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Around 8,000 Nigerians cross into Cameroon

APAnews | Nearly 8,000 people from neighbouring Nigeria crossed the border to seek refuge in Cameroon as they fled from violent attacks on the North-east of the country, blamed on the extremist sect Boko Haram, according to a statement by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) seen by APA Friday.

1,200 among them mainly women and children have managed to settle in areas in the Far North, while 7000 others stayed on the edge of the river that separates the two countries.

“Local communities have been mobilized to help the displaced and provide them with food,” according to MSF, which also expects several thousand more refugees to come.

Late last August, the European Union estimated that 336,000 refugees from Nigeria or the Central African Republic (CAR) are living in Cameroon.

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  1. Doctors without borders and EU, seem to be running the country with Biya or
    for him. They speak louder that Biya. They have and give out statistics and
    Biya has never challenged them. I know, that the lying tilapia has shifted job,
    but that is no excuse.

  2. It has been the tradition that refugees flow from one side of Cameroon’s Western border to the other like ping- pong balls.
    Yesterday UPC refugees crossed the Mungo divide from East to West; today Ambazonian refugees are traversing the same divide from West to East. And what is true in the tropical south seems to be equally true in the Sahel north -west.

  3. Nigeria refugees are not welcome in Cameroon . The EU or USA can give them asylum

  4. Le gouvernement du Nigeria doit franchement s’investir pour endiguer le flot de ces déplacés de Boko Haram on a l’impression que le gouvernement du président Buhari ne prend pas au sérieux cette histoire ou alors c’est son armée qui est défaillante.