
      BTW, the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES are capable of crushing the Nigerian military if they dare violate the territorial integrity of SC.

  2. Boko Haram, is recking harvoc in the north and it has not been taken this serious.
    The trick for Nigeria to attack Ambazonia and rescue lrc, will fail. Desperation, is
    catching up so fast with Yaounde. But they asked for it.

  3. amba is confused. they do not know who to attack anymore. after kidnapping and causing so much suffering to anglophones whom they claim to fight for now they are attacking another wrong target. confused facebook revolution.

  4. Obudu Ranch Resort Naija.

    Why this unprovoked attack from the Ambazonia Defence Force? What have the innocent lives they wasted ever done to them, why this senseless act. There are a lot of Cameroonian refugees scattered all over several state in Nigeria like Taraba, Benue, Cross River state and Akwa Ibom State. Why did they want Nigerians to become hostile to them

    Takum is a peaceful local government area in Taraba State Nigeria, Seriously this act is barbaric and should be condemned by all and sundry.

    The ADF should take it easy, pulling the first trigger in another sovereign nation or territory is an invitation to war.

    They should trade carefully. Nigeria won’t react immediately, until an investigation is carry out concerning the unprovoked attack in her territory where lives and properties are destroyed.

    • I thought you were smart but now I’m sure I was mistaken. This is a Biya Buhari hatched plan to paint the ADF black. The Cameroun terrorist soldiers invaded Taraba on October 22 harassing civilians. Some stayed behind to carry out this evil. But we will overcome it like the rest before and keep our eyes on the prize. We have no vision Nigeria.

  5. this is what happen when people drop thier language and the culture it carries adopting that of the agressor.they then become thier agressor in psychology to the point of killing to maintain the agressors hagemony.


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