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Attempted coup foiled in Gabon as soldiers are arrested

Sky News | An attempted coup is foiled after rebels appeared on state television saying they intended to “restore democracy” to the country.

An attempted coup in Gabon is now “under control” after four of five rebels were arrested, the west African nation’s government has said.

An attempted coup in Gabon is now “under control” after four of five rebels were arrested, the west African nation’s government has said.

Earlier on Monday, soldiers appeared on state television saying they had launched a coup in a bid to “restore democracy” to the country, which is bordered by Republic of the Congo to the east, and Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea to the north.

In a statement read out by a soldier, flanked by two others holding guns, they said the military had seized power from the government and called on people to “rise up”.

Hours later, government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou said: “Calm has returned, the situation is under control.”

Hours later, government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou said: “Calm has returned, the situation is under control.”

One of the rebels managed to escape and a manhunt is under way.

African Union chief Moussa Faki later condemned the attempted coup.

He tweeted: “The @_AfricanUnion strongly condemns the coup attempt this morning in #Gabon. I reaffirm the AU’s total rejection of all unconstitutional change of power.”

Those in the country’s capital, Libreville, reported seeing tanks and other armed military vehicles patrolling the streets following the television broadcast.

A curfew was imposed in the city and internet access was cut off as the attempted coup unfolded.

Despite people reporting “calm” in most of the capital, sporadic gunshots were heard at a radio station seized by rebels, according to a witness.

About 300 people gathered at the radio station in support of the coup but the military dispersed them using tear gas.

Since 2009, President Ali Bongo has been in power but has been out of the country since October following reports he had a stroke.

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  1. if the story is not one fabricated by aryan media as usual,to justify the presence of US military whoes strategic objective is to remove KABILA from near by CONGO as president because he chossed china and russia as allies.
    then those who tried to overthrow president bongo can be compared to those who took the decesion to take arms against a government that has been in place for more than 30 years in cameroon.
    there is something called calculating thinking,or strategic thinking as it is called in military language.this kind of thinking is completely unknown to all of us because the current system of education creats ignorant,self negating people with no notion of what patriotism is.the result is that we often act before thinking which leads to tragic mistakes costing millions of lifes.

    • there is also something called ‘learning of good communication skills, through a good mastery of the Queen’s language so as to better articulate your opinions.’

    • you can begin the sacrifice by taking out quality time to improve on your expression. thank u

      • KAISER,,,,with aleads who think like you,it is normal we find ourselves where we are today.for more than 60 years we trained mentally assimilated people whoes thinking is controlled by french and english language.here we are,no engineers,no scientist,no industries without which top quality infrastructure is impossible.
        at the same time,south koreans rebuild their economy after the devastating war using korean language.today we use samsung telephones to correct other peoples english or french.why are we on earth?


    President Bongo will surely not be so lucky next time

  3. if not how can normal people think that it is possible to overthrow bongo with a french military base in the capital?or how can normal thinking people even dream of taking arms against younde,a government that has military and economic allaince with raisining military and economic powers like china and russia?even simple observation shows ,the future architecture of global power will be in both countries.trying to use force against a country that has strategic partnership with such powers is like attacking saudi arabia america,s ally in 1950 at the height of US technical and sceintific power.this will not only self inflicted punishment,but pure sucide.
    we must sacrefise working very hard,and do whatever it takes to make money to change the current education system.starting with language.

    • if not we shall creat another generation of unconscious people without the capacity to think carefully through each situation before taking action.the current problem in cameroon catastrophic as it is has a lesson for us.it reveals the cruel lack of strategic thinking by our aleads who seem to be more ignorant than the masses.going to protest in paris for a problem that exist in NJAH-ETU or KUMBA is prove,we do not understand the world in which we live.everything is now 95 percent intelligence,5 percent physical force.those who use their brains will hardly get into a situation like ours today.when people are going somewhere and come across a big stone blocking passage.if they can not remove it,the simplest solution is diverting round ,and moving forward as if the stone was not there.

      • What if that stone was your only way to glory?

        It might ultimately be cheaper to stand in front of the stone… meditate over it and then devise imaginative ways to pulverize it in a measure to acquire sustainable benefits. It is about rational calculations of utility upon which great nations are built. Remember, that first stone which you avoided might just be the experience you needed to uplift your own imagination with regards to your own survival. Who knows how many more gigantic obstacles that you will confront along the way? Simple solutions are mostly expedient solutions… and if Babylon was thinking that way, then the world would never know about underground tunnels as we know today. Innovation is not necessarily based on adaptive preferences.


  4. can what is asked of younde be obtained?no,if so why not find another way round and move foward.why be in a stand still with younde that has oil money to sustain itself for the next 50 years?
    if all is not smooth with you,check the ideas that control your thnking which leads to the actions you take.

  5. The military is highly guilty of maintaining dictatorships in Africa and the subsequent
    impoverishment of Africa.
    How can some one knocked down by a stroke, be president of a country, Africans?
    When will foolishness, end in Africa, the dark continent? Look, at the one up north,
    on a wheel chair. Look at biya who with a bad heart, is killing the people who put him
    in power, by using the military. Too shamefull.

    • As I keep on saying, unfamiliarity with issues remains the fundamental problem with the African. It is a form of disability that is invisible.

      ‘HOW can someone KNOCKED DOWN by a stroke be president of a country’????!!!!

      Well, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, the 32nd president of the US was paralysed at the age of 39… and he ruled America in a wheelchair!!!

      • Mr Biya have ruled Cameroon for nearly 39 year, yet Cameroon (we) is where we all know.

      • Rat Tuge the split brain patient once again overcoming his frightened ego to spin his verbosity ritual. FDR suffered from poliomyelitis, a condition that does not affect his brain and abilities to discharge the duty of a presidential office. As a matter of fact, he ran his first presidential campaign on a wheel chair steering America out of the Great Depression to win the trust of his electorate, voting him for a record 4 term. How on anywhere in Jah’s earth can you campare this to an overweight spoilt child that usurped democratic power from his ailing father through phoney democratic elections which of a typical characteristic of the Beti-Etone-Bassa axis of evil destroying and impoverishing tropical Africa? Is it right that one family run a country for 50+ years? Born slave!

  6. That is the consequences of ruling a country from MILES away across the ATLANTIC Ocean. Shameless African countries will never learn

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