Armed men attack bilingual school in Cameroon Anglophone region [+video]

Armed men attack bilingual school in Cameroon Anglophone region – Eye on Africa • FRANCE 24

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  1. Beti-bulu murderer has strike again like they did in garbu , Buea,
    Kumba and accuse the teachers and principal of being the killers of their own students , this barbaric tribes bulu-beti is a cancer that need to be wipe out of humanity

  2. It is `war` and nothing else, that has called for school boycots. The dead, are mere victims
    of being at the wrong place and at the wrong time. The way out, is to obey the call for a
    boycot and `hide`.This is Biya`s long rule legacy and the truth about their plan, to
    assimilate the Anglos at all cost before he leaves office, even beyond. If this is not the plan,
    why is lrc, not going to Switzerland and talk? Why?

  3. Ever since the Ambassadors pf the US, UK, Canada and Switzerland PUBLICLY called for a Genuine dialogue to discuss the ROOT CAUSE of the war, LRC TERRORISTS have gone crazy. They are determined to change the narratives. That is the reason they attacked Taraba and shouted Amba, Amba. They have noe bombed the school in Ekondo Titi and shouted Amba, Amba. More bombings are planned in order to discredit the BOYSES IN THE BUSHES.
    Unfortunataly for LRC, the above-mentioned Ambassadors are not stupid. They know the last kicks of a dying horse. Their call for a GENUINE dialogue to discuss the ROOT CAUSE of the war will intensify in the days ahead.
    Simply put, Dictator Biya can NEVER EVER avoid the negotiating table.


  4. we should keep fooling our selves and continue kidnapping and killing our own children and blame it on biya. one day na one day. biya no first get wona time sef. anglophone people donc fall shock say amba.


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