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‘Colonel Virus’

An armed separatist commander among two people killed in Cameroon

NEWSROOM (ADV) African Daily Voice | The Cameroonian army said on Tuesday that a “famous” separatist commander known as Colonel Virus and another armed separatist were killed on Tuesday afternoon during a clash in Makanga, a remote town in the south-west.

“He is the author of several abuses in Muyuka, including car fires, kidnappings, etc.,” the statement added. Muyuka is a southwestern community where clashes between government forces and separatists have become intense recently.

Earlier on Tuesday, local authorities said at least four civilians had been shot dead in the war-torn English-speaking areas of the north-west and southwest, while armed separatists had begun what they called a “Confinement to ten days”.

The separatists have banned all kinds of activities in the evening of Tuesday, February 14, to disrupt the activities of National Youth Day scheduled for February 11th.

Since November 2017, government forces have been confronted by armed separatist forces that want the two regions to separate from the predominantly French-speaking nation and form a new country called “Ambazonia”.

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    1. Separatist commanders do not go to EMIA for training. They are jobless graduates. They can, therefore, be replaced ASAP.
    However, LRC colonel and captains who were neutralised by Amba boys have spent years in EMIA, France and Israel. They are therefore not easily replaceable.

    2. LRC hides statistics about her loses on the battlefield. However, the same LRC always disseminate her “success stories” in SC.

    LRC can even kill a thousand separatist General in a single day. However, the war will NEVER EVER end. The reason is simple: Separatist Generals do not require military training. They are easily replaceable. Any Southern Cameroonian can become a General overnight. LRC is simply chasing shadows. The war remains UNWINNABLE, the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE., ZERO DISARMAMENT

    • You sit behind your keyboard and rant. Please go to cameroon and fight. When you are shot in the leg, Im sure you will think twice before encouraging war.
      FYI: Im not hear to pick a fight.


        My FINANCIAL support to the struggle is also important. Dictator Biya declared his UNWINNABLE war. However, he has NEVER visited his soldiers. Whenever he visits the war front, I will also go to GZ

        • Please, tell me how much you are contributing. I will pay your share wherever you want, with the sole condition that you prove that you are on GZ. We need you on the war front. No flimsy excuses.


          **** Breaking News ****

          Donald Trump Government has decided to cut security and military aid worth 17 million USD to Cameroun as a result of human rights violations in Southern Cameroons, CNN reports:

          Allahu akbar = GOD IS GREAT


          Israel might soon support SC.


          Dictator Biya, by design or omission, tolerates Anti-Semitism

          Allahu akbar = GOD IS GREAT

      • “Sit behind your keyboard and rant” is the stereotypical default position of childish individuals bereft of any useful contributions – constructive or otherwise – to make. Citizens enter and leave the kaleidoscope at home in Cameroon at different times and places, depending on their various callings. Mimi Mefo just left for the BBC, after her baptism of fire. Predictably any utterances of hers now will be met by such puerile remarks. No single individual has all the answers to Cameroon’s problems; but the collective inputs of its citizens around the world can make a difference !

        Incidentally, when correcting others, try to be less nebulous in your statements, such as substituting a verb “hear” for a preposition “here”.

        • Grammer is not my thing. Typos are fairly common and easy to make especially on smart phones like this one. But agree with you that only collective effort, a forum for constructive idealogy can pave the way for long term solution to that region. If you know of a forum that discusses solutions(not war) and is made up of camerronians. Please share. I will gladly join that one.


        **** BREAKING NEWS ****

        The late Colonel Virus has been replaced by General Frutambo.
        General Frutambe is a jobless graduate from UB.
        It would be a sheer waste of time for LRC terrorists to kill General Frutambo because he will be replaced by another jobless graduate.

        The war is UNWINNABLE, the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE

        The US is now NEGOTIATING with the Taliban because the former has realised ASYMMETRICAL WARFARES are UNWINNABLE.

        Believe me or not, Dictator Biya’s sh*thole war will also end with NEGOTIATIONS WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS

        The result of the negotiation will be as follows:



        2. the birth of two INDEPENDENT states ( SC and LRC )

        DECENTRALISATION will NEVER EVER resolve the impasse

    • more thann 60% of people figting are not fighting for the interest of Ambazonia. They are gangs of thieves sprouting in every street corner or Anglophone region. There’s lawlessness, a level set for attrocities.

      Might be time to start thinking dialogue. I also mean constructive coversations that are directed towards cease fire and maybe an agreement that grants some level of autonomy ro the 2 english regions.


        “….an agreement that grants some level of autonomy ro the 2 english regions”

        Our parents voted in 1961 for a FEDERATION OF TWO STATES EQUAL IN STATUS.
        It is either that or SEPARATION.

  2. It’s easy to start a war but very difficult to end it.

  3. “Colonel virus”.
    Nice nickname.
    A virus that is bad has to be eliminated.
    Humanity is better without that kind of virus

  4. Killing a southern Cameroonian is reported as news and victory to a tribal army.
    State media gave a magaphone to the minister of justice to promote Bamiphobia and insinuate the Bamilekes will and can be gazed because of their arrogance as did the “Jews “. This is what a minister is allowed to say by the government on state media by state journalists approved by their editorial board.
    The Israeli ambassador has asked for an apology for such carlous statements from a minister, nobody in Cameroon has demanded an apology for such statements including the promotion of Bamiphobia on national media by a minister.
    There is glorification of the killing of Anglophones on state media and their accessories.
    The new strategy is the glorification of Bamiphobia!
    Who is fooling who?

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ LUM

      Killing a terrorist like colonel Virus is an event that must be celebrated by all peace loving people of the North West and South West.

      This armed robber has been kidnapping, raping young girls, burning down schools and businesses, and killing helpless ordinary people in Muyuka while you cheer him up.

      Special thanks to the Cameroon military for neutralizing this virus! Keep up the good job of neutralizing the ambazombie terrorists fools who are terrorizing the ordinary people of the North West and South West of Cameroon.

  5. A president who is bent on killing all Anglophone youths, because they dared to
    protest against his rule. Well done sir.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Joshua the terrorist coward!

      Tell your ambazombie fools to expect to be shot anytime, if their way of protesting against the president’s rule is to arm yourelves with dane guns and amulets (odeshi) and go around terrorizing ordinary people in the North West and South West of Cameroon.

      You must be absolutely dumb to think that the government will not neutralize these terrorists!

      • I would have thought that you can condemn gov`t killings for once.
        Welcome back from break, after the invasion of the embassies by your
        fellow loud mouthed siblings. Hope your contributions will be matture
        enough and you will desist, from running behind the comments of others
        like the other dogs: Ras, bamendaboy etc.
        Ambalanders shall never succum.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ Joshua the terrorist coward!

          The only reason you thought I would condemn the killing of this ambazombie terrorist virus is because you are dumb!

          Why would any reasonable human being condemn the killing of this terrorist virus?

  6. Elated to learn today that Ebola has finally been taken out of the equation by our able soldiers. The next step our great soldiers have to take in order to bring this war to a speedy end and restore peace would be to apprehend and eliminate the families of their leaders like ; Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo, Chris Anu, Eric Tataw , and all the talking heads/ Keyboard warriors fanning the flames of this senseless and ruthless war.

    • The Equatorial baboon is back and now talking about “war”?
      Whatever happened to “disturbances”?

      • Call me whichever name you choose in the book but we are going to kill our way out of this mess. And yes, it is a war against militia separatist terrorist.

        • Call me whatever name you have stored for me in the book but the truth is that we are going to kill our way out of this mess. And yes, it is a war against militia separatist terrorist.

        • Watch this space in 3 years.
          Mark this day….
          Let’s see who will blink first.
          Southern Cameroons is on the way to freedom. Take it to the bank if you dare. I know I can’t.

  7. Cameroon has changed gears. Now the hot potato is anti-Semitic utterances. On the hot seat is a certain Jean de Dieu Momo. , newly appointed Vice Minister of Justice, with or without keeper of the seals. Poor thing! He dared compare the plight of his Bamileke ethnic group to the Jews who suffered the Holocaust. No go zone!!!
    The Israeli ambassador came out sabre-ratgling. And foreign minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi was quick to apologize. He distanced the government from Minister Momo’s daredevil declarations.
    So far the many “politologues” have maintained a conspiratorial silence. Neither those who pontificate that Cameroon has no lessons to learn from foreigners, nor those who advocate sending back erring ambassadors in body bags have coughed. On va faire comment?

  8. Don’t stop killing these bastard