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Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua

Archbishop says Seminarian was shot and killed by Cameroon army

THE NATIONAL TIMES NEWS | Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua of Bamenda has told La Criox news agency that the Catholic Seminarian who was founded in a poll of blood, holding strongly to his rosary, last week was killed by Cameroon’s military personnel.

‘They [ Gerard Anjiangwe and other seminarians] were in front of the church when a military truck coming from Ndop stopped at the entrance to the road leading to the church…Several army personnel descended from the truck and began to shoot,’ Archbishop Esua said.

Other witness to the brutal murder of the Seminarian, Gerard Anjiangwe, told La Crioxthat Gerard was with several other seminarians when the army descended on the Church premise. Some escaped into the church and closed the doors.

‘The army tried in vain to open the door,’ the archbishop who did not disclose the source of his information continued. ‘They approached Gerard, who was lying on the ground, and told him to stand up, which he did hesitantly. After interrogating him, the troops ordered him to lie down again.

‘Then they fired three shots into his neck. He died instantly,’ Archbishop Esua added.

The Bishop has called on Christians in and out of Cameroon to pray for Anglophone Christians as the military indiscriminate killings of Anglophone youths is rattling Christian communities across the North West and South West Regions.

The Cameroonian government is yet to comment on this particular killing. More than 20 catholic priests and seminarians been killed in the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

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  1. Fidelis Tabe Nfah Agha

    After Reading ‘A man for all Seasons’ and gained a particular interest in Thomas More, one sees the action of Faith and Reason through the acts of fidelity to the Will of God, over and against the will of the monarch or in this case, the president…ably represented by his army-the machinery of a distorted conscience! To the Church in Yaounde I say silence from you is the sword piercing through the heart of Christ in Ambazonia. Wasn’t it the Romans-I see some of you gleefully dressed up like them even though you speak ewondo-yes, the Romans my lords who once said ‘he who remains silent in the face of evil, is complicit!’ Rage rage to the dying of the light, do not go gentle on that good night! RIP

    • no nobler stance was ever taken.
      Fidelis… I stand with you

    • no nobler stance was ever taken.
      Fidelis… I stand with you.
      in any case each of these lives will be a avenged, as you know Karma’s a bitch.
      Ambazonia is free

  2. RIP father!
    The blood of the Anglophone in present day has no value.
    When we say we don’t belong here some ask us to wait a little more say we are terrorist.
    Who trained and armed a Republican army who believes he has the right to execute any Anglophone for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
    An Anglophone in France has a better chance at life than in this Cameroon! Go figure! Black on black genocide to promote Francophonization and keep a 90yr old in power.
    How low is the collective IQ of the army? you kill innocent civilians for fun.
    15 executed in their homes in Ekona this week!
    180villages burnt
    500,000 displaced
    100,000 refugees in Nigeria
    >10,000 killed
    >5000 falsely imprisoned or missing
    Ambazonian war of independence!
    We don’t belong here and you all know it!

  3. Sooner or later, Issa Tchiroma & Badjeck will pop-up bragging about the professionalism and integrity of the LRC army. They’re not man enough to pick on the amba boys and always prefer the easy targets. If the got balls, they can equally jump into the bushes and hideouts of these amba boys and let’s see if they’ll even stand a chance.

    The earlier this washed-out army realizes that the political landscape in LRC is rapidly changing the better for them. They won’t only be engaging BH, amba, seleka,….but their fellow bami’s as well.

  4. We are fighting a lost battle. True it is.
    How long shall they kill our prophets while we sit down and look?
    Our gov`t, is weak and relies on nothing, to protect it`s people.
    What is the power of prayer in this fight and how much, has it done
    to help so far? Can we see the devil having a stronger hand?
    How and where, shall we get more men to fight, while the right men,
    are being killed on daily basis with super power, when we have no equal strength?
    I fear we are not counting the cost, but priding in a senseless imagination of
    winning a war no other force is willing to hear or help.
    Does the IG, make good decisions and plans and how much, do we have for this
    war? Time to think better is now. We are not deciding the fate of the war, but following
    behind and claiming we are at it. Sad enough