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Ancien capitaine du Cameroun, il est désormais SDF [+vidéo]

L’ancien capitaine des lions indomptables Owona Norbert, qui a défendu les couleurs du Cameroun, lors de la CAN 1972, se trouve aujourd’hui;hui dans la rue. Souffrant d’une Hernie et dormant A la belle étoile, il demande de l’aide.


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  1. Very very sad!
    Welcome to a country where you have to be a CPDM chalatan to be considered a valued citizen.
    The state can’t treat you a hero because the members of government are busy stealing from poor Cameroonians to enrich themselves.
    They government has given 200million CFA to a white American SCP global lobbying firm to whitewash their image to white peoples.
    You are a product of a nation that doesn’t value its own.
    Spending money to whitewash their image whilst Cameroonians have no electricity, Good roads, portable water, decent hospitals etc
    Sir please allow ordinary Cameroonians to contribute and help you, forget the government or state they are good for nothing!


    Ex-convict Atangana will surely suffer the same fate. He will be abandoned by Dictator Biya after he had outlived his usefulness. Mark my words.


      “My children, forgive me for making you join French Cameroon during the plebiscite, I did so in good faith but I didn’t know that Ahidjo had hidden agenda, my time is up, you should fight for your freedom, my children forgive me”

      Dr-John Ngu Foncha asked for forgiveness during AAC 2 in Buea.

      His children forgave him and promised to free themselves from slavery come what may.
      This liberation struggle will therefore NEVER EVER stop until Southern Cameroonians free themselves frm slavery.

  3. Well, this tells us about the old saying”chop broke pot” Only in Cameroon, Owona, the name speaks for itself.

    • Hahaha, very correct indeed. Does he even look like someone who would give a damn about the lives of others if he were better off?
      Let the bush Ewondo fck off with his self inflicted probs. No news.