Anglophone separatists kill five soldiers, four civilians in west Cameroon

TRT | On Saturday, around 20 gunmen attacked a gendarmerie and a police station in Galim, in a predominantly French-speaking province, officials said.

Anglophone separatists killed five members of the security forces and four civilians at the weekend in attacks in western Cameroon, local authorities and state television said Sunday.

On Saturday, around 20 gunmen attacked a gendarmerie and a police station in Galim, in a predominantly French-speaking province, officials said.

Two women gendarmes were killed, two male police officers and four civilians, they added.

On Sunday, in anglophone Northwest province, a homemade bomb injured at least seven people including a soldier who later died, state television said.

Two anglophone regions in the west of the West African country have been rocked by deadly violence as armed separatists campaign for independence from the rest of Cameroon, which is majority French-speaking.

Rights groups have accused both sides of atrocities in a two-year conflict that has left more than 3,000 dead, closed schools and clinics and forced 700,000 people to flee their homes.

Source: AFP

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  1. It is now Crystal clear to all and sundry that the so-called Major National Dialogue hat Nothing to do with the Anglophone Question. That is the reason the war has intensified.
    Only daydreanmers, such as Dictator Biya, still beliefs that the INVINCIBLE Amba Boys will ever surrender weapons.


    • …still believe…


      kikikikikikikikikiikikikik are you sure what happened in ndop ,ambasonia is terrorist organization .

      what happened in uk , you are very dull monkey like you

  2. “The problems of southern Cameroon are the problems that will bring down cameroon” Wirba….
    A brain ? dead regime filled with greed, button neck by a 87yr old using his last punch to survive one more day creating all this carnage. I just wish francophones can grow a pair of balls

    • @Oboy

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  3. Nothing good can come from cameroun

    This attack is faked by camerounese soldiers. No one should listen to them. We want to know the identity of the killed persons. No one was killed. …

    • @Nothing good can come from cameroun

      hahahahhahahah I dont die laughing about those terrorists here , we are going to eradicate by force I

      repeat by force.

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  4. Some said Gowon who led Nigeria through a gruesome civil war between 1967-1970, said that he believes that a lot of injustice was done to the Igbos and the imbalances must be addressed now. Same can be said of LRC and Southern Cameroons. LRC must take note and take corrective action on the current situation. Nigeria is on the verge of collapsing and if and when it does, the region is going to collapse faster than we ever thought. BAS has claimed responsibility for opening a second front in the war against LRC and why blame the so-called separatists?

    • @brandinoman

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